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Reminder: Membership Forms are due by November 1, using the online application at NHSRA.org.
If you missed the deadline you can still apply until 3/15/19 but you must pay a late fee.

Completed 2018-2019 Memberships. If your name is not here, check your online portal at nhsra.com, member log-in, to see what is missing.

10-15-2018 Membership  
SD0023 Callie Aamot
SD0302 Jose Alaniz
SD0003 Camy Anderson
SD0125 Sage Bach
SD0498 Ryan Bergeson
SD0028 Dylan Bradford
SD0032 Acelyn Brink
SD0453 Wacey Brown
SD0424 Payton Burtzlaff
SD0051 Joey Carley
SD0012 Kaysee Christensen
SD0346 Chance Derner
SD0308 Danci Dunkelberger
SD0004 Tucker Even
SD0034 Frank Even
SD0176 Sidni Ferguson
SD0014 Tanner Fite
SD0355 Jenna Fulton
SD0124 Cedar Gabriel
SD0010 Sage Gabriel
SD0214 Sawyer Gilbert
SD0120 Jackson Grimes
SD0213 Riley Hannum
SD0025 Finn Hanson
SD0033 Ramee Jo Hanson
SD0433 Whitley Heitsch
SD0013 Conner Herren
SD0095 Chloe Herren
SD0540 Zane Howe
SD0007 Tristan Hunter
SD0043 Tate Johnson
SD0173 Bobbi Kammerer
SD0011 Wade Kansanback
SD0071 Madison Kontz
SD0037 Sam Larson
SD0174 Billy Larson
SD0065 Logan Lemmel
SD0006 Thane Lockhart
SD0002 Alexis Lopez
SD0005 Jessica  Lopez
SD0547 Tee McAmis
SD0018 Mikenzy Miller
SD0039 Kade Montague
SD0020 Chloe Munsen
SD0172 Britt Oliver
SD0064 Austin Olson
SD0246 Wyatt Olson
SD0047 Summer Parker
SD0312 Tarryn Petrak
SD0263 Brayden Price
SD0263 Brayden Price
SD0057 Jack Rodenbaugh
SD0090 Jada Rokke
SD0399 Summer Romero
SD0050 Dillon Sackett
SD0008 Wynn Schaack
SD0054 Macy Schiley
SD0395 Riggin Shippy
SD0026 Blasius Steffen
SD0063 Layna Tibbs
SD0040 Jace Ullerich
SD0443 Reece Ullerich
SD0180 Weston VanderPol
SD0046 Chase Varilek
SD0038 Katelynn Westphal
SD0162 Cash Wilson
SD0019 Jessica Woodward
SD0056 Marlene Woodward


There is a NEW, Online membership application process implemented by the NHSRA. You will no longer mail the forms.  Please follow the instructions carefully to become members for the 2018-2019 NHSRA season.

   2019 South Dakota High School Rodeo Association Application Form... (1 page) due November 1

   2019 National High School Rodeo Association Application Form... (2 pages) Use only if you do not get the form from the online application process.

Online Tutorial Instructions print here (PDF) Also see instructional videos for each membership type below.

Submit payment online via Paypal here




Membership Instructions

How to become a NEW Member?  (Current South Dakota JH members moving up to HS use this option)
How to Login:
Go to https://www.nhsra.com  > Click on Member Login (top right).  Choose member login at the pop up and you will be at the main login screen.  If you are new to NHSRA/South Dakota High School you should use the New member login on the right.

NEW member registration video: https://youtu.be/2CVtW_6FQcg


How to RENEW my membership?
Go to https://www.nhsra.com  > Click on Member Login (top right).  Choose member login at the pop up and you will be at the main login screen.
 If you are renewing, use the login on the left.  If you are renewing and don’t know your username or password you can select Forgot Username or Forgot Password or both

RENEWING membership video: https://youtu.be/MsQsrnd6M8Q

Every active member already has an account (even if you have NOT logged into the system yet).

****DO NOT create a new account if you have ever been a High School Rodeo member –use the RENEWING MEMBER LOG IN!

When you complete the renewal process in your profile it will tell you (in big bold letters) to stop and print your national application and liability waiver for signature.  It will also provide post registration instructions for your South Dakota forms, and direct you to payment information.  Click on the Black Cowboy Hat on sdhsra.com, membership, to pay by PayPal.



Ann Sundermann
PO Box 303
Baltic, SD 57003
Home: 605/529-5868


The deadline for your memberships this year is November 1, 2018Late application fees...

*** South Dakota High School Rodeo Association follows the National Rule Book that states “A contestant living and going to school in a State/Province, which has a High School Rodeo Association, must compete in that State/Province Finals.” In order to High School Rodeo in South Dakota, the student must either a) Physically live in South Dakota or b) Attend High School in South Dakota. South Dakota does not accept out of state transfers into the state unless one of these two criteria are met.        adopted 9/2003

  • Once your membership information is received and processed, you will receive a letter and membership card. I only receive one of these cards for each number, so DO NOT lose it. You will need to print the following information off of sdhsra.com, membership, to complete your membership information, this is your responsibility. They will be updated after the September 29, 2018 Annual Meeting.

There is one Horse of the Year form for both JH and HS members- they can distinguish their affiliation by circling the correct division in the middle of the form. The horse must be currently registered AQHA and the owner of the horse must also be a current member of AQHA. The contestant nominating the horse must also be a member of AQHA and there is information on the second page regarding how easy and inexpensive it is to become or renew a membership.

The relationship of the horses’ owner to the contestant has changed; the horse owner and contestant do not necessarily have to be related anymore, but the contestant MUST inform the state secretary that the horse they have nominated is the one they will be using for the event(s) they have declared with our office. I will continue to provide the state secretary with the information we have received from contestants for their state/provincial finals.

Everything must be received in the NHSRA office by March 1st, 2019. We will not honor “postmarked by March 1st.” Late entries will not be accepted and there are no exceptions. The deadline is March 1, 2019

2019 Rodeo Club Advisors

BLASIUS JILL 18239 OWEN LAKE RD MEADOW SD 57644 605-680-1406 BISON jblasius@hotmail.com
EISENBRAUN JOBETH PO BOX 345 KADOKA SD 57543 605-431-0636 KADOKA  JoBeth.Eisenbraun@k12.sd.us
EYMER KAYLA 605-685-5063 PHILIP eymerkayla@yahoo.com
FOX TAYLOR PO BOX 223 HERMOSA SD 57744 605-394-4023 RAPID CITY taylor.fox@k12.sd.us
GAER LEANN 16931 TWILIGHT RD NEWELL SD 57760 605-222-9544 NEWELL leeann@butteelectric.com
Hanson Brett, Karri SD 605-515-1645 FAITH AREA hanson5@gwtc.net
Hartshorn Travis Travis.Hartshorn@k12.sd.us
HAUK DOUG PO BOX 730 PHILIP SD 57567 605-859-2742 PHILIP doug.hauk@k12.sd.us
HEATH SHELLEY & JUSTIN 29161 324TH AVENUE COLOME SD 57528 605-840-5052 TRIPP COUNTY shelley@gwtc.net
Hunter Darrell PO BOX 634 KYLE SD 57752 4556223w4419351c LITTLE WOUND darrellhunter@littlewound.us
Husted Vickie 20639 324th Avenue Harrold SD 57536 Highmore Vickie.tibbs-husted@k12.sd.us.
LAMPHERE REX 19137 APPLE TREE LANE BELLE FOURCHE SD 57717 605-210-1512 BELLE FOURCHE rex.lamphere@mineralstech.com
LESMEISTER RONI PO BOX 643 EAGLE BUTTE SD 57623 2000223c,9647676h EAGLE BUTTE triple_lranch@hotmail.com
MCGIRR BRAD 20177 HWY 37 HURON SD 57350 605-354-0974 HURON AREA brad@creativeprinting.com
MUTCHLER DANIELLE 18625 DILLINGER RD NEWELL SD 57760 605-490-2516 NEWELL danelle@sdplains.com
OLIVER MONTE 18800 Bakke Rd Shadehill SD 57638 605-850-1534c LEMMON silver_spur2005@yahoo.com
POURIER BOB PO BOX 1202 PINE RIDGE SD 57770 4410863c,8675886w PINE RIDGE basketballbob5@hotmail.com
REDDY AMANDA PO BOX 644 Kyle SD 57752 605-441-6631 RED CLOUD amandamreddy@hotmail.com
ROBERTSON JUSTIN 15980 E Hwy 44 CAPUTA SD 57744 484-0305c NEW UNDERWOOD justinkrobertson.75@gmail.com
SELL MARY KAY BOX 298 MARTIN SD 57551 4552120h 4410844c BENNETT COUNTY sell@gwtc.net
SHEARER TRENT AND BETSY 21848 TRASK RD WALL SD 57790 2790112h,4410112c WALL bar26@goldenwest.net
SMITH KELLIE 5228 N HAINES AVE RAPID CITY SD 57701 605-484-7299 RAPID CITY kksmith@rap.midco.net
STARR CALLIE PO BOX 6  DUPREE SD 57623 605-365-5452 DUPREE callie.starr@k12.sd.us
STEELE DEB 13220 Wilson Cemetary Rd Newell SD 57760 605-210-2318 Newell  steeletdlk@yahoo.com
STEVENS DEAN AND JUDY 20975 392 AVENUE HURON SD 57350 605-352-3894 HURON AREA doubledwesternllc@hotmail.com
STEVENS MARK PO  BOX 1 DUPREE SD 57623 605-365-6308 DUPREE AREA mstevens@1fbusa.com
TIBBS KELLY 26238 216TH ST FT. PIERRE/PIERRE SD 57532 605-295-1735 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE K.Tibbs@fortpierre.com
TOPLE TERESA PO BOX 501 FT. PIERRE/PIERRE SD 57532 605-280-5527 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE teresatople@gmail.com
VAN LIERE SUSAN 19980 SD HWY 1804 PIERRE SD 57501 605-222-1474 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE susan.vanliere@avera.org
WHITE JAE PO Box 221 TIMBER LAKE SD 57656 8504128c,8653153h TIMBER LAKE Jae.White@k12.sd.us
WIENTJES TRACY 31521 185TH STREET ONIDA SD 57564 605-280-6641 SULLY BUTTES tracy.wientjes@k12.sd.us
WILLIAMS BARB 11899 Mackey Road Buffalo SD 57720 HARDING COUNTY Barbwilliams5@hotmail.com. 
YELLOW BIRD MICHELLE 605-867-5191 PINE RIDGE Michelle.yellowbird@bie.edu
YOUNG JOANNE 28195 Cowan Place Pierre SD 57501 280 8382c SUNSHINE BIBLE ACADEMY young@venturecomm.net