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Reminder: Membership Forms are due by November 1.
If you missed the deadline you can still apply until 3/15/18 but you must pay a late fee.

Fill out membership forms according to the instructions below, DO NOT enter them through the NHSRA website until you receive notification to do so (even if you receive an email from the NHSRA).  Fill them out and send them, along with $150.00 payment, to State Secretary Ann Sundermann, as you always have.

2017-2018 MEMBERSHIPS PROCESSED — This list will be updated periodically so check back for updates.
* if you have specific membership questions, contact State Secretary Ann Sundermann
* this is for memberships, NOT calendar sales, check the calendar sales icon to check the number of calendars you have sold.
Even if you have sold calendars, you are NOT a member unless you have submitted your 2017-2018 membership by November 1, 2017.
The date is when memberships were processed, not the date they were received.


Linked below you will find the new membership forms for the 2017-2018 NHSRA season. If you want to become a member of South Dakota High School Rodeo and the National organization you need to do the following steps:

  1. Use the Adobe Acrobat Print Button to print copies of both the NHSRA member form and minor release (2 pages) and the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association application form (1 page).  Here is an example of a completed form if you have any questions. Completed membership forms.
  2. Fill out the NHSRA form (boot logo) completely (both pages). Both parents and member must sign! EVERY PERSON SIGNS THE FORM TWICE! The release form must indicate WHY if only one parent signs. (EX. Full Custody). You may copy this form for parent living in different location and mail in with first application. Have the form notarized by personally appearing before the notary.  Make sure that the notary lists all three people on the “personally appeared before me” line (both parents and member).  The original is sent to me and then on to the National Office.
  3. Fill out the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association application form. Remember to indicate which region.  This is the form that your principal needs to sign saying that you are passing 70% of classes taking to be eligible to compete. You will need an official, final year-end report card before you compete at regionals in the spring.  MEMBER MUST SIGN THIS FORM ALSO
  4. Home Schooled students must also send in a copy of the Application For Public School Exemption Certificate SDCL 13-27-3 that all home schooled students in SD are required to have on file with the school district they would otherwise be attending.
  5. Include a money order OR cashiers check for the amount of $150.00 payable to SDHSRA. This includes $26 SDHSRA Membership; $33 NHSRA dues; $15 for NHSRA Times; $2 for the Western Horseman Subscription and $74 for medical insurance. The insurance is mandatory.
  6. Mail the NHSRA form, SDHSRA application, report card and money order to:
Ann Sundermann
PO Box 303
Baltic, SD 57003
Home: 605/529-5868

*I encourage you to send your application certified, priority or with tracking if using USPS, so you have proof of mailing.

The deadline for your memberships this year is November 1, 2017Late application fees...

*** South Dakota High School Rodeo Association follows the National Rule Book that states “A contestant living and going to school in a State/Province, which has a High School Rodeo Association, must compete in that State/Province Finals.” In order to High School Rodeo in South Dakota, the student must either a) Physically live in South Dakota or b) Attend High School in South Dakota. South Dakota does not accept out of state transfers into the state unless one of these two criteria are met.        adopted 9/2003

  • Once your membership information is received and processed, you will receive a letter and membership card.  I only receive one of these cards for each number, so DO NOT lose it. You will need to print the following information off to complete your membership packet, this is your responsibility.

There is one Horse of the Year form for both JH and HS members- they can distinguish their affiliation by circling the correct division in the middle of the form. The horse must be currently registered AQHA and the owner of the horse must also be a current member of AQHA. The contestant nominating the horse must also be a member of AQHA and there is information on the second page regarding how easy and inexpensive it is to become or renew a membership.

The relationship of the horses’ owner to the contestant has changed; the horse owner and contestant do not necessarily have to be related anymore, but the contestant MUST inform the state secretary that the horse they have nominated is the one they will be using for the event(s) they have declared with our office. I will continue to provide the state secretary with the information we have received from contestants for their state/provincial finals.

Everything must be received in the NHSRA office by March 1st, 2018. We will not honor “postmarked by March 1st, 2018”. Late entries will not be accepted and there are no exceptions. The deadline is March 1, 2018

2017 Rodeo Club Advisors

BLASIUS JILL 18239 OWEN LAKE RD MEADOW SD 57644 605-680-1406 BISON jblasius@hotmail.com
COWAN CASEY 28179 COWAN PLACE RD PIERRE SD 57501 605-280-7664 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE ccowan@firstdakota.com
COWAN TIGH 21250 HOLABIRD GRADE HIGHMORE SD 57345 605-852-2097 HIGHMORE tigh@cowanbrothers.com
CUNY LESLIE HCR 49 Box 49 PORCUPINE SD 57772 605-890-3083 LITTLE WOUND lesliecuny@littlewound.us
FOSTER JULIE & RUSTY 19561 FOSTER ROAD MEADOW SD 57644 605-788-2926 FAITH AREA rjfoster@sdplains.com
FOX TAYLOR PO BOX 223 HERMOSA SD 57744 605-848-2145 CUSTER taylor.fox@k12.sd.us
GILBERT PATRICIA 12847 SALMEN PLACE BUFFALO SD 57720 605 381 3608 HARDING COUNTY pgilbert.sd@gmail.com
HAUK DOUG PO BOX 730 PHILIP SD 57567 605-859-2742 PHILIP doug.hauk@k12.sd.us
HEATH SHELLEY & JUSTIN 29161 324TH AVENUE COLOME SD 57528 605-840-5052 TRIPP COUNTY shelley@gwtc.net
HOYT MARY   21846 WEST BEND RD HARROLD SD 57536 605-295-0189 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE Mary.Hoyt@state.sd.us
KOAN MISTY 12456 US HWY 85 BUFFALO SD 57720 605-375-3512 HARDING COUNTY mistykoan@yahoo.com
LAMPHERE REX 19137 APPLE TREE LANE BELLE FOURCHE SD 57717 605-210-1512 BELLE FOURCHE rex.lamphere@mineralstech.com
LESMEISTER RONI PO BOX 643 EAGLE BUTTE SD 57623 2000223c,9647676h EAGLE BUTTE triple_lranch@hotmail.com
LIVERMONT PAULA 28765 237TH AVENUE MARTIN SD 57551 605-685-6998 BENNETT COUNTY sllive@gwtc.net
MCGIRR BRAD 20177 HWY 37 HURON SD 57350 605-354-0974 HURON AREA brad@creativeprinting.com
OLIVER MONTE 18800 Bakke Rd Shadehill SD 57638 605-850-1534c LEMMON boliver25@outlook.com
POURIER BOB PO BOX 1202 PINE RIDGE SD 57770 4410863c,8675886w PINE RIDGE basketballbob5@hotmail.com
ROBERTSON JUSTIN 15980 E Hwy 44 CAPUTA SD 57744 484-0305c NEW UNDERWOOD justinkrobertson.75@gmail.com
SALONEN LORI 409 MAIN STREET GREGORY SD 57533 605-830-9784 GREGORY AREA gregorysalonen@hotmail.com
SELL MARY KAY BOX 298 MARTIN SD 57551 4552120h 4410844c BENNETT COUNTY mksell@gwtc.net
SHEARER TRENT AND BETSY 21848 TRASK RD WALL SD 57790 2790112h,4410112c WALL bar26@goldenwest.net
SMITH FRANKIE 14304 Daughenbaugh Rd HERMOSA SD 57744 605-593-6358 RAPID CITY Frankiejay27@hotmail.com
STARR CALLIE PO BOX 6  DUPREE SD 57623 605-365-5452 DUPREE callie.starr@k12.sd.us
STEVENS DEAN AND JUDY 20975 392 AVENUE HURON SD 57350 605-352-3894 HURON AREA doubledwesternllc@hotmail.com
STEVENS MARK PO  BOX 1 DUPREE SD 57623 605-365-5569 DUPREE AREA mstevens@1fbusa.com
TIBBS KELLY 26238 216TH ST FT. PIERRE SD 57532 605-295-1735 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE K.Tibbs@ftpierre.com
TOPLE TERESA PO BOX 501 FT. PIERRE SD 57532 605-280-5527 PIERRE/FT.PIERRE teresatople@gmail.com
UHLIR JOBETH PO BOX 51 KADOKA SD 57543 605-431-0636 KADOKA  JoBeth.Uhlir@k12.sd.us
WHITE JAE PO Box 221 TIMBER LAKE SD 57656 8504128c,8653153h TIMBER LAKE Jae.White@k12.sd.us
WIENTJES TRACY 31521 185TH STREET ONIDA SD 57564 605-280-5397 SULLY BUTTES Tracy.Wientjes@k12.sd.us
YOUNG JOANNE PO BOX 424 ONIDA SD 57564 280 8382c SUNSHINE BIBLE ACADEMY young@venturecomm.net