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SD Junior High Division

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SD JH Division By-Laws...
SD JH Division Groundrules...
Host Site Application...
National High School Rodeo Shooting Sports Guide...
2018 Raffle Tickets...

Jr. High Division fall meeting will be held October 7, 2018, at 2:00 PM Central Time in Murdo, SD. Location: Covered Wagon Cafe', 507 Kennedy Ave.

2018 Raffle Tickets: It is mandatory to sell 20 raffle tickets in order to rodeo. Your 20 tickets are due when entering the first regional rodeo at Huron 3/29/2018; however, you can keep selling tickets until the State Finals weekend. Top seller will be awarded a $250 pre-paid gift card. Click here to print tickets.

SD Jr. High Division Officers
National Director - Alan Good (605) 462-6290
President - Lloyd Gilbert (605) 641-0987 1 year Term
Vice President - Jeremy Stevens - 605-870-3714 1 year Term
Secretary/Treasurer - Kristyn Haines (605) 210-0698

Student officers for the 2015-2016 rodeo season
President- Linkyn Petersek
Vice President- Payton Pirrung
Secretary- Rio Nutter

Jr. High Division State Secretary
Kristyn Haines
17545 Deep Creek Rd
Faith, SD 57626
(605) 210-0698


Board of Directors

East River Director - Toby Moody 2 yr Term 605-770-7099
West River Director - Tyler Haugen 2 yr Term- 605-490-2424

Directors at Large
Sam Stoddard- 605-441-7670 1 year term
Levi Derner 2 yr Term- 605-390-3011
Jeremy Stevens 1 yr Term- 605-870-3714
National Director- Alan Good

NHSRA Junior High Division Website...

These Applications and Entry Forms can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader®.  If you don't have Acrobat Reader you can download the latest version at no charge by clicking on the icon. 

Membership Applications

   2019 NHSRA Jr. High Division National Membership Application... (2 pages)

   2019 SD Jr. High Division State Membership Application... (1 page)

   2018 Jr. High Division State Transfer Form... (1 page)

   2018 SD Jr. High Division Associate Member Application... (1 page)

**Please note that the Associate Membership is intended for parents of contestants or interested persons who wish to have a vote at SDJHRA meetings. Contestants applying for memberships do not need to complete this form**

Rodeo Entry Forms

Please Note: There will be no refunds once you enter the rodeos. This is for both regionals and the state rodeo.

   2018 Huron Regional Rodeo Entry Form... (1 page) — postmarked by March 29

   2018 Rapid City Regional Rodeo Entry Form... (1 page) — postmarked by April 13

   2018 State Finals Entry Form (2 pages) — postmarked by May 1

Miscellaneous Forms

   AQHA/NHSRA Horse of the Year Nomination Form... (2 pages)

There is one form for both JH and HS members- they can distinguish their affiliation by circling the correct division in the middle of the form. The horse must be currently registered AQHA and the owner of the horse must also be a current member of AQHA. The contestant nominating the horse must also be a member of AQHA and there is information on the second page regarding how easy and inexpensive it is to become or renew a membership.

The relationship of the horses’ owner to the contestant has changed; the horse owner and contestant do not necessarily have to be related anymore, but the contestant MUST inform the state secretary that the horse they have nominated is the one they will be using for the event(s) they have declared with our office. I will continue to provide the state secretary with the information we have received from contestants for their state/provincial finals.

Everything must be received in the NHSRA office by March 1st, 2019. We will not honor “postmarked by March 1.” Late entries will not be accepted and there are no exceptions.
The deadline is March 1, 2019.

   Student Athlete of the Month Form...

   Equine Athlete of the Month Form...

   NHSRA Smallbore Rifle Entry Form...

   Sponsorship and Advertising Form... (Count Me In form)

   Parent Interest form for Director or Committee Position...