Membership Applications

  NHSRA Online Registration Form... See instructions on the Membership page or (Print instructions here PDF)

   2020 South Dakota High School Rodeo Association Application Form... (Must upload to, member login, current documents, state form, when completed)

   2020 NHSRA Minor Release... (Must upload to, member login, current documents, nhsra minor's release, when completed)

2020 National High School Rodeo Association Application Form... (Must be completed online and uploaded at, member login, current documents, NHSRA application)

Online Tutorial Instructions print here (PDF)

   Application For Public School Exemption Certificate SDCL 13-27-3

   SDHSRA Adult Membership Form...

   Late Application Fees...

The National Office did not provide hard copies of some of the forms that you are used to getting in your membership packets. Your packets will appear smaller because of this. You will need to click on the following to print out these forms so you receive all of the membership information.

There is one form for both JH and HS members- they can distinguish their affiliation by circling the correct division in the middle of the form. The horse must be currently registered AQHA and the owner of the horse must also be a current member of AQHA. The contestant nominating the horse must also be a member of AQHA and there is information on the second page regarding how easy and inexpensive it is to become or renew a membership.

The relationship of the horses’ owner to the contestant has changed; the horse owner and contestant do not necessarily have to be related anymore, but the contestant MUST inform the state secretary that the horse they have nominated is the one they will be using for the event(s) they have declared with our office. I will continue to provide the state secretary with the information we have received from contestants for their state/provincial finals.

Everything must be received in the NHSRA office by February 15, 2020. We will not honor “postmarked by Feb. 15.” Late entries will not be accepted and there are no exceptions. The deadline is February 15, 2020.