Past National Champions from South Dakota

All-Around Cowboy
1952-Franklin Manke
1953-Kenny Carlson
1993-Corey Braskamp

Reserve All-Around Cowboy
1982-Tigh Cowan

Bareback Riding
1952-Franklin Manke
2013-Shane O’Connell

Bull Riding
1954-Donald Thorson
1993-Jacey Woodward

Steer Wrestling
1978-Todd Ward
1981-Ronald Lee
1988-J.P. Thomas

Tie Down Roping
1980-Brian Fulton
2012-Drew Cowan

Team Roping
1972-Todd & Noel Phillips

Boys Cutting
1960-Don Tisher

Saddle Bronc Riding
1952-Alvin Nelson
1953-Kenny Carlson
1961-Milton Reed
1964-Jerry Hanson (co-champion)
1965-Delane Nixon
1979-Tigh Cowan
1982-Tom Reeves
1990-Leon Farlee & Chuck Holloway (co-champions)            
1993-Ryan Elshere
1997-Rob Henwood
1998-Jesse Bail
2000-Jeremy Meeks
2009-Dawson Jandreau
2018-Cash Wilson

Boys Horse of the Year
1995-Bar None Pebbles, owned by Daniel Olson

Girls Horse of the Year
2002-Driftwood Mort (Blue), owned by Painter Ranch
2003-Mito Silver Bell (Ruby), owned by Nikki Steffes

All-Around Cowgirl
1960-Connie Stinson
1968-Jean Vroman

Reserve All-Around Cowgirl
1967-Jean Vroman
1990-Kristi Price
2002-Jessica Painter
2003-Jessica Painter

Rookie All-Around Cowgirl
1999-Kayla Nelson
2004-Dusti Varland

Breakaway Roping
1953-Patty Haley

Goat Tying
1988-Kristi Price

Barrel Racing
1960-Connie Stinson
1966-Rose Mary D’Arta
1967-Jean Vroman
1968-Maxine McCullough
2023-Piper Cordes

Pole Bending
1968-Kelli Powers
1971 – Jill Jans
2002-Jessica Painter
2003-Jessica Painter

Girls Cutting
1974-Terri Griffith

1981-Leslie Patten

National Team Champions

Past NHSRA Presidents
1955-Gene Madison
1978-Dave Barber

National Student Officers
1982-1983-Sean Patten, Secretary
1990-1991-Julie Main, Secretary
1995-1996-Ryan Miller, Vice President
2001-2002-Colin Greenfield, President

NHSRA Rookie Secretary
1998-Bekki Reinert
2002-Linda Gilbert

Junior High Division Boy’s Breakaway
2012-JD Kirwan

Junior High Division All-Around Cowboy
2007-Jace Melvin

Junior High Division Rookie Cowboy
2008-Taygen Schuelke

Junior High Division Barrel Racing
2012-Rickie Engesser
2019-Brylee Grubb

Junior High Division Reserve All-Around Cowgirl
2011-Rickie Engesser

Junior High Division Secretary of the Year
2011-Mark Stevens

1968 National High School Champion team members who
were present at the 2003 South Dakota State High School Rodeo.