20X High School Rodeo

January 29, 2023 — 1:00 pm
Rapid City, SD

20X Rodeo Results

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2022 20X High School Rodeo Entry Form & Bio Sheet...  (Entry due by Nov. 1)

2022 20X Scholarship Application...  (Seniors Only)

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 20X Rodeo Notes

  • members check your emails, as that how the invite from Sutton Rodeo will be sent.
  • Entry and payment are due NOVEMBER 1st
  • If you think you see an error, check the criteria first (scroll down on this page for criteria), then call Kim Sutton if you still have a question
  2023 20X Contestants 10 4 2022                
EA Devon Moore 55.5              
NW Reece Reder 73              
NW Payton Gaskins 19              
RR Lucas Yellowhawk 74.5              
RR Taylon Carmody 36              
RR Chase Yellowhawk 28              
SW Kashton Ford 72              
SW Isaac Kremer 7              
  Saddle Bronc                  
EA Christopher Nelson 50              
NW Cade Costello 80              
NW Rope Roghair 36.5              
NW Haydon Starr 21              
NW Toarin Humbler 9 Alt            
RR Gabriel Fauske 18              
RR Holden Eisemann 17              
SW Thayne Elshere 73              
SW Izaah Bartel 14              
SW Cy Hughson 12              
SW Kipp Cordes 8 Alt            
  Bull Riding                  
EA Jesse Kline 44              
EA Tate Meyer 29              
NW Jackson Spencer 20              
RR Hazin Schmidt 30              
RR Mark Sandquist 29              
RR Tyson Hill 15              
RR Holden Lottman 7 Alt            
SW Michael Voight 21              
SW Tel Trohkimoinen 15              
  Tie Down                  
EA Royce Bruns 17              
EA Cade Grill 9              
EA Tyler Esser 7              
EA Jase Mousel 6 Alt            
NW Tegan Fite 68              
NW Brigg Price 20              
NW Lanny Brooks 16              
NW Sage Burress 13              
RR Dalton Porch 52              
RR Swade Reis 33              
RR Layne Palmer 26              
RR Paden Belkham 17 Alt            
SW Rance Bowden 80              
SW Matthew Heathershaw 21              
SW Jace Blasius 16              
SW Burk Blasius 14 Alt            
  Cade Hammerstrom                
  Steer Wrestling                  
EA Colt Dunkelberger 49              
EA Chase Olson 25              
EA Kade Odens 20              
NW Grey Gilbert 74              
NW Bobby Brewer 62              
NW Dawson Kautzman 48              
NW Gage Gilbert 19 Alt            
RR Maxx Blair 40              
RR Terran Talsma 36              
RR Taten Hill 16              
RR Rowdy Moore 6 Alt            
SW Tegan Gourneau 54              
SW Jackson Ford 28              
SW Bodey Waln 23              
SW Trey Tetrault 22 Alt            
  Team Roping                  
  Header           Heeler      
EA Trey Moody 25     EA Tyan Johnson 79  
EA Kaden Tekrony 23     EA Jack Mousel 14  
EA Shayda Ness 15     EA Swayze Ness 15  
EA Jace Mousel 14 Alt   EA Owen Eitemiller 9 Alt
NW Shaine Weishaar 17     NW Treg Thorstenson 51  
NW Jadon Jensen 27     NW Jet Jensen 27  
NW Drew Harper 16     NW Tyon Arneson 19  
NW Braden Routier 15 Alt   NW Trey Fuller 17 Alt
RR Ty Graesser 57     RR Tristan Spencer 57  
RR Colton Michalek 19     RR Tate Hoffman 49  
RR Garret Phillips 17     RR Garret Varilek 25  
RR Peyton Haugen 16 Alt   RR Dalton Moore 17 Alt
SW Eastan West 66     SW Caden Stoddard 66  
SW Ryle Millar 43     SW Cason Sabers 43  
SW Kipp Cordes 17     SW Kale Crowser 43  
SW Blair Blasius 16 Alt   SW Cade Hammerstrom 23 Alt
  2023 20X 9/9/2022                
  Barrels           Pole Bending      
EA Keylee Zancanella 38     EA Kylie Wittnebel 58  
EA Raylee Fagerhaug 25     EA Taylor McGregor 20  
EA Shada Beeson 22     EA Ally Henkel 7.5  
EA Brooke Knoll 19 Alt   EA Shayda Ness 6 Alt
NW Claire Verhulst 55     NW Kennedy Mclellan 39.5  
NW Aspen Vining 39     NW Katie Sheridan 22  
NW Reata Hays 31     NW Chloe Crago 20  
NW Lainey Crago 18 Alt   NW Kelsi Costello 8 Alt
NW Kelsi Costello 18 coin            
RR Makenzie Wheelhouse 62     RR Tommie Martin 79  
RR Gabi Irving 30     RR Tricia Lammers 42  
RR Megan Marone 28     RR Ashlyn Hoffine 21  
RR Caysen Gran 18 Alt   RR Kate Havlik 18.5 Alt
RR Ryen Sheppick 18 A            
SW Cordes Piper 90     SW T. Merrill 76  
SW Landry Haugen 61     SW Laramie Nutter 50  
SW Jonnie Anders 44     SW Sophia Meyer 18  
SW Shelby Derner 38 Alt   SW Chloe Fortune 13 Alt
  Break Away           Goat Tying      
EA Josie Mousel 56     EA Michaela McCormick 76  
EA Sidney Johnson 35     EA Devin Hunter 50  
EA Tyra Gates 19.5     EA Tierney Breen 36  
EA Paige Marzahn 18 Alt   EA Gracey Stephens 19 Alt
NW Charlie Henwood 84     NW Brylee Grubb 78  
NW Mataya Ward 56     NW Jaysee Jones 75  
NW Kashlin Bettelyoun 25     NW Bailey Verhulst 35  
NW Tristan Kennedy 15 Alt   NW Kelsi Costello 19 Alt
RR Breezy Amiotte 45     RR Kate Weborg 31  
RR Addison Salverson 29     RR Taylyn Cass 18  
RR Taylor Burgee 21.5     RR Josie Menzel 13  
RR Abilene McGuire 16 Alt   RR Emily Schack 12 Alt
SW Wregan Brown 30     SW Taylor Price 23  
SW Jayda Reinert 23     SW Avari Dorrance 16  
SW Jessica Caspers 15     SW Presley Johnson 10  
SW Bradi Fisher 14 Alt   SW Kenley Parker 10 Alt


2020 20x
2021 20X Contestants


2022 20X High School Rodeo Showcase

Purpose:  To showcase South Dakota High School rodeo talent.

Selection Criteria:

  1. To be invited to compete, you must be in the top three places on points at the end of the 2021 SDHSRA season in your competed region.  This is based on the year end point total from regions and state.
  1. Three students will be invited from each region in each event.
  1. Incoming freshmen are not eligible, nor is a student who did not earn any points in the 2021 SDHSRA rodeo season.
  1. Students must be a current member of SDHSRA for the 2022 season.  If you have been invited, but have not paid your membership dues, you will be drawn out of the rodeo.
  1. Students will be invited to compete in one event only.
  1. If a student places in the top 3 in more than one event, invitation will be in the event the student has the most points in. 
  1. Team Roping - Top 3 teams in each region will be invited.  If any team is missing a partner, it will be filled by rolling down to the next highest point header or heeler. The roper invited will be determined by the need of the above roper, who is in the top 3 positions.
    For example:  The top team in the region is missing a header.  The 2nd and 3rd teams are complete.  The 4th place header will be invited to rope with the 1st place heeler.  If he/she declines, the next highest point header will be invited.
  1. Tie-Breakers - If there is a tie at the 3rd place position in an event, it will be broken:
    A) 1st - The highest number of times a student earned points in that event.

                             For example:  If Steve won 1st for 10 points and Brent won 2nd twice for 10 points, Brent would win the tiebreaker.

  1. B) 2nd - The highest number of times placed at regional rodeos.
  2. C) 3rd - The highest number of times placed at state finals.
  3. D) 4th - The highest placing in that event.
  4. E) 5th - Flip of a coin.