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SD Junior High Rodeo Association Meetings

2022 Mid-Winter Meeting Minutes
January 29th, 2022
Rapid City, SD

The 2022 Mid-Winter Meeting was called to order by President Leslie Merrill.  Members present were Vice President Riley Routier, Chad Pelster, Colby Crago, Owen Fagerhaug, CJ Menzel, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Jordan Hanson.  Student President Morgan Maxwell and Vice President Laura Bortnem were also president.

Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasurer’s report was given by Jordan Hanson; we ended the 2020-2021 season with $28,000 and are currently sitting at $29,500.

The discussion was held on whether to go to a 2-loop team roping or stay with a 3-loop team roping. It was voted on to keep the team roping at a 3-loop team roping with a 45 second time-limit.

Rodeo start times were chosen and each regional rodeo will have a start time of 1pm on Fridays and 9am on Saturdays. State weekend will be as follows: Friday at 1 pm, Saturday at 9am, and Sunday Short-Go at 9am.

This year’s .22 light rifle shoot location and time has not yet been set. Tyler will work on this and hopes to plan it for the same time and location as last year.

Sponsors were discussed and the directors split up a list to contact and follow-up with for the coming season.

Stock Contractors were voted on as follows:

            Goats- MJ Goats at $8/run. MJ Goats will also sponsor a buckle and put on a goat roping during the State Finals.

            Timed Event Cattle/steers- Joe Waln at $25/run for TD roping, Ribbon Roping and Chute Dogging stock, $22/run for breakaway cattle and Team roping steers.

            Roughstock Steers- Allen Good at $35 an out

            Bulls- Bothwell Bulls were voted on last fall at $75 an out

A committee was formed to secure judges, timers and announcers. It was voted on to raise the pay $50 for these positions. This will put Judges and Announcers at $300/day and $150/day for timers.

Tyler and Leslie have started looking into prizes. A discussion was held on possibly having a 3rd and 2nd place prize for the raffle tickets drawn. Tyler will look into getting a product from Yeti.

A discussion was held on doing possible online entries for this coming season. Jordan Hanson presented the cost and process of doing this. The board voted on opening a PayPal account and having online entry possibility while also keeping the mail-in option. In this case, the mail-in option will have an earlier due date than the online to ensure entries are received in time to post a draw.

A motion was made by Tyler to amend the ground rules to allow 5th graders to compete in SDJH rodeo and CJ seconded the motion. The board voted in favor of amending the ground rules.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

2021 Fall Meeting Minutes
September, 25, 2021
New Underwood, SD

The 2021 Annual Meeting was called to order by President Leslie Merrill.  Members present were Riley Routier, CJ Menzel, Colby Crago, Chad Pelster, National Director Tyler Haugen, along with Owen Fagerhaug and Secretary Jordan Hanson via conference call.

Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasurer report was given by Jordan Hanson; we started the 2020-2021 season with $19,000. The SDJHRA ended the season with $28,000.

New Directors were approved. During the Annual meeting officers were selected.  Tyler Haugen nominated Leslie to remain as President, Tyler Haugen nominated Riley Routier for Vice President. Owen Fagerhaug was elected as the East River Director, Chad Pelster was elected as the West River Director. Colby Crago and CJ Menzel will also serve on the board.  Tyler Haugen will remain as the National Director.  Jordan Hanson will remain as the Secretary.

2019-2020 Cinch Team; Arina Haugen, Taos Weborg, Morgan Maxwell, Tiersyn Grubb, Macey Wendt, Hayes Burress, Sern Weishaar

Bids were taken and voted upon; 2022 Rodeo dates will be as followed:

Rapid City Regionals 1&2: Friday April 22nd
                                       Saturday April 23rd

Rapid City Regionals 3&4:  Friday May 6th
                                        Saturday May 7th

State will be in Rapid City: Friday May 20th
                                       Saturday May 21st
                                       Sunday May 22nd

Tyler and Leslie are going to head the committee for prizes.

The ground rules were updated to allow for 3 competitors to tie a goat before switching goats out for regionals and state finals.

Raffle Tickets were discussed and it was voted on to switch over to a 4-wheeler raffle prize. Members will be required to sell $200 dollars worth of raffle tickets. Tickets are posted on the JH division of the SDHSRA website.

It was agreed upon to continue giving saddles away for the year end event winners as in the previous year.

A judging seminar is to be held in January in Rapid City. Further information about this will be posted.

Bothwell Bulls was voted to be the bull riding contractor for the 2022 season.

A discussion was held on possible issues that may arise with allowing 5th graders to enter this coming season. The possibility of dropping from a 3 loop team roping to a 2 loop team roping was discussed and tabled for the winter meeting. The possibility of holding some kind of slack to break up the length of performances was had and tabled until the winter meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

2021 Winter Meeting Minutes
January 30th, 2021
Rapid City, SD

Leslie called the meeting to order. In attendance: Tyler Haugen, Colby Crago, Leslie Merrill, Tim Nutter, Matt Zancanella, Jeremy Stevens, Chad Pelster, Jordan Hanson

Last meeting minutes were read by Jordan and approved. Secretary/Treasurers report was read and approved.

Times were set for all rodeos as follows:

April 23rd at 2pm and April 24th at 10am

May 14th at 2pm and May 15th at 10am

May 21st at 2pm and May 22nd at 10am and May 23rd at 9am

Sponsorships were discussed and directors picked sponsors to follow up with.

A discussion was held to have an alternate prize for raffle tickets for the 2022 season. A committee was formed to put options and a budget together to be discussed at state finals.

Tyler volunteered to get prizes this year.

Tyler and Leslie volunteered to find judges, timers, announcers, and pickup men for all 3 rodeos.

A discussion was held about having a silent auction at the state finals. The board voted in favor of holding a silent auction over the state finals.

 A discussion was held on putting a process in place for voting in new board members. It was decided to have all nominations in by the end of the second regional rodeo and a ballot vote will be held at the state finals.

A discussion was held on possibly switching the order of events to provide a break for all rough stock kids so they don’t have to be rushed through all their rough stock events at the very beginning of each rodeo.

An option of possibly doing regional prizes was proposed. The option was tabled until we can see how our financials look after receiving all memberships and sponsors.

Stock Contractors were chosen by a vote:

               Goats- MJ goats- $8 a run

               Roughstock steers- Alan Good- $34 an out

               Bulls- Bothwell Bulls- $75 an out

               Timed Event Cattle- Joe Waln- $22 for chute dogging and tie down calves, $20 for TR, RR and BK    calves

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

2020 Annual Meeting
Sept. 25, 2020
Wall, SD

Nichols brought meeting to order. Members present were Nichols Caspers, Tyler Haugen, Leslie Merrill, Tim Nutter, Matt Zancanella, Colby Crago and Chad Pelster. Tyler read Last meetings minutes, they  were approved. Tyler read the Financials, they were approved. Discussion on possibly renegotiating a stall contract with Central States Fair was lead by Matt . Leslie Merrill was nominated for president, Matt was nominated for VP. Cinch Team selection criteria was discussed and the Cinch team criteria will be the following:

The Boys & Girls Rookie, The Student elected JH State President,  the top 2 boys and top 2 girls overall point earners that are a current 7th or 8th grader (so no current freshman that were last spring 8th grader)

Dates, Times, and venues  for the 2021 JH regional Rodeos and State were discussed and voted on they will be;

Rapid City April 23 & 24 at 4pm and 9am

Huron April 30, May 1 3pm and 10am

JH State Finals May May 14-16 1pm, 10am, 9am

Voted to use Thad Bothwells Bulls

Discussion was held and approved on using Matt Zancanella’s Social media person to help with JH Sponsor highlight.

Discussion was held and voted on to pursue getting sponsor for awards as well as saddles for each event for 2021   A finanical revue of progress will be made at the winter meeting to see if this is still a possibility.  Tyler Haugen is redoing the sponsor commitment letter.

Discussion was made and on revamping the membership raffle to possibly entail a Kubota side by side to raffle.  Chad Pelster is doing further research on that and reporting back before the winter meeting.

The winter meeting is set for January 30th at Rapid city Civic Center in the Red Room time to be determined later.

Meeting was adjourned.

2020 Winter Meeting
Feb. 1, 2020
Rapid City, SD

The 2020 Mid-Winter Meeting was called to order by President Nichols Caspers. Members present were Dennis Halverson, Cole Reinert, Tim Nutter, Jeremy Stevens, Leslie Merrill, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Jordan Hanson.

Minutes from the Fall Meeting were read and approved. Treasures/Secretary report was also given by Jordan Hanson. Account balance is $30,530.

The rifle shoot will be held in Spearfish this year. The Regional shoot will be Thursday May 21st in the evening, the State shoot will be Saturday May 23rd after the performance.

Sponsorships were discussed and the Directors will continue to work on them. Leslie created a list of event assignments to be filled by volunteers at each rodeo and the directors will work on filling those roles. Committees were formed to line up judges, announcers, and timers for all rodeos.

A budget was set for prizes and Tyler will work on getting that set up.

It was also decided to go with Option C in the rulebook when it comes to drawing stock for short round.

Bids were taken from Stock Contractors and voted upon by the board:

Jordan and Chancy Miller for goats @$8 per run

Thad Bothwell for bulls @$75 per out

Jeff Belkham for timed event cattle @$24 per run for chute dogging& $22 per run for TR, RR and Calves

Allen Good for bucking steers @34 per out

National Director Tyler Haugen gave a recap on the National meeting.

There being further business the meeting was adjourned.

2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
September 28th, 2019
Pierre, SD

The 2019 Annual Meeting was called to order by President Nichols Caspers. Members present were Tim Nutter, Ken Hoffman, Leslie Merrill, Dennis Halverson,  Cole Reinert , Ken Hoffman, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Kristyn Haines.
Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasure report was given by Kristyn Haines;  we started the 2018-2019 season with $20,629, the national qualifiers were given $500 and stalls were paid for totaling $7,890.   $27,395.73 was given in awards and $16,000 was collected in sponsorship money. The SDJHRA ended the season with $26,170.
New Directors were elected at the state meeting. During the Annual meeting officers were selected.  Tim Nutter nominated Nichols Capsers for President, Tyler Haugen nominated Cole Reinert for Vice President. Dennis Halverson will remain the East River Director, Tim Nutter as the West River Director. Leslie Merrill and Jeremy Stevens will also serve on the board.  Tyler Haugen will remain as the National Director.  Jordan Hanson will be the 2020 Secretary.
2019-2020 Cinch Team; Taylon Carmody, Rope Roghair, Tyson Hill, Garret Phillips, Dalton Porch, John Halverson, Paden Belkham, Brylee Grubb, Piper Cordes, Jaelyn Wendt, Matatya Ward, Piper Cordes, Gabe Glines, Jet Jensen, Lainey Crago, Rance Bowden and Kayeleigh Bowden.

Bids were taken and voted upon; 2020 Rodeo dates will be as followed:
Rapid City Regionals: Friday April 24 @ 4pm
                                  Saturday April 25 @ 9am
Huron Regionals:  Saturday May 2 @ 1pm
                            Sunday May 3 @ 9am
State will be in Rapid City: Friday May 22 @ 1pm
                                         Saturday May 23 @10am
                                         Sunday May 24 @9am

New drawing options for the short round at state were discussed and will be decided at the Winter meeting February 1st. Leslie will be working on delegating assignments for the upcoming rodeos to get help setting barrels, poles and opening gates. The association will be purchasing an electric eye for the barrel racing and poles. 
There being no further discussion the meeting was adjourned.

2019 Mid Winter Meeting Minutes
Saturday January 26, 2019
Rapid City, SD

The 2019 Mid Winter Meeting was called to order by President Nichols Caspers.
Members present were Dennis Halverson, Cole Reinert, Tim Nutter, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Kristyn Haines. Jeremy Stevenson attended for Ken Hoffman.
Minutes from the Fall Meeting were read a approved, Treasurers/Secretary report was also given by Kristyn Haines. Account balance is $26,240.86.

Sturgis Gun will be hosting the .22 light rifle for a regional and state shoot. The Regional shoot will be Saturday April 27th after the performance at approximately 3pm, the State shoot will be Friday May 17th at 9am.
Sponsorship's were discussed and the Directors will continue to wok on them.

At this time we still do not have a Secretary for the 2020 season. We will be taking nominations at the State Rodeo for the 2019-2020 rodeo season for Directors there will be 2 positions open.

Bids were taken from Stock Contractors and voted upon by the board:
C&C Rodeo for goats @ $8 per run
Thad Bothwell for bulls @ $75 per out
Sam Stoddard for rough stock @ $30 for Rapid City Regions
$35 for Huron and State
Jeff Belkham for timed event cattle @ $22 per run

National Director Tyler Haugen gave a recap on the National meeting. The SDJHRA will be purchasing a Smarty Roping dummy for a fundraiser for the association.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Jr. High Division fall meeting
October 7, 2018, Murdo, SD

The annual meeting was called to order by president Lloyd Gilbert. Members present were Nichols Caspers, Kenny Hoffman, Dennis Halverson, Cole Reinert, Tim Nutter, Levi Derner, National Director Tyler Haugem & secretary Kristyn Haines.
Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasurer report was given by Kristyn Haines. We started the 2017-2018 season with $8,465.66, National qualifiers were given $400 and stalls paid for totaling $8,400. $22,521 was given in awards. $15,500 was collected in sponsorship money. We ended the season with $20,629.

New officers were elected. Levi Derner nominated Nichols Caspers for President for a 2 year term and motion was seconded by Tim Nutter.
Levi Derner nominated Cole Reinert for Vice President for a 2 year term and motion was seconded by Tim Nutter.
Dennis Halverson will serve as the East River Director at Large for 2 years, Tim Nutter for West River Director at Large for 2 years, Ken Hoffman for a 1 year Term & Levi Derner for 1 year Term.
Tyler Haugen will serve as the National Director.

2018-2019 Cinch Team- Landry Haugen, T.Merrill, Piper Cordes, Brylee Grubb, Matthew Heathershaw, Grey Gilbert, Cade Hammerstrom, Kipp Cordes, Thayne Elshere, Cade Costello, Raile Jones, Jadon Jensen, Rance Bowden, Tate Hoffman, Sage Sipple & Anika Main. Grey Gilbert and T. Merrill are the team captains.

Bids were brought to the bored and voted upon. The 2019 rodeos will be as follows:
Regional Rodeo- Friday April 26th @ 4pm & Saturday 27th @ 8am in Rapid City
Regional Rodeo- Saturday May 4th @ 1pm & Sunday May 5th @ 9am in Huron
State Finals- May 17th @ 1pm, May 18th @10am, May 19th @9am
Light Rifle Shoot will be held Friday May 17 at 9am- location to be announced at a later time.
Rodeo entry fees will be raised to $30 for timed events and $45 to all rough stock events.
A committee was formed by Levi Derner, Kenny Hoffman & Cole Reinert to find judges for all of the upcoming rodeos.

Secretary position will be open after this season and if anyone is interested please plan on attending the Winter meeting January 26th @ 3pm at the Civic Center.
There being no further business meeting was adjourned.

2018 Mid Winter Meeting
January 27th 2018
Rapid City, SD

The 2018 Mid Winter meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Gilbert. Members present were Tyler Haugen, Levi Derner, Jeremy Stevens, Toby Moody, Sam Stoddard and secretary Kristyn Haines. Minutes from the fall meeting were read and approved. Treasures report was given by secretary/treasure Kristyn Haines.

Sponsorship’s were discussed and directors will continue to work on them. Tyler Haugen will be ordering all prize for the state rodeo. Committees were formed for judges, timers and personal for the upcoming rodeos.

Bids were presented & voted on for the stock at the regional and state rodeos.
Saddle Bronc and Bareback Steers- Allen Good and Sam Stoddard
Bull Riding- Thad Bothwell
C&C Rodeo- Goats
Jeff Belkham- Timed event cattle

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
Kristyn Haines
SDJHRA Secretary

Special General Membership Meeting
October 8th 2017
Rapid City, SD

The meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Gilbert. Directors Levi Derner, Sam Stoddard, Tyler Haugen, Jeremy Stevens were present. Toby Moody was unable to attend and had Martie Phillips attend in his place. National Director Allan Good and Secretary Kristyn Haines were also present.

The purpose for this meeting was to discuss and vote on the location for the location of the 2nd regional rodeo. Bids were brought from Rapid City May 11 & 12, Wessington Springs May 3 & 4 or May 11 & 12, Huron April 13 & 14 and Sioux Falls May 3 and 4th. The bored discussed & voted and it was a tie with Lloyd, Sam and Levi voting for Rapid City and Tyler, Jeremy & Martie voting for Huron , National Director Allan Good was the tie breaker and voted for Huron.

The locations of the 2018 rodeos will be:
Huron April 13th & 14th,
Rapid City April 27th & 28th
State- Rapid City May 18th, 19th & 20th.
Nationals is held in Huron SD June 24th - 30th,

There being no further business Sam Stoddard made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Levi Derner 2nd the motion.

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
Rapid City, SD
September 10th, 2017

The 2017 Annual meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Gilbert. Directors present were Sam Stoddard, Levi Derner, Tyler Haugen, Toby Moody, Jeremy Stevens, National Director Alan Good and Secretary Kristyn Haines.

Minutes from the Winter meeting were read and approved by Sam Stoddard.

Treasurer/Secretary Report was given by Kristyn Haines. The SDJHRA end the 2016-2017 season with $8,465.66. $400 was given to to each National team member in addition to stalls being paid for by the SDJHRA. $17,542 was given in awards during the season and $9,450 was collected in sponsorship money.

A recap of the the state and National rodeo was also given. We had 102 active members and sent 40 kids to Nationals.

New officers were elected. President Lloyd Gilbert was nominated by Sam Stoddard to remain President for the 2017/2018 season and was seconded by Toby Moody. Levi Derner nominated Jeremy Stevens for Vice President and was voted upon by the board.
The Directors will be as follows
East River Director at Large- Toby Moody 2 yr Term
West River Director at Large- Tyler Haugen 2 yr Term
Vice President - Jeremy Stevens- 1 yr Term
Sam Stoddard 1 yr Term
Levi Derner 2 yr Term
President Lloyd Gilbert 1 yr term
Alan Good will remain the National Director

2017-2018 Cinch Team: Mason Moody, Malcom Heathershaw, Jestyn Woodward, Dawson Kautzman, Grey Gilbert, Denton Good, Layne Palmer, Tate Hoffman, Teya Moody, Kaycee Groves, Chloe Crago, T. Merrill, Maddy Boyd, Peyton Sterkel.

2017-2018 Regional and State Rodeos were discussed. Jeremy Stevens brought a bid from Huron for April 27th & 28th. . Levi Derner brought bids from Rapid City for April 27th & 28th, May 11th & 12th and May 18th, 19th, & 20th.

The board had a unanimous vote to have the first regional rodeo to be held in Rapid City April 27th and 28th since the High School rodeo will be having a practice rodeo there the same weekend and we could share expenses. The board had an unanimous vote for having the second regional rodeo in Huron May 11th and 12th if the barn is available if not the second regional rodeo will be held in Rapid City. The board had a unanimous vote to have the State rodeo in Rapid City May 18th, 19th and 20th.

Troy Rodenbaugh was present at the meeting and would like to give a $1,000 sponsorship to the Jr High but will need to give a presentation to the kids on being tobacco free, this will take place at the State rodeo.

Sponsorships were discussed and Secretary Kristyn Haines will be sending out thank you’s to all sponsors and asking for 2018 commitment. Levi Derner will be in charge of the sponsorship committee and asking each director to be in charge of getting $1,000 in sponsorship money.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned by Levi and seconded by Tyler.

2017 Mid-Winter Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2017

The 2017 Mid-Winter meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Gilbert in the Redd Room at the Civic Center.  Board members present Sam Stoddard, Nichols Casper, Matt Moser, Alan Good and secretary Kristyn Fuller.  Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved by Sam and 2nd Lloyd.  Treasures report was given and approved.
Alan Good was not able to make the National meeting but was given a re-cap by High School National Director, report was given. 
Stock contractors were discussed and voted upon for Regional & State Rodeos:
Goats- John Hight
Timed Events calves- Jeff Belkham
Steers- Sam Stoddard & Alan Good
Bulls- Thad Bothwell

Sponsorships were discussed and directors will continue to work on them. The 2017 Count Me in Form is updated and on the website for anyone wanting to help.
Committees were made for finding judges, timers, announcers & awards. Shooting Sports will be held Saturday 4/8 @ 3pm and Saturday 5/13 @ 9am location to be determined.  Rodeo Entry forms will be on the website with the due dates posted.  2017 Raffle tickets are also available on the website and are mandatory for all competing members due 3/17/17prior to entering the 1st regional rodeo. 

There being no further busniess meeting was adjourned by Alan Good and seconded by Matt Moser.

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
September 25th, 2016
Pierre, SD

Our annual meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Gilbert. Directors present Nichols Caspers, Sam Stoddard, Toby Moody, Matt Moser, Alan Good, President Lloyd Gilbert, High School National Director Dale Christensen and secretary Kristyn Fuller.
Minutes from past meeting were read and approved. Secretary’s Report was given and approved by bored. Recap of State and Nationals was discussed.

New By-Laws were discussed and a motion was made by Sam Stoddard to accept new by-laws and motion was seconded by Nicholas Caspers, vote was taken by board members and approved to implement the new by-laws.

Alan Good was appointed by Dale Christensen and approved by the JR High board to be the National Director for the next 2 years. Sam Stoddard nominated Lloyd Gilbert for President and nomination was approved by Nichols Caspers. Lloyd Gilbert will remain the President. Matt Moser nominated Nichols Caspers for Vice President and nomination was seconded by Sam Stoddard. 2016-2017 Directors are Alan Good, Matt Moser, Toby Moody and Sam Stoddard. Secretary will continue to be Kristyn Fuller. 

Regional and State rodeos were discussed and voted upon. The 2016-2017 Regional Rodeos are as followed:

April 7th & 8 in Rapid City Event Center, Friday April 7th performance will be at 4pm and Saturday April 8th will start at 9am.

April 28th & 29th in Huron.  Friday night perf will start at 4pm and Saturday perf 9am.

State will be held at Rapid City in the Event Center May 12th-14th. Friday perf Beginning at 4pm, Saturday 1pm and Sunday at 9am.

Ground rules and point systems were discussed and will be posted on the website. 
Alan Good made a motion to count all 4 regional rodeos towards state and motion was seconded by Nichols Caspers. Nichols Caspers made a motion to have 3rd round of state a short round and motion was seconded by Alan Good.

There being no further business meeting was adjourned.

Kristyn Fuller - SDJHRA Secretary

SDJHRA Annual Meeting
September 26th, 2015

Pierre, SD

The annual meeting of the SD Jr High Rodeo Association was called to order September 26, 2015 by President Lloyd Gilbert. Roll call of the board of directors included Jess Brewer, Lloyd Gilbert, Cory Donnelly, Nicholas Caspers, Levi Derner, Matt Moser and Kristyn Fuller.

The Secretary’s Report was read and motion for approval was made by Cory Donnelly.

The first order of business was to elect new officers. Lloyd Gilbert was nominated for President. Nominations ceased by motion of Cory Donnelly and Levi Derner. Lloyd Gilbert is the President of the board. Cory Donnelly was nominated as Vice President. Nominations ceased by motion of Lloyd Gilbert and Jess Brewer.

The 2016 rodeo schedule was discussed. The regional rodeos are as follows:
April 23rd & 24th at the Event Center, Rapid City, SD
April 30th & May 1st in Huron, SD

Discussion was held about the 2016 State Rodeo. Sites to hold the rodeo were presented by the board members. Vote was taken and the State Rodeo will be held in Rapid City at the Event Center May 13th, 14th and 15th.

Discussion was held about participating at the NRCA finals again and the decision was made not to hold the Jr. High rodeo at the NRCA finals.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Kristyn Fuller
SDJHRA Secretary

SDJHRA Annual Meeting
September 27, 2014

The annual meeting of the SD Jr High Rodeo Association was called to order September 27, 2014 by Vice President Todd Kennedy. Roll call of the board of directors included Jess Brewer, Todd Kennedy, Lloyd Gilbert, Cory Donnelly, Casey Cowan, Clay Schaack, Justin Thorstenson, and Chas Crago.

The Secretary’s Report was read and motion for approval was made by Casey Cowan and Lloyd Gilbert.

The first order of business was to elect new officers. Lloyd Gilbert was nominated for President. Nominations ceased by motion of Cory Donnelly and Jess Brewer. Lloyd Gilbert is the President of the board. Cory Donnelly was nominated as Vice President. Nominations ceased by motion of Lloyd Gilbert and Jess Brewer.

The 2015 rodeo schedule was discussed. The regional rodeos are as follows:
April 25th & 26th at Nagel’s in Springfield, SD
May 9th & 10th at Besler’s in Belle Fourche, SD

Discussion was held about  the 2015 State Rodeo. Sites to hold the rodeo were presented by the board members. Vote was taken and the State Rodeo will be held in Ft Pierre, SD. The board voted to make this a three day rodeo, it will be held May 23rd, 24th, & 25th.

Sponsors were discussed. With the rise in cost of our buckles motion was made to raise the buckle sponsors to $150.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Chas Crago
SDJHRA Secretary

SDJHRA Meeting Minutes
May 25, 2014
Besler’s Cadillac Ranch

Meeting was called to order by President Cole Reinert. The main business of the meeting was to elect new board members and student officers.

Nominations were made, and votes were taken for each position. Nominees were voted on as follows
                Lloyd Gilbert for West 2 year term
                Cory Donnelly for East 2 year term
                Casey Cowan for East 1 year term
It was announced that the member who sold the most raffle tickets was TJ Schmidt, he was presented with a gift certificate to Triple R Tack.
Student officer nominations were accepted and voted on with the following results.
                President-Bodie Mattson
                Vice President-Hugh Groves
                Secretary-Riley Hannum
There being no other business the meeting was adjourned.

Mid-Winter Meeting
January 27, 2013
Rapid City, SD

The Mid-Winter meeting of the SD Junior High Rodeo Assn. was called to order on January 27, 2013 by President Mark Stevens.  Roll call included the following directors present:  Blane Nagel, Jody Hill, Shorty Engesser, Mark Stevens, Loretta Monnens & Jennifer Latham.  Secretary’s report was read aloud by Loretta Monnens; motion to approve the secretary’s report was made by Jen Latham, seconded by Jody Hill. Treasurer’s report was reviewed; motion to approve made by Shorty Engesser, seconded by Jody Hill. Introduction of board members, student officers and Cinch team was done.

Old business included discussing which motel to call the South Dakota Headquarters at Gallup; the options were the El Rancho motel or the Days Inn.  A hand vote was taken with the El Rancho winning the vote.

Rodeo sites for this seasons regional and state rodeos were announced:
            May 4-5           Springfield, SD @ Nagel’s 7N Arena
            May 11-12       Belle Fourche  @ Besler’s Cadillac Ranch
            May 26-27       Belle Fourche @ Besler’s Cadillac Ranch

SDJHRA T-shirts were discussed and Blane Nagel suggested that the Dept of Corrections facility in Springfield could make them for a very reasonable rate. Jen Latham made a motion to go with the Blane’s proposal, Shorty Engesser seconded the motion.

New business included discussion of the raffle ticket fundraiser and ad sales.  It was proposed to include ad sales in the award for most dollars raised in the raffle ticket sales; Short Engesser made a motion and Jody Hill seconded it, to now award the new hat to the contestant who sells the most raffle tickets and/or obtains ad sales/sponsors.

Report cards were discussed; Loretta stated that the way it is set up now, report cards are asked for 3 times in the season and it is not necessary.  She suggested that report cards are turned in on state finals weekend and that the entry forms are revised to include the statement about the contestant is a member in good standing with the school official signature line.

Mark Stevens stated that he contacted Motel 6 in Belle Fourche for a block of rooms for the state finals weekend at a rate of $48.81 + tax.

Jacket samples were reviewed from vendors; the members voted on the same jacket style as last year from Black Hills Embroidery.

The meeting was adjourned by motion of Shorty Engesser and Jen Latham.

Respectfully submitted,
Loretta Monnens, SDJHRA Secretary

SDJHRA Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2012
Ft. Pierre, SD

The annual fall meeting of the SD Junior High Rodeo Association was called to order on September 29, 2012 at 2pm by President Shorty Engesser.   Roll call of the board of directors included:  Shorty Engesser, Blane Nagel, Jody Hill, Allen Good, Jeff Belkham, Mark Stevens and Loretta Monnens.

The Secretary’s report was read silently and motion for approval was made by Allen Good and Jeff Belkham.  The treasurer’s report was likewise reviewed and motion made for approval by Blane Nagel and Allen Good.

The first order of business was to elect new officers within the board members for the new year.  Shorty Engesser nominated Mark Stevens for President; nominations ceased by motion of Blane Nagel and Allen Good.  Mark Stevens is the new President of the board.   For the Vice-President position, Allen Good stated he would remain in that position.

For the 2013 Jr. High State Finals Rodeo, Shorty stated that 7 Down Arenas stated that it could be held at that facility for 2013, but only wanted to commit to one year at this point in time.  Bids for the 2014 State Finals Rodeo will need to be taken up in one year at the fall meeting.    For the region rodeos for 2013, those will remain at Nagel’s 7N Arena in Springfield and at 7 Down Arenas as those two region rodeos will be completing their 2-year commitment.

The 2013 Cinch team was announced and congratulations extended to these recipients:
Barrel racing:  Tori Gaer                                               Tie-down Roping:  Brock Belkham
Girls Breakaway:  Emilee Pauley                                  Chute Dogging:  Scott Halversen
Pole Bending:  Cassidy March                                     Boys Breakaway:  Winston Brown
Girls Goat Tying:   Karissa Rayhill                                Boys Goat Tying:  Reis Bruley
                                                                                   Bull Riding:  Brady Hill
Team Roping:  Tarin Arneson                                      Ribbon Roping:  Brent Woodward
                       Marty McPherson                                                         Aubree Stevens
Shooting:  Wade Monnens

Fundraising, promotions, ads and sponsors were discussed.   Regarding promotions, Loretta stated that she made photo collage posters of our junior high contestants and displayed them at the State 4H Finals Rodeo in Ft. Pierre in August.   They will be displayed at the Black Hills Stock Show as well.  The raffle ticket fundraiser (for four (4) $500 Visa cards) was discussed and everyone agreed that it was a successful fundraiser and it will be done again for the new year.   It was decided not to do the Frisbee toss at the SDRA finals due to the lack of members being present to help with it.  However, SDJHRA will be hosting the Frisbee toss at the 20X High School Rodeo at BHSS in January. Sponsors are needed for the Beef Bucks to be given away at the Frisbee toss.

Regarding ads and sponsors for our rodeo program, it was reviewed that members are encouraged to sell ads but it is not required.  However, participation in the raffle ticket fundraiser is required in order to rodeo.

Motel Room reservations for Gallup were discussed and tabled until the winter meeting.

National team shirts were discussed and ideas are needed for sponsors.  National team shirt ideas can be brought to the winter meeting on Jan. 26th.  T-shirts for our members was briefly discussed; Blane Nagel said he may have a resource to get them made and will do some checking on that.       

Shorty brought up that we need some thank you  cards made to mail to our sponsors and Audrey Halvorsen will make them up using photos that she took of SD contestants at Gallup.  She will get them to Loretta to mail them out.

SDJHRA has been invited to participate in a junior high rodeo at the NRCA Finals rodeo on Thanksgiving weekend in Rapid City at the Event Center.  Further details will be sent out by the secretary.

The winter meeting will be held at Rapid City at the Black Hills Stock Show on Jan. 26, 2013 at 9am.  The location will be announced on the website as the location needs to be reserved at this point.

There being no further business, Shorty Engesser and Allen Good moved to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Loretta Monnens
SDJHRA secretary

SDJHRA Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2012
7 Down Arenas, Spearfish, SD

Meeting was called to order by President Shorty Engesser.  The main business of the meeting was to nominate and elect new board member positions that were expiring in 2012, as well as to elect new student officers.

Nominations were called for and the following were nominated and voted on:
            Cathy Pirrung nominated Barry Lammers for the east 2 yr. position                                                        
            Cheri Hill nominated Blaine Nagel for the east 2 yr. position
            Jen Latham nominated Noelle Harding for the east 1 yr. position    
Loretta Monnens nominated Jody Hill for the east 1 yr.  position
            Shorty Engesser nominated Mark Stevens for the west 1 yr. position

            There being no further nominations, votes were taken for each position and
                        nominees were voted on as follows:
                        Jody Hill for east 1 year position
                        Blaine Nagel for east 2 year position
                        Mark Stevens for west 1 year position.

It was announced that the member that sold the most raffle tickets was TJ Schmidt!  He won a gift certificate for a new hat from Star of the West.

Student officer elections were held.  Nominations were accepted and voted on with the following voted as officers: 

                                    President:  Carson Good
                                    Vice-President:  Jace Engesser
                                    Secretary:  Scott Halversen

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by President Engesser and the
State finals rodeo resumed.

Mid-Winter Meeting
January 29, 2012
Rapid City, SD

Roll call of Board of Directors:  Shorty Engesser, Allen Good, JP Kirwan, Cathy Pirrung, Jen Latham and Loretta Monnens.

The mid-winter meeting of the SDJHRA was called to order by President Shorty Engesser.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.

A representative from the Rodeo News magazine gave a presentation on their magazine and how they are promoting it to the SD rodeo contestants.   They will list our rodeo results and any organization news in their publication.   The cost would be $15 per member for 20 issues a year.

Secretary’s report and treasurer’s report was read by those in attendance.  There was a correction to the secretary’s report:  where it was stated regarding the fundraiser, the board would purchase four (4) $500 gift cards, rather $100 gift cards.   Approval for the reports were motioned to approve by 1) Allen Good and 2) JP Kirwan.


Wrap up on the SDJHRA involvement in the SDRA and NRCA finals rodeos in the fall of 2011.  Shorty commented that everything went very good.  A question was raised from the audience regarding the junior high contestant selection change to participate at the SDRA finals rodeo.  Originally the junior high participants chosen were outgoing 8th graders to compete with the high school contestants at the Fall Showcase Extravaganza.   Shorty stated that the selection change was not determined by SDJHRA but by the SDRA.

Review of the 2012 rodeo sites:    The sites for the SDJHRA rodeos are:  May 5-6 at Springfield – Nagel’s 7N Arena; May 12-13 at 7 Downs Arenas in Spearfish.  State Finals rodeo will be held Memorial weekend May 27-28 (Sunday – Monday) at 7 Downs Arenas in Spearfish.  Start times haven’t been named yet so watch for the entry forms on the website for that information.

National Junior High Rodeo in Gallup, New Mexico review 2011/preview 2012:  Jen Latham reported that she reserved rooms under South Dakota at the Sleep Inn in Gallup; it is closer to the rodeo grounds and it is an updated motel.  Cost is $74.95/nite and they have a continental breakfast.   Shorty reported that he will be visiting with the national office regarding the camping area SD will be parked in for 2012 so that a more choice location is granted to us.

A motion to approve old business was made by Jen Latham and seconded by JP Kirwan.


The 2012 Cinch Team list was announced and recognized.   Congratulations to those contestants chosen.

Frisbee toss at the 20X High School Rodeo was discussed and members were reminded to meet at the Civic Center at 12:15 to start selling Frisbees.

Several vendors were present to display jackets and buckles for the board of directors to review. 

Discussion on prizes for state finals was held.  A vote was held to spend $225 per event on prizes; motioned by Jen Latham and seconded by Justin Tupper.  For National team coats, we would like to stay around $95 per coat, including embroidery.  Motioned by Justin Tupper and seconded by Siri Woodward.  There are 3 coat sponsors so far.

Members were reminded to submit Horse of the Year applications and Athlete of the Month applications to the National office.

There being no further business, Allen Good motioned to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by JP Kirwan.

SDJHRA Annual Fall Meeting
Sept. 24, 2011
Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center, Ft. Pierre, SD

The meeting was called to order by President Shorty Engesser. The secretary’s report was read silently and Allen Good made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Russ Maier. The treasurer’s report was presented by Loretta Monnens; Jeff Belkham made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, seconded by Cathy Pirrung.  mc

The first order of business was to fill the vacant offices of President and Vice-President.  Shorty Engesser was nominated by Cathy Pirrung, seconded by Russ Maier.  Shorty accepted the nomination and nominations ceased. mc   For vice-president, Allen Good was nominated by JP Kirwan, seconded by Shorty Engesser. Allen accepted the nomination and nominations ceased.  mc

OLD BUSINESS:  A brief discussion was held regarding our 2011 regional and state finals rodeos.  Everyone agreed that all went well, considering the threat of the EHV-1 virus.   The National Jr. High Finals was also discussed. There was discussion about finding a new motel for the South Dakota group to stay at, due to multiple issues with El Rancho motel.  Jen Latham found that the Sleep Inn, which is closer to the rodeo grounds, would charge $74 a room, which wasn’t that much higher than the El Rancho, after figuring in taxes and such. Russ Maier made a motion to move South Dakota to the Sleep Inn, it was 2nd by Cathy Pirrung.  mc

Also, Shorty is going to work with the National Office to get a better spot for South Dakota’s camping spot. Discussion was held about the jobs that South Dakota maintained during the Jr. High rodeo at Gallup, and what positions all needed to be filled, as far as gate openers, etc.


Jr. High participating at the SDRA rodeo – Cathy Pirrung brought up that SDJHRA could bid to take tickets and SDJHRA would get a percentage of the gate fees. She said that 6 people are needed for taking tickets and volunteers were found to fill those spots.  SDJHRA put in a bid to be the ticket takers and Cathy Pirrung will let us know if we received the bid or not. If we get the bid, the volunteers to be in charge of the ticket takers are: Shorty, Nagel’s & Latham’s will be there for Saturday & Sunday and Good’s will be there on Sunday to help. Cathy Pirrung was consulted about having a Frisbee toss at the SDRA for a SDJHRA fundraiser. She checked on that and we got the go-ahead to have it at the Saturday night performance of the SDRA. Cathy also suggested that SDJHRA have a booth at the SDRA finals rodeo. Posters will be made and hung up in the booth and some of the kids can hang out at the booth and visit with prospective members. Loretta has some flyers that can be handed out.

Jr. High participating at the NRCA Finals:  The NRCA finals will be held on Thanksgiving weekend, November 25-27, 2011. Jr. High participants will include the top 8 kids finishing in the standings for 2011; this includes the outgoing 8th graders. NRCA will pay for the stock, judges, bullfighters and a pick-up man. SDJHRA will work the rodeo and assist in getting chute dogging stock, smaller tie-down calves and bulls.   NRCA will allow us to hang our sponsor banners. Packets will be mailed soon to the SDJHRA participants. Entry fees will be $20 with $15 being payback to the contestants and $5 will go toward SDJHRA.


It was reviewed that last years’ applications need to be honored for the 2nd year, so this includes the regional rodeo at 7 Downs arena and the state finals rodeos, also held at 7 Downs arenas. The committee that hosted the Huron regional rodeo declined to host it for a 2nd year. Therefore, applications were called for and Nagel’s presented one. This application was accepted and the regional rodeo at Nagel’s barn in Springfield will be May 5-6 with the start time on Saturday at 2pm, and early on Sunday morning to allow for travel time in the afternoon on Sunday (a definite time will be posted later).The regional rodeo at 7 Downs arenas in Spearfish will be May 12-13 with state finals being held Memorial weekend, May 27-28, 2012.  For the regional rodeos, check in will be at 12 noon, contestant meeting at 12:30 with rodeo start time at 2pm. Shorty wanted to clarify that the state finals will always be hosted by the Board of Directors. State finals can be held at a different location site but will always be hosted by the BOD.

Membership Deadline & Ad Sales Deadline: Jen Latham and Cathy Pirrung stated that they will revise the Count Me In form to be more user friendly. There was discussion as to the deadlines for the membership and the ad sales; Cathy Pirrung made a motion that the deadlines for both the membership and the ad sales be March 1st; Shorty Engesser 2nd the motion.  Mc. There was discussion of raffle ticket prizes; ideas brought forward were $100 Visa Cards, gas cards and Star of the West hat.  Sponsors will be needed for the cards. The BOD can keep in contact to see what sponsors have been obtained for the cards.

BHSS: SDJHRA hosts the Frisbee toss at the 20X High School rodeo at BHSS for a fundraiser. Beef Bucks are usually awarded to the winning Frisbees, so Loretta Monnens and Cindy Nagel will work on finding sponsors for the Beef Bucks. The Monnens family will get the Frisbees ready with the tickets.

The winter meeting will be held at 9am on January 29, 2012. Jen Latham will check on renting the Lion’s Building at the Central States Fairgrounds for the meeting. At this meeting, bids/ideas will be proposed for saddles and buckles, besides other general business. Meeting reminder will be posted on the SDHSRA website closer to meeting time.

There being no further business, a motion was called to adjourn the meeting by Russ Maier, 2nd by Cathy Pirrung.  Mc

Submitted by
Loretta Monnens
SDJHRA Secretary

South Dakota Junior High Rodeo Association
General Membership Meeting
May 28, 2011

Meeting was called to order by President Shorty Engesser.

Treasurers report was discussed.  Digger made a motion to approve and Cody Tupper second the motion.  All in favor, mc

National Director Report – Digger spoke about the Dodge Tickets and that the association gets half of the ticket money when it is turned in to Dodge. 

Host hotel will keep the pool open later after the rodeo for us this year.

Support all the sponsors and tell them thank you while there.

Triple J Photos is the photographer for the weekend.

Count Me In Form – needs changed – several suggestions- add coats, have it say event buckle or equivalent prize, $250 banner sponsor – they provide the banner, take off would be a board member, add the sellers name at the bottom to make it easier for National Director to know who sold it. 

Digger also suggested, they sell chances on pre paid credit cards.  Has been a great fundraiser for others.  This will be tabled until the fall meeting.

Election of officers:  2 year West Region – Allen Good was nominated by Loretta Monnens, second by Ross Peterson.  Justin Tupper made a motion for nominations to cease.  JP Kirwan second.  All in favor, mc

1 year West Region – JP Kirwan was nominated by Vanessa Munger, second by Jackie McPherson.  Justin Tupper made a motion that nominations cease.  Roger Egly second.  All in favor, mc

2 year West Region – Shorty Engesser was nominated by Ross Peterson.  Second by Patrick Auer.  Pat Wientjes made the motion that nominations cease.  Patrick Auer second.  All in favor, mc

1 year East Region – Chris Vinson was nominated by Ross Peterson, Pat Wientjes second, Cathy Pirrung was nominated by April Zilverberg, second by Jen Lathem.  Justin Tupper made the motion that nominations cease, JP Kirwan second.  All in favor, mc  Chris Vinson retracted his name from the vote and Jen Lathem accepted the position.

2 year East Region – Dennis Halverson was nominated by Leland Andersen, second by Justin Tupper.  Jeff Belkham was nominated by Shorty Engesser, second by Ross Peterson.  Jen Lathem was nominated by Cathy Pirrung, second by JP Kirwan.  Justin Tupper made the motion that nominations cease, Ross Peterson second.  All in favor. This went to a vote – Jen Lathem won the vote.  Jen Declined the position.  There was another vote and Jeff Belkham won the second vote.

National Director position – Jen Lathem was nominated by Cathy Pirrung, second by April Zilverberg.  All in favor, mc

Secretary/Treasurer position – Loretta Monnens was nominated by Digger Rutten, JP Kirwan second.  JP made the motion that nominations cease, Rex Lamphere second.  All in favor, mc

Election of Student Officers

President -Brady Pirrung was nominated by Karlee Peterson, second by Reid Rutten.  Kallie Carey was nominated by Siarra Goergen, second by Harlee McKenney.  Breaby Edleman made the motion that nominations cease, Rickie Engesser Second.  Voted – Brady Pirrung president

Vice President – JD Kirwan was nominated by Wyatte Andersen, second by Racquel Wientjes.  Kole Lathem was nominated by Kassi McPherson, second by Grady Egly.  Cody Tupper made a motion that nominations cease, Brady Edleman second.  Voted – JD Kirwan – VP

Secretary – Cody Tupper was nominated by Rickie Engesser, second by Tyus Olson.  Sloan Anderson was nominated by Karlee Peterson, Cedar Jandreau second.  Reid Rutten made the motion for nominations to cease, Brady Pirrung second.  Voted – Cody Tupper Secretary

The new board will take over after 2011 National Finals Rodeo

Shorty Engesser then spoke about the rule book with the parents and contestants.  He spoke about the dress code, hat rule, time limits on some of the roping events.  Mouth pieces and vests in the bull riding, helpers cannot touch the horses in the box when the kid calls for livestock. 

Patrick Auer spoke about the clothing at nationals, no large advertisements for anybody but Cinch in the arena. 

Next Meeting – Last Saturday in September – TBA

Meeting adjourned by Shorty Engesser.

South Dakota Junior High Rodeo Association Winter Meeting
January 30, 2011
Lions Building, Rapid City, SD

President Shorty Engesser called the meeting to order.

The Secretaries report was handed out and discussed.  Todd McPherson waived the reading of the Secretaries Report and made the motion to approve the report and Digger Rutten, 2nd

Treasurer’s report was handed out and discussed, Shorty Engesser made the motion to approve the treasurers report and Russ Maier 2nd.

National Directors Report- Digger R. and Patrick Auer the HS National Director gave the report.  They spoke about Ft. Pierre thinking about bidding hosting nationals but cannot accommodate the numbers in 2014 and 2015.  They are going to try to bid it in 2016 and 2017 when they add some more accommodations.  The Directors also talked about the new Executive Director- Michael Dixon.  There will be no Wrangler advertising in the arenas after February 1, 2011.  WW is no longer a sponsor of the association either.  They also spoke about new national events this year – decorating a stick horse and ribbon roping with adult runners.  Patrick also spoke about he new insurance company for the rodeo season it is HSR now.  Shooting Sports will have to be on the activities report this year also if we have it.

Old Business

Rodeo dates were talked about.  Huron did not have a representative at the meeting.  Will update the site when we get information.  Spearfish is thinking about doing a Little Britches rodeo along with the Jr. High Rodeo.  State rodeos will be on the 29th and 30th of May.  Thinking about doing mini rodeo clinics on Saturday for the contestants.  Meeting will be on the 28th of May in the evening and not Sunday night.

Go around prizes were brought up.  There is a need for them.  Will see what there is for money for them after the ads and raffle tickets are sold.  No committee was formed yet.

Lorretta Monnens gave a report on the Frisbee throw – we need to be at the stock show at 12:00 to sell Frisbees and to pick them up between the Steer Wrestling and the Barrel Racing.

Shorty reported on the SDRA Fall Extravaganza and a short report on how the outgoing 8th graders did and are thinking they will do it again this year.

The membership and ad sales deadlines will be moved to March 1 for memberships and March 15 for the ads.  Motion by Ross and 2nd by Pat W.

New Business

Shooting Sports was spoken about by JP Kirwan.  There is going to be a state shoot at the State finals rodeo.  They are going to get dates and times and will put the entries on the Spearfish entries and if they need a gun or not.  JP will contact Mark with times and date.  NRA supplies lots of prizes and scholarships at Nationals for the shooters.  Todd M will talk with Cabela’s about rifles for this.  Patrick Auer said he would sponsor the buckle for the State Champion.

Shirts and Coats were discussed.  RCC proposed do the shirts like they did last year.  Coats were also looked at, will decide on them at a later date.

Shorty adjourned the meeting.

South Dakota Junior High School Rodeo Association Fall Meeting
CYI Center Ft Pierre, SD

Vice President Leland Andersen called the meeting to order.

Secretaries and Treasurers reports were handed out and discussed. Digger Rutten made a motion to approve as read and Pat Wientjes seconded the motion. MC

There were two additions to the agenda - Digger Rutten wanted to talk about the website and April Zilverberg wanted to talk about State awards and sponsorships.

National Director report - Digger spoke about Nationals and how the contestants did there. He booked the motel for 2011. He reported that South Dakota won 3 out of 4 scholarships that were given out there. He has 2011 raffle tickets for the NHSRA Benefit drawing and they were given to some of the directors. Collette Maier suggested the Student Officers take care of the silent auction items and take them to the rodeos. Digger will do this again for 2011.

East region director - Ross Peterson nominated Russ Maier, and Daman Heitz nominated Gary Zilverberg. Pat Wientjes made a motion the nominations cease, Bill Hupp seconded. A vote was done and Russ Maier will fill the one year position for the East Region.

Old Business

The tier system was brought up for the top ad sales person and top raffle ticket sales person. For now, this will stay the same - $75.00 to the top sales in raffle and ads.

New Business

The rodeo bids were called for. There were only 2 bids for the regional rodeos. They are going to work out the weekends and get back to the secretary so they can be announced. This will happen in the next week or two. There was only 1 bid for the State rodeo, this will be in Spearfish on Memorial Day Weekend. Dates and times will be announced soon.

The SDRA Fall Extravaganza will be October 23 and will showcase some of the Junior High Talent. The incoming Freshman were invited to fill 2 positions in the rodeo. They were picked by points earned last year.

The Cinch Team was announced and discussed - Congratulations.

The membership deadline was discussed. A February 15 deadline was proposed for memberships for the association. Ross Peterson made a motion for the change and Russ Maier seconded it. MC

We also spoke about the ad sales deadline. It was proposed to change that to March 15 of every year. Motion by Ross Peterson and a second by Pat Wientjes to change that also. MC

Mid Winter Meeting will be at the Lions Building at 9:00 on January 30, 2011. Mark will call on the availability of the building.

The Frisbee toss was discussed. Lorretta Monnens volunteered to get the Frisbee's rounded up and call the Suttons to see if it is possible to have again.

Website was discussed and Mark spoke about the problems with the computer over the summer and what it is doing now. It shows it sends mail but people are not receiving it, Jason Edleman said he would check on a computer from where he works. We would have to put software on it. State go around prizes and sponsorships were discussed as we had concerned parents. They wondered why there was not go round prizes at the finals. Ross stated that the board did not know how much money we would have if any. We did not have much to work with. We are going to work on this for the 2011 year.

We need to involve the kids in ideas for round prizes.

Pat Wientjes made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Braedy Edleman seconded.

South Dakota Junior High Rodeo Association Annual Meeting
May 2010
Holiday Inn Meeting Room
Spearfish, SD

The meeting was called to order by President Engesser.

The Secretaries report and Treasurers report were handed out and discussed with the members. There was a motion to approve the minutes from last meeting and the treasurers report. Motion to approve by R Maier and second by J McPherson.

National Directors report was given by Digger Rutten and Patrick Auer. They spoke about the scholarships available and the change from Wrangler to Cinch. Patrick also mentioned that Kansas backed out of taking Nationals when Gallup finished their contract.

Old Business

The funds that the kids raised from selling ads and raffle tickets. This money is used for helping to send kids to nationals and for prizes for the rodeos. Also the sales were discussed and maybe try to do prizes for the top sales people just like the High School incentive program. This was tabled until later date.

The rodeo season was discussed with the board being pleased with how it has gone so far. It was also discussed that the rodeos for the 2011 season will be decided on in the fall so the entries can be due earlier in the year also. This would free up the winter meeting to decide on prizes and coats like the High School board does.

New Business

The election of officers was next on the agenda. The officers stayed the same as in 2009-2010. The changes being with the director positions. Blaine Carey, Blane Nagel and Tim Eymer did not want their positions back.
Damon Hietz was nominated by C. Chauncey, seconded by R. Maier for the 2 year position. MC
Tim Eymer nominated Ross Peterson to fill the 1 year term all in favor. MC
Blaine Carey nominated Pat Wientjes for the 2 year term all in favor. MC
James Kirwan volunteered to serve as board member all in favor. MC

The By-Laws were discussed for changes. Ross Peterson read them and then they were up for discussion. The changes were on Article 6 and 7. After much discussion Article 6 was changed and approved as proposed and Article 7 was left alone and the change was not approved.

Next meeting will be in September when the High School has their fall meeting. Rodeo bids are due then for the board to review. The rodeo applications will be posted on the internet site so they can be filled out prior to the meeting. 

President made a motion to adjourn. MC

South Dakota Junior High Rodeo Association
Winter Meeting — Sunday January 31, 2010
Lions Building / Central States Fairgrounds

President Shorty Engesser called the meeting to order at 9:07 A.M.

Shorty opened the meeting with informing the quorum about being an associate member. He informed them that there will be decisions that will be made at the spring meeting that they could vote at.

Secretaries’ report was handed out and reviewed by everyone; there were no questions on the report. Ross P. made a motion to approve and Leland A. seconded the motion. All in favor mc.

Treasurer’s report was presented and reviewed; there were no questions on the report. Ross P. made a motion to approve and Tim Eymer seconded the motion. Mc

National Director Report- Digger R gave a report about what is happening in the association and that he went to the High School meeting. He reported on the High School meeting and introduced Patrick Auer and Lon Dreyer to the quorum who are High School Directors and Patrick is the new National Director for the High School. The National Junior High Finals will be in Gallup NM this year June 27th — July 4th 2010.

Old Business

Shorty went over how the money for Nationals was distributed in the past. Blame Carey made a motion to give a lump sum amount to each National qualifier like the High School does. The amount will be determined by the amount of money that is raised from ad sales and fundraisers. Second by Digger R. All in favor. Mc

The silent auction was discussed by Digger. He would like to have everyone bring something for the fundraiser. Nila Woodward asked if the auction items could be taken to all the rodeos to maybe get more bidding interest. Digger said we could if somebody wanted to haul the items. This was tabled. Digger also purchased a couple of items from the Miss Rodeo South Dakota fundraiser in the Junior High Rodeo Associations name. The cost for the 2 items was $120.00 that will be paid back to Digger Shorty made the motion to pay Digger back for the items purchased. These items will be put on the silent auction with a bottom, Mark seconded the motion. MC

Stock was discussed with the quorum by Shorty. He stressed the board will check the cattle at the rodeos and want even pens so the kids all have the same chance.

Chesney N. told the kids about the Frisbee Toss that the members would do that afternoon. Thanks to the organizations that donated the Beef Bucks. Thank you to Chesney for getting the Beef Bucks also.

New Business

Membership Deadlines will be March 1, 2010 — no exceptions

Rodeo proposals were asked for. Huron requested a weekend for Regionals. Spearfish requested the same weekend for Regionals. There were two requests for State. They were Rapid City and Spearfish on Memorial weekend. The board decided the rodeo sites will be as followed:

Spearfish- May 1, 2010 two rodeos that day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Huron — May 8th and 9th 2010 one performance each day

Spearfish- May 30th and 31st, 2010. State rodeo, two rodeos on Sunday and one on Monday. Mc

The awards will be awarded as the by-laws state. The prizes will go to the State winners and not the national team. To change this, this issue will have to be put on the agenda for the May meeting. It was suggested to follow what the SDHSRA has gone to for awarding prizes.

Raffle ticket deadline — you must sell at least $30.00 in tickets before your 1st rodeo. If they are not sold and turned in to Mark, you will not be able to rodeo

Advertising deadline — April 1, 2010 your $60.00 in advertisement must be sold and turned into Digger by April 1, 2010. You cannot rodeo if this is not done either. Also Digger informed everyone to send in the ad the size it is supposed to be. That means if it needs to be bigger than the business card you received and it has to be a quarter page, make it that way before you send it to Digger. Patrick Auer also spoke to everyone about the importance of selling ads and tickets and how it affects the amount of money that could be given to go to Nationals. Also Patrick spoke about the National Rule that the members have to pass 70% of their classes to rodeo. Ross P. made a motion that each student member must sell a minimum of $60.00 in ads. Leland A. seconded the motion. All in favor. Mc

There was discussion on rewarding the person or person’s selling the most dollars in ads and raffle tickets. The person selling the most dollars in raffle tickets and the person that sells the most dollars in ads will each receive a $50.00 gift certificate to RCC Western Wear.

Ross spoke with the members about the Equine Athlete and the Student Athlete of the month. He encouraged the members to take advantage of these programs. Deadline is May 1, 2010.

Cindy Nagel reminded everyone that their report cards are mandatory to have at the 1st rodeo of the year. It also needs to be signed by a Superintendent, Principal or Teacher. The home schooled kids have to get a Certificate of School Exemption that will on file with the school district they are enrolled in.

Shorty adjourned the meeting

Next meeting will be at the State Rodeo.

SDJHRA Board Meeting
August 22, 2009
Ft. Pierre Rodeo Grounds

The SDJHRA board met on Saturday August 22, 2009 at 2:20 PM at the Ft. Pierre Rodeo Grounds.  Members present were Ross Petersen, Leland Anderson, Shorty Engesser, Tim Eymer, Digger Rutten, Blaine Carey, Blane Nagel, and Mark Stevens.  Other present Cindy Nagel and Bill Mutchler.

There was not a Secretaries Report given at the meeting.  Cindy Nagel was there and she informed the board with what had to be done before September 1 2009 for the National Office.  She had the All Star Team selected and the National Applications so Mark could pass them out ASAP.

The Treasurers report was looked over as the old Treasurer was not there to present it to the board.  There was no motion to approve.

Election of officers –
President – Motion by Digger to nominate Shorty E. as President.  Blaine Carey made a motion for unanimous ballot for Shorty E. MC
Vice President – Leland Anderson volunteered to serve.  Ross Petersen made a motion for unanimous ballot for Leland A. MC
National Director – Digger Rutten – seated in May at State Rodeo meeting
Secretary / Treasurer – Mark Stevens - seated in May at State Rodeo meeting

Old Business – The board spoke about Nationals and how staying in the same place helps keep the kids together and makes the trip more fun.  There was discussion on how the National Money was split and how it could be changed in the future.  This will be discussed at the Winter meeting.

New Business- The board made a decision to raise the SD membership to $40.00 for the 2009-2010 season.

There was discussion on rodeo bid requirements for the upcoming year.  They are no longer bids they will be called “Request For Proposals” that way the board does not have to take the low bid.  Other requirements are High Speed Internet, good judges and stock.

The State Finals rodeo was also discussed.  There was discussion on a 2 day or 3 day finals and it looks like this year it will be a 2 day finals because of State Track Meet.  Also discussed was the go around prizes at the State Rodeo.  The only prizes were given to the National Team and there was some parent concern about that.  This will be discussed before the vote on rodeos at winter meeting.

Dianna Melvin has a check for a Tobacco Free organization for $500. for hanging banners at the State Junior High Rodeo.  She has paid $75.00 in the last couple years to keep this going and would like to be reimbursed for this.  Digger will check into this.

The Frisbee toss will be done again at the Stock Show. Cindy will check into this for us.

There will not be a September meeting after having this meeting in August.  Next meeting will be at the Black Hills Stock Show.  We will put it on the SDJHRA website when exact date and time is set.

Motion by Digger to adjourn the meeting and Second by Ross.  MC

May 25, 2009
Ft. Pierre Rodeo Grounds
Lee Ann Gaer took minutes of this meeting

Meeting Called to Order by Blane Nagel 

There was not Secretaries Report or Treasurers Report read at this meeting

Article 3
Motion by Myron M.
Seconded by Ross Peterson
22 to 0 vote to approve.  mc

Article 4
Motion by Shorty E.
Second by Digger R.
29 to 0 vote to approve. mc

Article 5
Motion by Russ Maiers
Second by Knutson
31 to 0 vote to approve. mc

Article 6
Motion by Ross. Peterson
Second Barry Knippling
31 to 0 vote to approve. mc

Board member were voted on 4 were needed (2 East, 2 West)
West - Ross P. nominated Shorty E.(2 yr) and Tim Eymer (1yr)
                     Nila Woodward made a motion that nominations cease with a second by Chris Novack. mc
East - Barry Knippling nominated Leland Anderson (2yr term) and  Blane Nagel 1 yr term Paullyn Carey second.  all in favor. mc
National Director (2yr) Digger Rutten was nominated by Barry Knippling and seconded by Blane Nagel. mc
Secretary/ Treasurer (2yr) Mark Stevens was nominated by Myron Mann and nominations ceased. mc

The chaps and tiara for the Junior High Rodeo Association Queen is on loan to the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Foundation until they are needed.  Motion by Chrissy P. second by Russ Maier to approve.  mc

There will NOT be a meeting in September for the Junior High Association.  Motion and second. mc

President Engesser adjourned the meeting.

SDJHRA Winter Meeting Minutes
Feb. 1, 2009
Rapid City, SD

Call to order – Barry Knippling (Vice President). Blane Nagel was not present.
            - Anyone interested in becoming an Associate member had form to fill out and pay $5 fee.

Treasurer's Report – LeeAnn Gaer
                Account Balance - $5,447.81 with no outstanding bills.
                        Motion to approve by Maier
                        Second by Musick

Secretary Report – Cindy Nagel
                - All Star Team Co-Captains were announced. Congratulations to Chesney Nagel and Seth Andersen for those positions.
                - Deadline for memberships – March 1st for $85 or April 1 - $100
                - AQHA Horse of the Year forms due Feb. 15th.  You can get those off of the sdhsra website.
                - Computer Software was discussed and voted on to be purchased. Same software as the High School Rodeo Association uses.
                          Motion to purchase – Schmidt
                          Second by Engesser
                         Approved to purchase
                -All Star shirts were handed out.
                         Motion to approve minutes –Knippling
                         Second by Rutten

National Director Report – Myron Mann
               - $60.00/member needs to be in to Myron by April 1st.  If not in at that time member will NOT be allowed to rodeo.
                 Check with Myron to make sure he received your ads.
               - Other fund raisers were discussed.
               - Members need to make sure that they raise the money. It goes to expenses in Gallup, NM.
                        Motion to approve – Maier
                        Second – Musick

Old Business
         - Report cards need to be mailed to Cindy Nagel for First Semester grades. Report cards must be presented at first Rodeo attended and at the State Rodeo.
         - Raffle tickets were handed out. Members need to sell $30 raffle tickets and bring those to the first rodeo attended.
         -Frisbee toss at the 20X rodeo.
         -$250 donated in beef bucks – Chesney will send thank you to those who donated.

New Business
         -Rodeo sites and dates were presented by sites putting in bids to host rodeos. Voted on by membership.

Rodeo Sites and Dates are the Following:
May 2nd and 3rd – 7N Arena Regional Rodeo, Springfield, SD
           Entries on line and will be due April 15th.

May 9th and 10th – 7 Down Arena Regional Rodeo, Spearfish, SD
           Entries on line and due April 15th

May 24th (two performances) May 25th – STATE Rodeo, Ft. Pierre, SD
          Entries on line and due May 11th (May bring to other rodeos)

Directors will meet and vote on point system, awards, judges, stock contractor, event directors, etc.
Noted that host sites are responsible for cost of rodeo.
With all business discussed
        Motion made to adjourn – Engesser
        Second by Gregg


SDJHRA Annual Meeting Minutes
Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008
Ft. Pierre, SD

Call to order by the President – Blane Nagel

Introductions were made – associate memberships were taken at this time for the 2008 - 09 rodeo season. Anyone interested in being a voting associate member may fill out the form and pay $5.00. The form is found on the sdhsra.com website under the wrangler division.

Secretary report – Cindy Nagel

The Wrangler All – Star Team was announced.  Team Members include: Tyan Knutson, Jade Maier, Seth Anderson, Andy Nelson, Carson Musick, Cody Bernstein, Tyler Gaer, Wyatt Mann, Jade Schmidt, Chesney Nagel, Kaitlin Peterson, Vanzi Knippling, Taylor Engessor, Moriah Glaus, Cassy Woodward and Ternee Nelson.

They will be awarded their Wrangler shirts at the Feb. 1 meeting to be worn at the 20X rodeo.

It was noted that the National office is not sending out any paper forms so everything is being sent by email.  Those forms are available on the SDHSRA website under the wrangler division as well.  Memberships are due March 1, 2009.  If you do not have internet access you will need to let Cindy know you need forms.

If members do not fill out forms properly then the member will be accessed a $10.00 fee for mailing the forms back.

Anyone organization wanting to put a bid in for a regional or the state rodeo will need to submit a bid sheet at the Winter meeting in Rapid City.  If you would like a bid sheet – contact Cindy Nagel.

Rodeo computer software was discussed – try to get what the SDHSRA uses and be a part of their package.  Cindy will look in to that.

Treasure report – LeeAnn Gaer
          $3,799.02 in account with no outstanding bills at this time.

Director report – Myron Mann (2year term so not elected position this year)
          Great representation of SD at the National Rodeo.
          Discussion on money and prizes awarded to National team members and state winners.

Election of Officers – needs to be done at State Rodeo – need to have a state meeting during the State Rodeo– National office requires officers to be reported by Sept. 1 of the rodeo season.  That will need to be changed in By Laws.

2008 -09 Officers Elected –
          President – Blane Nagel
          V. President – Barry Knippling
          Sec. – Cindy Nagel
          Treasure – LeeAnn Gaer

2008- 09 Student Officers –
          President – Wyatt Mann
          V. President – Seth Anderson
          Secretary – Chesney Nagel

Board of Directors was established with two people from the each side of the state; one person will be one year term and one person will be two year term – this will be a team of directors that will include the officers. This will have to be an addition to the By – Laws – members felt that more help was needed for organization.
          Blaine Carey - 2 year term
          Dave Gaer – 1 year term
          Ross Peterson – 2 year term
          Shorty Engessor – 1 year term

Old Business – Wrangler Magazine – if wanting membership for that magazine – you will need to buy subscription for $6.00.  It will NOT be free this up coming year.

Raffle ticket sales were discussed.  The drawing will take place at the State rodeo.  Members will need to sell $30.00 in raffle tickets and at least $60.00 in sponsorship ads to compete.  LeeAnn will head up the raffle tickets again this year.  Sponsorship forms are on line.

New Business – members will need to print out rodeo membership applications and forms from the SDHSRA website under the wrangler division.  If not able to get forms then you must call Cindy Nagel and request them.

Frisbee Fund Raiser – will just be held during the 20X rodeo at Rapid City.

It was voted on and approved to hold 4 point rodeos and three performances at the State Rodeo.

Rodeo site bids need to be postmarked by Jan. 1, 2009 and mailed to Cindy Nagel.  If you are interested in hosting a rodeo you will need to fill out the proper paper work.  If you need site bid forms contact Cindy Nagel.

Next meeting will be held on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009 at the Lyons Building out at the Fair Grounds in Rapid City.  The meeting will start at 9:30.  We are holding this in conjunction with the HS 20X Rodeo that afternoon.  The Jr. High Members will be selling Frisbees for a fund raiser at that rodeo.

With all topics discussed motion to adjourn, second, and meeting adjourned.

Rodeo Minutes
January 27, 2008
Central States Fairgrounds
Rapid City, SD

Meeting called to order                     Blane Nagel – Pres.

Introduction of Officers                     Blane Nagel – Pres.
                                                        Jeff Harper – V. Pres.
                                                        LeeAnn Gaer – Treas.
                                                        Cindy Nagel – Sec.
                                                        Myron Mann – Nat’l Dir.

Sec. Report
Wrangler All Star Team was announced and their wrangler shirts handed out. The new Wrangler All Star Co- captains for the 2008 season boys- Wyatt Mann and girls – Shayna Nagel were introduced. New memberships discussed with problems with the forms addressed. Frisbee Toss fund raiser from Brookings Pro Rodeo made $468.50.  Discussion on Frisbee Toss for 20X Rodeo.
Horse of the Year Nomination form Due Feb. 15
Motion to approve minutes by Stevens second by Rutten- approved

Treasurers Report
$4859.14 in account – no outstanding bills
Motion by Stevens to approve report second by Rutten - approved.

Old Business
raffle tickets – each member must sell $30 of raffle tickets before first rodeo – and each family must sell at least two business card ads.
Queen contest – Not a national contest this year so the state will only hold a contest if it is self supported with no money out of the rodeo account.
Buckle auction – Knutson family updated members on the buckles – they donated three to be auctioned off at three locations by March.
Auction Basket – Christine Sorensen gave report on items she has had donated already – please bring SD items any of the rodeos to help out the SD basket.

New Business
2007- 2008 rodeo schedule was discussed with Dupree, Rapid City Event Center, 7N Arena, and Burke putting out requests for rodeos.  A ballot vote was taken and the schedule was finalized.

April 18 (Fri.) – 19 (Sat.) rodeo to follow the NLBR at the Rapid City Event Center. – Shorty Engesser in charge.

May 3rd (Sat.) rodeo at the 7N Arena in Springfield – Blane Nagel in charge.
May 4th (Sun.) at Burke in conjunction with the Burke HS practice rodeo – Burke Rodeo Club in charge.

May 25th (2 performances) – State Rodeo- Winner
May 26th -State Rodeo

Rodeo entry forms will be available on the website NOT mailed out. Each member is responsible for own entry forms.

Point System - all 4 rodeos prior to State will be point rodeos with a max. Total of 30 points carried into state per event.  Each member may throw out one rodeo and/or worst event points from any of the four rodeos. State Rodeo - each performance will be max 10 point system with the average (BASED ON TIIME) of the three state performances worth max 20 points.  All around points will be based on State rodeo performances with a weighted point system based on entries per event – format will be like the Elks Rodeo in Sheridan, Wyo.  Top four point winners in each event will be qualified for National Rodeo if they have met all requirements (report card, raffle tickets, etc.)

Motion by Sorensen second by Gregg – approved

Awards – each rodeo will be in charge of own awards and/or jackpot money.  State awards will be chaired by Myron Mann and Rick Odenbach.

Rules Committee - A committee for rules will be as follows – Myron Mann, Blane Nagel, Cindy Nagel, and each rodeo chairperson.

Event Directors - Parents or adults are asked to volunteer for an event that their family member is not participating in.  They will be the director throughout the rodeo season at each rodeo.  Please let Myron know if you would volunteer.

Motion made by Rutten second by Gregg to adjourn meeting.

With all business taken care of meeting adjourned.

Minutes from Sept. 30th, 2007
Ft. Pierre, SD

Meeting called to order by Pres. Blane Nagel

Introductions made – Assoc. memberships were filled out.

Officers present were – Blane Nagel – Pres.
    Myron Mann – National Director
    Diana Melvin -  National and State Advisor
    Cindy Nagel – Secretary
    Mel Musick – Treasurer
Student Officers – Shania Johnston – President
    Shayna Nagel – Secretary

National Director’s Report from 2006- 07 Season – Diana Melvin
                        Represented SDJHRA at the SDHSRA meeting
                        Information presented from the 2007 National Rodeo
                        June 29th – July 5th, 2008 Wrangler JH National Rodeo in Gallup, NM
                        Introduced Myron Mann as the New National Director

Secretary’s Report – Cindy Nagel
                        16 members awarded the SD Wrangler All – Star Team 15 of those accepted and will represent SD JH Rodeo.
                        Motion made by Glaus second Johnston to accept sec. minutes - passed
                        Discussion on membership due dates and fees
                                    Jan. 1 deadline for memberships
                                    Any new members after Jan. 1 – Feb. 25 will pay $15 late fee – total dues would $100
                                    Feb. 25th, 2008 – Cut off to accept memberships
                        Motion made by Melvin second by Johnston – passed

Treasurer's Report – Mel Musick and Diana Melvin
                        $2000.99 in account –
                        Need to collect for some advertising yet
                        No outstanding bills to pay.
                        Financial report handed out for all to discuss.
                        Motion made by Sorenson second by Gregg to accept treasurer's report. Passed

Resignation accepted of Mel Musick as treasurer – with thanks for all the work.  New treasurer was elected – LeAnn Gaer with additional signatures Cindy Nagel and Myron Mann.

Old Business – Blane Nagel – Diana Melvin
            $250 was allocated for travel for National Director for National meeting in Denver.
            Motion by Sorenson second by Johnston – passed
            By Laws will be finalized and typed up for members.
            Contract will be drawn up for the SDJHRA Princess for guidelines and duties.
            Officer duties will be included in By – Laws.

New Business – Blane Nagel – Myron Mann
            Fund Raisers - 3 to 4 buckles will be donated to the SDJHRA by the Knutson family to auction off a three sale barns during the rodeo year.
                        Motion by Johnston second by Maier - passed

Raffle tickets will be sold again this year. Members will be required to sell $30.00 worth of tickets to rodeo. LeAnn Gaer is Chairman for the raffle tickets. Tickets will include NFR Tickets, Star of the West Hat, and $100. Modern Woodman will be contacted to see about match program.

Families will also sell two/ $30 business card ads that will be turned in with state entry forms.  Business card and money must be with entry forms to rodeo. This is per family NOT member.
Motion by Melvin second by Gregg – passed

Frisbee Toss – will again be held  for beef bucks at three rodeos – Brookings, 20X Rodeo, Ranch Rodeo

Banners will be sold in addition to other advertising.

Queen workshop – upcoming workshop as fund raiser for Princess contest. More details later.
                        Motion by Maddocks second by Mann – passed

Rodeos – Bids and dates were discussed – Winner will host the Jr. High Rodeo on Sunday, May 25th (two performances) and on Monday, May 26th with one performance.
                        Motion by Nagel second by Mann – passed

Regional Rodeos were left open at this time  - Dates for rodeos may be May 3-4 and May 10-11. Bids will be discussed at the winter meeting in Jan. If any party is interested please contact Blane Nagel or Myron Mann.

Official Newspaper for all SDJHRA members – Wrangler Horse and Rodeo News will be the Official Newspaper for all paid members. Names and addresses will be sent to publisher. Free for the first year.
                        Motion by Mann second by Johnston – passed.

Mid-Winter Meeting – Sunday Jan. 27th, 2008 during the BHSS
            9:00 MT (meeting place to be announced later)
            1:00 MT 20X Rodeo – Frisbee Toss

SD Auction Basket for Nationals will be chaired by Christine Sorenson with the help of the SDJHRA Princess. Thank you to Tela Mann for doing that this past year.

Student Officers Elected – President – Shania Johnston
                                        V. President – Wyatt Mann
                                        Secretary – Shayna Nagel
            Officers will be elected at the State Rodeo in May 2008.
            Job description will be in By-Laws.

Motion made to get a SDJHRA Banner for display at functions – by Sorenson second by Nagel – passed.

Prizes will be selected by officers and student officers for upcoming state rodeo.

With all business discussed motion to adjourn by Maddocks second by Glaus. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes from Jan. 28th, 2007 Meeting
Rapid City Civic Center
11:00 MT

Call to order – the meeting was called to order by Diana Melvin. Introductions were made of the Student Officers, new members, and parents.

Membership – it was discussed and voted on to accept late memberships until March 1st, 2007 with an addition of $15.00 late fee.  Total Membership fee would be $100.00.
- Motion by Mrs. Sorenson
- Second by Mr. Gregg
- Associate memberships can be purchase for $5 for voting privileges at the meetings. Form on sdhsra website under Jr. High Division.

Discussion moving membership deadline date the same as High School Rodeo Dec. 1st. Annual meeting in Sept will address that.

By-Laws – Rick Johnston handed out a copy of the By Laws for all to read with the clarification of a few items the By Laws were approved.
- Meeting will follow the High School format with a fall meeting which will always be the last Sat. in Sept., and then having a winter meeting. Officers will be elected at the Annual Fall meeting.
-Motion made by Mrs. Gregg
-Second by Mr. Gregg

Discussion on rodeo jackets for National Team – officers will pick out style and get prices.

-   If you do not have raffle tickets please contact Vicky Johnston at (605)985-5466. It is your responsibility to get the raffle tickets. Please sell as many raffle tickets as you can – this money pays the way for the National Team.

Frisbee Fund Raiser- Jr. High Rodeo members will sell Frisbees for $2 at the 20X Rodeo. People who purchase the Frisbee will toss it at the lariat in the middle of the arena at the designated time. If Frisbee lands on the rope or in the rope, that numbered Frisbee will win $50 in Beef Bucks.
Donated Beef Bucks:
$50 – Chamberlain Cattlewoman
$50 - SD Beef Bucks Council
$200 – Dakota Southern Cattleman’s Aux.
Please send a thank you note to Sutton Rodeos for allowing the fund raiser. Their address is:
Sutton Rodeo
PO Box 402
Onida, SD  57564

Sec./Treasure report was read and approved - $3,862.34 in the bank at this time. Reminder to all members to try to get sponsorship money for the State Rodeo.

AQHA Horse of the Year Nomination Forms due Feb. 15th. Need to be nominated for State before Nationals
-  Motion made by Mr. Johnston
-  Second by Mrs. Johnston

Maddocks Fund Raiser – The family of Rance Maddock is doing a buckle fund raiser the buckle will be auctioned off at the Aberdeen Sale Barn, Phillip Sale Barn and the Winner Sale Barn.  Money raised will go to the SDJHRA.

2007 Rodeo Schedule-  It was voted on and approved to have a Regional Rodeo at Winner, SD  May 12th and 13th.  These rodeos will jackpot entry fees out to event winners.  This rodeo will be a point rodeo, carrying best event points on to State Rodeo.  This means you will be allowed to bring your best ONE DAY Rodeo event/ out of the two day rodeo to the State Rodeo. Watch for entries online.
-motion by Mr. Odenbach
-second by Mr. Johnston

STATE RODEO – May 26th, 27th, and 28th at the Rosebud Casino Grounds. Entries will be on line and mailed out as soon as the membership deadline is past.
Members need to bring a current report card (either 3rd quarter or Final) and their raffle ticket money and stubs. You will not be issued a number without these handed in. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
- Motion by Mr. Engesser                                                      
- Second by Mr. Gregg

Princess Contest – There will be a Princess Contest held at Rosebud starting Friday night May 25th. Anyone needing more information on that should contact Becky Odenbach at 842-0145 or Kristina Maddocks at 994-2561.

Meeting was adjourned.

Saturday Sept. 30th, 2006
Ft. Pierre
, SD 10:00 a.m. 

Call to Order
SDJHRA State President and National Director Diana Melvin called the meeting to order.  Present at the meeting was Diana Melvin, Cindy Nagel (Exec. State Sec.), Rick Johnston, Rick and Becky Odenbach, Ron and Rance Maddocks, Mark Melvin, and Melody Musick.  Student members were Kallie Odenbach, Shayna Nagel, Jace Melvin, and Shania Johnston.  A few potential members were there to listen.

Introductions were made by all attending.

State and National Directors Report
Diana Melvin reported on the State Rodeo from last year and the placing of 15th for the State Team at the Nationals.  General discussion took part on the trip to Gallup, New Mexico.  Noted was the new National Rodeo date of July 2-7 for 2007. 

Financial Report
Financial report was given by Diana Melvin and Cindy Nagel. Ledgers were presented for members to view for breakdown on expenses. One outstanding bill was presented and paid for printing costs; two outstanding donations need to be collected yet.  Balance of check book $2778.62.

Discussion took place on paying the State Rodeo judges for their time, an amount of $25 in Beef Bucks.  Motion made by Rick Johnston, second by Rick Odenbach to pay judges with Beef Bucks.  Approved

Discussion on paying back the initial National Dues of $200.00 to Kathy Chauncey, since she personally paid the dues. Motion made by Ron Maddocks, second by Cindy. Approved.

With all financial matters down Motion made Cindy, second by Rick Johnston to approve financial report.  Approved.

Secretary’s Report
Report from Cindy Nagel on the Wrangler All-Star Team from SD.  Six boys and six girls were chosen based on their performance at the State Rodeo.  Members include Jace Melvin, Terrance Maier, Tate Glaus, Matt Peters, Blake Boysen, Dylan Hart, Shania Johnston, Kallie Odenbach, Nicole Fritz, Shayna Nagel, Melania Wientzes, and Lacey Stevens.  A press release from the National office will be out in Oct. Congratulations to those members.

Membership forms have been sent out to previous members and any person who has requested forms.  Dues were set at $85.00 for the 2006-07 year - $30.00 for State Dues, $15.00 for National Dues, $15.00 for NHSRA Times magazine, $25.00 for Rodeo Insurance. Membership forms and Dues are due by Jan. 1st.  If deadline is missed, interested party must petition the National Director Diana Melvin.

Old Business
State flag and sponsor flags are in storage for this coming year.  It was noted with great thanks that the Governor’s office donated a state flag for the National Rodeo in Gallup.

New Business
Discussion on implementing Associate Membership, which would allow paying members voting privileges. Dues would be $5.00/member.  Cindy will make forms for membership and cards will be given to paid members.  Motion made by Ron Maddocks, second by Becky Odenbach. Approved.

Sites for Rodeo
Applications for Jr. High Rodeo sites were discussed. No more than seven qualifying rodeos to be held with May being the starting month.  State Rodeo date was set for May 26th – 28th, due to the time frame of the National Rodeo.  Rosebud was named the site for the State Rodeo due to the outstanding rodeo package they provide financially.  Other sites interested must have information to members by the Jan. 28th meeting in Rapid City.

Prizes and Sponsors
13 events and 2 all-around awards given.  Saddles will be given for the all-around qualifiers with buckles as the goal for the top four finishers.  Members need to contact potential sponsors now.  Note that thank you cards will be awards at the State Rodeo with Mrs. Peters helping to organize that.  Ron Maddocks asked permission to do a fund raiser as a thank you to the state association.  He plans to purchase three one of kind Maynard buckles as commemorative SDJHRA buckles to be placed in a wooden case and auctioned off at three livestock sale barns.  The barns that are going to be asked to participate are Aberdeen, Ft. Pierre, and Phillip.  Motion made by Cindy Nagel, second by Becky Odenbach to let Ron go ahead with his idea. Approved.  Ron was thanked for his generous contribution.

Point System
The point system will remain as last year, with the average based on times from the three performances at the state rodeo, counting as double points.  If additional rodeos take place, members may bring points into the state rodeo.  The top four point totals are the national qualifiers.

Princess Contest
There will be no National Princess Competition in 2007.  However a State Princess Contest may be held.  It was noted that if the State Princess did not qualify for Nationals in any other event she would have to pay her own way to Nationals if she chooses to attend.  Volunteers Teri Jo Weidner, Kristina Maddocks, and Becky Odenbach will help organize the State Princess Contest.  Based on this motion made to hold contest by Cindy Nagel, second by Melody Musick.  Approved.

Election of Student OfficersOfficers were selected as:
                        President – Shania Johnston
                        V. President - Jace Melvin
                        Secretary – Shayna Nagel
Motion made by Becky Odenbach, second by Rick Johnston to approve student officers. Approved.

Discussion of different fund raiser for the year.  Raffle ticket sales were best idea for all members to take part in.  Each member must sell $30.00 of raffle tickets to participate at Jr. High Rodeos.  The Frisbee Throw for Beef Bucks/through the SD Cattlewomen Aux. was discussed and will be looked into to do at some upcoming rodeos.  Student officers made a flyer draft to be printed for distribution around the state.  News releases will be published along with trying to get radio talk show hosts Jim Thompson, Monty James, and Trent Loos to help promote.  The 4-H Newsletters will also be addressed to advertise as well as putting deadlines on Calendars at various papers.  All members are asked to promote and recruit members. Call was made to SDHSRA to see if we will remain on web site, waiting on response. Update website with more information.

Finals Rodeo
More will be discussed at the Jan. meeting on setting up rodeo.  Judges will be selected by a committee at the Jan. meeting.  Various names were taken for judges, timers, bullfighters, etc.

Discussion on co-sanction of State rodeo with 4-H or Little Britches rodeos at same time.  This will be determined by membership of the SDJHRA at the Jan. meeting.  If membership allows the rodeo may be co-sanctioned.

By Laws and Association Rules
Discussion on using the SDHSRA and the 4-H By Laws and adapt them to our needs.  Shania and Vicky Johnston will work on draft to be ready by the Jan. meeting.  Motion was made by Cindy Nagel to have them work on this, second by Melody Musick. Approved.

Roberta Bruns volunteered to start the SDJHRA scrapbook.  Members need to get pictures or anything relevant to Cindy Nagel as soon as possible.  The members want the thank Roberta for taking the project on.

Meeting Date
The next meeting date was set for Sunday, Jan. 28th 9:00 a.m. at Rapid City.  This meeting will take place before the high school 20x rodeo during the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo.  An exact meeting site will be announced later.

All business completed – motion made by Rick Odenbach, second by Becky Odenbach to adjourn meeting.  Meeting adjourned.