South Dakota Junior High School Rodeo Association Fall Meeting
CYI Center Ft Pierre, SD

Vice President Leland Andersen called the meeting to order.

Secretaries and Treasurers reports were handed out and discussed. Digger Rutten made a motion to approve as read and Pat Wientjes seconded the motion. MC

There were two additions to the agenda – Digger Rutten wanted to talk about the website and April Zilverberg wanted to talk about State awards and sponsorships.

National Director report – Digger spoke about Nationals and how the contestants did there. He booked the motel for 2011. He reported that South Dakota won 3 out of 4 scholarships that were given out there. He has 2011 raffle tickets for the NHSRA Benefit drawing and they were given to some of the directors. Collette Maier suggested the Student Officers take care of the silent auction items and take them to the rodeos. Digger will do this again for 2011.

East region director – Ross Peterson nominated Russ Maier, and Daman Heitz nominated Gary Zilverberg. Pat Wientjes made a motion the nominations cease, Bill Hupp seconded. A vote was done and Russ Maier will fill the one year position for the East Region.

Old Business

The tier system was brought up for the top ad sales person and top raffle ticket sales person. For now, this will stay the same – $75.00 to the top sales in raffle and ads.

New Business

The rodeo bids were called for. There were only 2 bids for the regional rodeos. They are going to work out the weekends and get back to the secretary so they can be announced. This will happen in the next week or two. There was only 1 bid for the State rodeo, this will be in Spearfish on Memorial Day Weekend. Dates and times will be announced soon.

The SDRA Fall Extravaganza will be October 23 and will showcase some of the Junior High Talent. The incoming Freshman were invited to fill 2 positions in the rodeo. They were picked by points earned last year.

The Cinch Team was announced and discussed – Congratulations.

The membership deadline was discussed. A February 15 deadline was proposed for memberships for the association. Ross Peterson made a motion for the change and Russ Maier seconded it. MC

We also spoke about the ad sales deadline. It was proposed to change that to March 15 of every year. Motion by Ross Peterson and a second by Pat Wientjes to change that also. MC

Mid Winter Meeting will be at the Lions Building at 9:00 on January 30, 2011. Mark will call on the availability of the building.

The Frisbee toss was discussed. Lorretta Monnens volunteered to get the Frisbee’s rounded up and call the Suttons to see if it is possible to have again.

Website was discussed and Mark spoke about the problems with the computer over the summer and what it is doing now. It shows it sends mail but people are not receiving it, Jason Edleman said he would check on a computer from where he works. We would have to put software on it. State go around prizes and sponsorships were discussed as we had concerned parents. They wondered why there was not go round prizes at the finals. Ross stated that the board did not know how much money we would have if any. We did not have much to work with. We are going to work on this for the 2011 year.

We need to involve the kids in ideas for round prizes.

Pat Wientjes made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Braedy Edleman seconded.

South Dakota Junior High Rodeo Association Annual Meeting
May 2010
Holiday Inn Meeting Room
Spearfish, SD

The meeting was called to order by President Engesser.

The Secretaries report and Treasurers report were handed out and discussed with the members. There was a motion to approve the minutes from last meeting and the treasurers report. Motion to approve by R Maier and second by J McPherson.

National Directors report was given by Digger Rutten and Patrick Auer. They spoke about the scholarships available and the change from Wrangler to Cinch. Patrick also mentioned that Kansas backed out of taking Nationals when Gallup finished their contract.

Old Business

The funds that the kids raised from selling ads and raffle tickets. This money is used for helping to send kids to nationals and for prizes for the rodeos. Also the sales were discussed and maybe try to do prizes for the top sales people just like the High School incentive program. This was tabled until later date.

The rodeo season was discussed with the board being pleased with how it has gone so far. It was also discussed that the rodeos for the 2011 season will be decided on in the fall so the entries can be due earlier in the year also. This would free up the winter meeting to decide on prizes and coats like the High School board does.

New Business

The election of officers was next on the agenda. The officers stayed the same as in 2009-2010. The changes being with the director positions. Blaine Carey, Blane Nagel and Tim Eymer did not want their positions back.
Damon Hietz was nominated by C. Chauncey, seconded by R. Maier for the 2 year position. MC
Tim Eymer nominated Ross Peterson to fill the 1 year term all in favor. MC
Blaine Carey nominated Pat Wientjes for the 2 year term all in favor. MC
James Kirwan volunteered to serve as board member all in favor. MC

The By-Laws were discussed for changes. Ross Peterson read them and then they were up for discussion. The changes were on Article 6 and 7. After much discussion Article 6 was changed and approved as proposed and Article 7 was left alone and the change was not approved.

Next meeting will be in September when the High School has their fall meeting. Rodeo bids are due then for the board to review. The rodeo applications will be posted on the internet site so they can be filled out prior to the meeting.

President made a motion to adjourn. MC

South Dakota Junior High Rodeo Association
Winter Meeting — Sunday January 31, 2010
Lions Building / Central States Fairgrounds

President Shorty Engesser called the meeting to order at 9:07 A.M.

Shorty opened the meeting with informing the quorum about being an associate member. He informed them that there will be decisions that will be made at the spring meeting that they could vote at.

Secretaries’ report was handed out and reviewed by everyone; there were no questions on the report. Ross P. made a motion to approve and Leland A. seconded the motion. All in favor mc.

Treasurer’s report was presented and reviewed; there were no questions on the report. Ross P. made a motion to approve and Tim Eymer seconded the motion. Mc

National Director Report- Digger R gave a report about what is happening in the association and that he went to the High School meeting. He reported on the High School meeting and introduced Patrick Auer and Lon Dreyer to the quorum who are High School Directors and Patrick is the new National Director for the High School. The National Junior High Finals will be in Gallup NM this year June 27th — July 4th 2010.

Old Business

Shorty went over how the money for Nationals was distributed in the past. Blame Carey made a motion to give a lump sum amount to each National qualifier like the High School does. The amount will be determined by the amount of money that is raised from ad sales and fundraisers. Second by Digger R. All in favor. Mc

The silent auction was discussed by Digger. He would like to have everyone bring something for the fundraiser. Nila Woodward asked if the auction items could be taken to all the rodeos to maybe get more bidding interest. Digger said we could if somebody wanted to haul the items. This was tabled. Digger also purchased a couple of items from the Miss Rodeo South Dakota fundraiser in the Junior High Rodeo Associations name. The cost for the 2 items was $120.00 that will be paid back to Digger Shorty made the motion to pay Digger back for the items purchased. These items will be put on the silent auction with a bottom, Mark seconded the motion. MC

Stock was discussed with the quorum by Shorty. He stressed the board will check the cattle at the rodeos and want even pens so the kids all have the same chance.

Chesney N. told the kids about the Frisbee Toss that the members would do that afternoon. Thanks to the organizations that donated the Beef Bucks. Thank you to Chesney for getting the Beef Bucks also.

New Business

Membership Deadlines will be March 1, 2010 — no exceptions

Rodeo proposals were asked for. Huron requested a weekend for Regionals. Spearfish requested the same weekend for Regionals. There were two requests for State. They were Rapid City and Spearfish on Memorial weekend. The board decided the rodeo sites will be as followed:

Spearfish- May 1, 2010 two rodeos that day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Huron — May 8th and 9th 2010 one performance each day

Spearfish- May 30th and 31st, 2010. State rodeo, two rodeos on Sunday and one on Monday. Mc

The awards will be awarded as the by-laws state. The prizes will go to the State winners and not the national team. To change this, this issue will have to be put on the agenda for the May meeting. It was suggested to follow what the SDHSRA has gone to for awarding prizes.

Raffle ticket deadline — you must sell at least $30.00 in tickets before your 1st rodeo. If they are not sold and turned in to Mark, you will not be able to rodeo

Advertising deadline — April 1, 2010 your $60.00 in advertisement must be sold and turned into Digger by April 1, 2010. You cannot rodeo if this is not done either. Also Digger informed everyone to send in the ad the size it is supposed to be. That means if it needs to be bigger than the business card you received and it has to be a quarter page, make it that way before you send it to Digger. Patrick Auer also spoke to everyone about the importance of selling ads and tickets and how it affects the amount of money that could be given to go to Nationals. Also Patrick spoke about the National Rule that the members have to pass 70% of their classes to rodeo. Ross P. made a motion that each student member must sell a minimum of $60.00 in ads. Leland A. seconded the motion. All in favor. Mc

There was discussion on rewarding the person or person’s selling the most dollars in ads and raffle tickets. The person selling the most dollars in raffle tickets and the person that sells the most dollars in ads will each receive a $50.00 gift certificate to RCC Western Wear.

Ross spoke with the members about the Equine Athlete and the Student Athlete of the month. He encouraged the members to take advantage of these programs. Deadline is May 1, 2010.

Cindy Nagel reminded everyone that their report cards are mandatory to have at the 1st rodeo of the year. It also needs to be signed by a Superintendent, Principal or Teacher. The home schooled kids have to get a Certificate of School Exemption that will on file with the school district they are enrolled in.

Shorty adjourned the meeting

Next meeting will be at the State Rodeo.