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20X Extreme Showcase Rodeo

January 29, 2017 1:00 pm
Rapid City, SD

Contestant photos from past years

2017 20X Extreme Showcase Rodeo Entry Form & Bio Sheet...

2017 20X Scholarship Application...

2017 20X Contestants

2017  Wrangler 20X  High School Rodeo Showcase Results
Breakaway Roping
1              Tayle Brink                                      Newell                                 3.55
2              Tayla Thorstenson                           Eagle Butte                       12.74
Tie Down Roping
1              Dillon Sackett                                 Alcester                               11.99
2              Trevor Olson                                   Mud Butte                          12.74
3              Jon Peterson                                     Belle Fourche                    12.79
4              Scott Halverson                                Fairview                              13.34
Goat Tying
1              Kelsey Lensegrav                            Interior                                 7.32
2              Emilee Pauley                                   Wall                                      7.36
3              Jill Donnelly                                      Elk Point                              8.06
4              Mikenzy Miller                                 Faith                                      8.18
1              Colt Hokana                                       Columbia                          65
Saddle Bronc
1              Kolton Salonen                                 Gregory                               46
Steer Wrestling
1              Brent Woodward                             Dupree                               4.36
2              Brock Belkham                               Flandreau                           4.42
3              Tyler Byrne                                     Martin                                5.51
4              Carson Good                                   Long Valley                        9.85
Barrel Race
1              Karissa Rayhill                                Martin                               14.037
2              Kennedy Ross                                 Aberdeen                           14.076
3              Coven Kautzman                             Capitol, MT                        14.377
4              Taylor Christensen                          Kyle                                    14.399
Pole Bending
1              Emilee Mendel                                Baltic                             20.40
2              Cassidy Clark                                  Meadow                         21.50
3              Sydney Fuerst                                  Belle Fourche                 22.21
4              Kassidy Caspers                              New Underwood             22.37
Team Roping
1              Blasius Steffen, Gregory and Beau Dean, Platte                              8.29
2              Thane Lockhart, Oelrichs and Marty McPherson, Piedmont         11.35
3              Layna Tibbs, Ft. Pierre and Zane Zilverberg, Holabird                   14.14
Bull Riding
No scores

2017 20X Team 12/18/2016
Barrels Pole Bending
EA Sierra Darrah EA Skyler Lutter
EA Tyler Hintz EA Tory Reinders
EA Kennedy Ross EA Emilee Mendel
EA Bailey Bosworth Alt EA Katlyn Knoll Alt
NW Taylor Hanson NW Sydney Fuerst
NW Brianna Williams NW Shayla Howell
NW Coven Kautzman NW Cassidy Clark
NW Jada Rokke Alt NW Aubree Stevens Alt
RR Mackayln Fulton
RR Halle Kroeplin RR Josie White
RR Tessa Menzel RR Shea Husted
RR N/A RR Lorenda Long Alt
SW Wacey Brown SW Kassidy Caspers
SW Karissa Rayhill SW Jessica Peterson
SW Taylor  Christensen SW Trista Reinert
SW Rachael McCoy Alt SW Rachael McCoy Alt
Goat Tying Break Away
EA Jill Donnelly EA Kylee Donnelly
EA Madi Moody EA Kaysee Christensen
EA Karsyn Krause EA Felicia Lowe
EA Sara Hemmingson Alt EA Maysa Davidson Alt
NW Mikenzy Miller NW Tayle Brink
NW Kailyn Groves NW Tayla Thorstenson
NW Sierra Ward NW Brooklyn Hanson
NW Shianne Price Alt NW Jayden Shoemaker Alt
RR Kelsey Lensegrav RR Sydney Theobald
RR Ciara Stoddard RR Katy Jade O'Daniel
RR Natalie Leisinger RR Racquel Wientjes
RR N/A Alt RR Savannah Krogman Alt
SW Mary Risse SW Savana Johnston
SW Emilee Pauley SW Courtney Peters
SW Tatum Lauing SW Keisha Rayhill
SW Ashlee Kritenbrink Alt SW Ashlee Kritenbrink Alt
Team Roping 12/18/2016
Header Heeler
EA Rich Marone EA Blair Lammers
EA Tyler  Christensen EA Kole  Latham
EA Teagan Moser EA Carter Kennedy
EA Maysa  Davidson Alt EA Brady Stowell Alt
Header Heeler
RR Blasius Steffen RR Beau Dean
RR Lucas Kessler RR Garrett Salonen
RR Layna Tibbs RR Zane Zilverberg
RR Wynn Schaack Alt RR Austin Olson Alt
Header Heeler
NW Will Vanlishout NW Jace Engesser
NW Coy  Giannonatti NW Samuel Podzimek
NW Nicole Hafner NW Heaven Lane
NW Brayden  Eastman Alt NW Samuel Huffman Alt
Stran Holben tie
SW Wynn Schaack SW Tanner Fite
SW Thane  Lockhart SW Marty McPherson
SW Tanner Williamson SW David  Hartshorn
SW Wade Monnens Alt SW Chance Grill Alt
Bareback Saddle  Bronc
RR Colt Hokana NW Lane Schuelke
RR Trae Edoff RR Dylan Schofield
RR Pedro Dennis
RR Kolton Salonen
SW Cash Wilson
SW Carter  Elshere
Bull Riding SW Trey Elshere
SW Dyson Schofield Alt
EA Dylan Rice
EA Dylan Suhr
NW Jake Foster
NW Cole Brewer
NW TJ Schmidt
NW Jaren Beckman Alt
RR Hunter Johnson
SW Tee Allen
Tie Down Steer Wrestling
EA Scott Halverson EA Brock Belkham
EA Chayse Mckenney EA Alex Bergeson
EA Dillon Sackett N/A
EA Seth Bach Alt
NW Jon Peterson NW Brent Woodward
NW Cooper Crago NW Trig Olson
NW Tarin Arneson N/A
NW Sam Huffman Alt
RR Myles Kenzy RR Dylan Fulton
RR Reis Bruley RR Luke Heninger
RR Landon Sivertsen N/A
RR Dawson  Reedy Alt
SW Winston Brown SW Carson Good
SW Trevor Olson SW Tyler Byrne
SW Cord Roberts SW Rowdy Hughson
SW Nolan Smith Alt SW Cass Lytle Alt


Purpose:  To showcase South Dakota High School rodeo talent.

Selection Criteria:
            1.  To be invited to compete, you must be in the top three places on points at the end of              
                   the 2016 SDHSR season in your competed region.  This is based on the year end point total from regions and state.

            2.  Three students will be invited from each region in each event.

            3.   Incoming freshmen are not eligible, nor is a student who did not earn any points in the 2016 SDHS rodeo season.

            4.  Students must be a current member of SDHSRA for the 2017 season.  If you have been invited, but have not paid your membership dues, you will be drawn out of
                 the rodeo.

            5.  Students will be invited to compete in one event only.

            6.  If a student places in the top 3 in more than one event, invitation will be in the event the student has the most points in. 

            7.  Team Roping - Top 3 teams in each region will be invited.  If any team is missing a
                 partner, it will be filled by rolling down to the next highest point header or heeler. 
                 The roper invited will be determined by the need of the above roper, who is in the top      
                 3 positions.  For example:  The top team in the region is missing a header.  The 2nd
                  and 3rd teams are complete.  The 4th place header will be invited to rope with the 1st
                  place heeler.  If he/she declines, the next highest point header will be invited.

            8.  Tie-Breakers - If there is a tie at the 3rd place position in an event, it will be broken:
                        A) 1st - The highest number of times a student earned points in that event.
                             For example:  If Steve won 1st for 10 points and Brent won 2nd twice
                             for 10 points, Brent would win the tiebreaker.
                        B) 2nd - The highest number of times placed at regional rodeos. 
                        C) 3rd - The highest number of times placed at state finals.
                        D) 4th - The highest placing in that event.
                        E) 5th - Flip of a coin.