SDJHRA Board Meeting
August 22, 2009
Ft. Pierre Rodeo Grounds

The SDJHRA board met on Saturday August 22, 2009 at 2:20 PM at the Ft. Pierre Rodeo Grounds.  Members present were Ross Petersen, Leland Anderson, Shorty Engesser, Tim Eymer, Digger Rutten, Blaine Carey, Blane Nagel, and Mark Stevens.  Other present Cindy Nagel and Bill Mutchler.

There was not a Secretaries Report given at the meeting.  Cindy Nagel was there and she informed the board with what had to be done before September 1 2009 for the National Office.  She had the All Star Team selected and the National Applications so Mark could pass them out ASAP.

The Treasurers report was looked over as the old Treasurer was not there to present it to the board.  There was no motion to approve.

Election of officers –
President – Motion by Digger to nominate Shorty E. as President.  Blaine Carey made a motion for unanimous ballot for Shorty E. MC
Vice President – Leland Anderson volunteered to serve.  Ross Petersen made a motion for unanimous ballot for Leland A. MC
National Director – Digger Rutten – seated in May at State Rodeo meeting
Secretary / Treasurer – Mark Stevens – seated in May at State Rodeo meeting

Old Business – The board spoke about Nationals and how staying in the same place helps keep the kids together and makes the trip more fun.  There was discussion on how the National Money was split and how it could be changed in the future.  This will be discussed at the Winter meeting.

New Business- The board made a decision to raise the SD membership to $40.00 for the 2009-2010 season.

There was discussion on rodeo bid requirements for the upcoming year.  They are no longer bids they will be called “Request For Proposals” that way the board does not have to take the low bid.  Other requirements are High Speed Internet, good judges and stock.

The State Finals rodeo was also discussed.  There was discussion on a 2 day or 3 day finals and it looks like this year it will be a 2 day finals because of State Track Meet.  Also discussed was the go around prizes at the State Rodeo.  The only prizes were given to the National Team and there was some parent concern about that.  This will be discussed before the vote on rodeos at winter meeting.

Dianna Melvin has a check for a Tobacco Free organization for $500. for hanging banners at the State Junior High Rodeo.  She has paid $75.00 in the last couple years to keep this going and would like to be reimbursed for this.  Digger will check into this.

The Frisbee toss will be done again at the Stock Show. Cindy will check into this for us.

There will not be a September meeting after having this meeting in August.  Next meeting will be at the Black Hills Stock Show.  We will put it on the SDJHRA website when exact date and time is set.

Motion by Digger to adjourn the meeting and Second by Ross.  MC

May 25, 2009
Ft. Pierre Rodeo Grounds
Lee Ann Gaer took minutes of this meeting

Meeting Called to Order by Blane Nagel

There was not Secretaries Report or Treasurers Report read at this meeting

Article 3
Motion by Myron M.
Seconded by Ross Peterson
22 to 0 vote to approve.  mc

Article 4
Motion by Shorty E.
Second by Digger R.
29 to 0 vote to approve. mc

Article 5
Motion by Russ Maiers
Second by Knutson
31 to 0 vote to approve. mc

Article 6
Motion by Ross. Peterson
Second Barry Knippling
31 to 0 vote to approve. mc

Board member were voted on 4 were needed (2 East, 2 West)
West – Ross P. nominated Shorty E.(2 yr) and Tim Eymer (1yr)
Nila Woodward made a motion that nominations cease with a second by Chris Novack. mc
East – Barry Knippling nominated Leland Anderson (2yr term) and  Blane Nagel 1 yr term Paullyn Carey second.  all in favor. mc
National Director (2yr) Digger Rutten was nominated by Barry Knippling and seconded by Blane Nagel. mc
Secretary/ Treasurer (2yr) Mark Stevens was nominated by Myron Mann and nominations ceased. mc

The chaps and tiara for the Junior High Rodeo Association Queen is on loan to the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Foundation until they are needed.  Motion by Chrissy P. second by Russ Maier to approve.  mc

There will NOT be a meeting in September for the Junior High Association.  Motion and second. mc

President Engesser adjourned the meeting.

SDJHRA Winter Meeting Minutes
Feb. 1, 2009
Rapid City, SD

Call to order – Barry Knippling (Vice President). Blane Nagel was not present.
– Anyone interested in becoming an Associate member had form to fill out and pay $5 fee.

Treasurer’s Report – LeeAnn Gaer
Account Balance – $5,447.81 with no outstanding bills.
Motion to approve by Maier
Second by Musick

Secretary Report – Cindy Nagel
– All Star Team Co-Captains were announced. Congratulations to Chesney Nagel and Seth Andersen for those positions.
– Deadline for memberships – March 1st for $85 or April 1 – $100
– AQHA Horse of the Year forms due Feb. 15th.  You can get those off of the sdhsra website.
– Computer Software was discussed and voted on to be purchased. Same software as the High School Rodeo Association uses.
Motion to purchase – Schmidt
Second by Engesser
Approved to purchase
-All Star shirts were handed out.
Motion to approve minutes –Knippling
Second by Rutten

National Director Report – Myron Mann
– $60.00/member needs to be in to Myron by April 1st.  If not in at that time member will NOT be allowed to rodeo.
Check with Myron to make sure he received your ads.
– Other fund raisers were discussed.
– Members need to make sure that they raise the money. It goes to expenses in Gallup, NM.
Motion to approve – Maier
Second – Musick

Old Business
– Report cards need to be mailed to Cindy Nagel for First Semester grades. Report cards must be presented at first Rodeo attended and at the State Rodeo.
– Raffle tickets were handed out. Members need to sell $30 raffle tickets and bring those to the first rodeo attended.
-Frisbee toss at the 20X rodeo.
-$250 donated in beef bucks – Chesney will send thank you to those who donated.

New Business
-Rodeo sites and dates were presented by sites putting in bids to host rodeos. Voted on by membership.

Rodeo Sites and Dates are the Following:
May 2nd and 3rd – 7N Arena Regional Rodeo, Springfield, SD
Entries on line and will be due April 15th.

May 9th and 10th – 7 Down Arena Regional Rodeo, Spearfish, SD
Entries on line and due April 15th

May 24th (two performances) May 25th – STATE Rodeo, Ft. Pierre, SD
Entries on line and due May 11th (May bring to other rodeos)

Directors will meet and vote on point system, awards, judges, stock contractor, event directors, etc.
Noted that host sites are responsible for cost of rodeo.
With all business discussed
Motion made to adjourn – Engesser
Second by Gregg