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Membership Applications


*** Membership applications are taken via the NHSRA online process beginning September 1st, and end February 15th. Significant late fees apply after November 1.
*** Membership is only taken online through the NHSRA implemented membership application process. No forms are mailed, payment must be paid through the NHSRA portal.
*** Please follow the instructions carefully to become members for the 2023-2024 NHSRA season.

   2024 South Dakota High School Rodeo Association Application Form… (Must upload to, member login, current documents, state form, when completed)

2024 National High School Rodeo Association Application Form… (Must be completed online and uploaded at, member login, current documents, NHSRA application)

Notarized Minor Release… (Must be completed online and uploaded at, member login, current documents, NHSRA application)

   Online Tutorial Instructions print here (PDF)

          South Dakota Department of Education Alternative Instruction Notification (Home Schooling)

   SDHSRA Adult Membership Form…

   Late Application Fees…

South Dakota Region Map

You must rodeo in the region your school is in unless you request a transfer for one of two reasons –

  1. A custody situation where one parent lives in a different region than you attend school in.
  2. You are team roping with a person from another region than you attend school in.
  • If this is the case, the person wanting to transfer must contact a Director from the region they are leaving AND the region the are requesting to transfer to, and get their permission. March 1st is the deadline for region transfers.
  • Regional Map – Updated 9/24/2022


South Dakota High School Rodeo will allow residents of border state’s membership applications to be accepted per individual request, if they have not applied for membership in another state for that competing year, to be submitted to the Board of Directors through the State High School Rodeo Secretary no later than 20 days prior to the Annual General Membership meeting, to be held the last Saturday of September in Pierre/Ft. Pierre.

See the Out Of State Membership policy on the Rules & Regulations page…

Back Number Packet Information

2024 camping poster

Membership Packet Information

  • Once your membership information is received and processed, you will receive a letter and you may print out your membership card from, member login information. You will not receive one in the mail.  You will need to print the following information off of, membership, to complete your membership information, this is your responsibility. They are updated after the September Annual Meeting and as needed during the year.