SDJHRA Meeting Minutes
September 29, 2012
Ft. Pierre, SD

The annual fall meeting of the SD Junior High Rodeo Association was called to order on September 29, 2012 at 2pm by President Shorty Engesser.   Roll call of the board of directors included:  Shorty Engesser, Blane Nagel, Jody Hill, Allen Good, Jeff Belkham, Mark Stevens and Loretta Monnens.

The Secretary’s report was read silently and motion for approval was made by Allen Good and Jeff Belkham.  The treasurer’s report was likewise reviewed and motion made for approval by Blane Nagel and Allen Good.

The first order of business was to elect new officers within the board members for the new year.  Shorty Engesser nominated Mark Stevens for President; nominations ceased by motion of Blane Nagel and Allen Good.  Mark Stevens is the new President of the board.   For the Vice-President position, Allen Good stated he would remain in that position.

For the 2013 Jr. High State Finals Rodeo, Shorty stated that 7 Down Arenas stated that it could be held at that facility for 2013, but only wanted to commit to one year at this point in time.  Bids for the 2014 State Finals Rodeo will need to be taken up in one year at the fall meeting.    For the region rodeos for 2013, those will remain at Nagel’s 7N Arena in Springfield and at 7 Down Arenas as those two region rodeos will be completing their 2-year commitment.

The 2013 Cinch team was announced and congratulations extended to these recipients:
Barrel racing:  Tori Gaer                                               Tie-down Roping:  Brock Belkham
Girls Breakaway:  Emilee Pauley                                  Chute Dogging:  Scott Halversen
Pole Bending:  Cassidy March                                     Boys Breakaway:  Winston Brown
Girls Goat Tying:   Karissa Rayhill                                Boys Goat Tying:  Reis Bruley
Bull Riding:  Brady Hill
Team Roping:  Tarin Arneson                                      Ribbon Roping:  Brent Woodward
Marty McPherson                                                         Aubree Stevens
Shooting:  Wade Monnens

Fundraising, promotions, ads and sponsors were discussed.   Regarding promotions, Loretta stated that she made photo collage posters of our junior high contestants and displayed them at the State 4H Finals Rodeo in Ft. Pierre in August.   They will be displayed at the Black Hills Stock Show as well.  The raffle ticket fundraiser (for four (4) $500 Visa cards) was discussed and everyone agreed that it was a successful fundraiser and it will be done again for the new year.   It was decided not to do the Frisbee toss at the SDRA finals due to the lack of members being present to help with it.  However, SDJHRA will be hosting the Frisbee toss at the 20X High School Rodeo at BHSS in January. Sponsors are needed for the Beef Bucks to be given away at the Frisbee toss.

Regarding ads and sponsors for our rodeo program, it was reviewed that members are encouraged to sell ads but it is not required.  However, participation in the raffle ticket fundraiser is required in order to rodeo.

Motel Room reservations for Gallup were discussed and tabled until the winter meeting.

National team shirts were discussed and ideas are needed for sponsors.  National team shirt ideas can be brought to the winter meeting on Jan. 26th.  T-shirts for our members was briefly discussed; Blane Nagel said he may have a resource to get them made and will do some checking on that.

Shorty brought up that we need some thank you  cards made to mail to our sponsors and Audrey Halvorsen will make them up using photos that she took of SD contestants at Gallup.  She will get them to Loretta to mail them out.

SDJHRA has been invited to participate in a junior high rodeo at the NRCA Finals rodeo on Thanksgiving weekend in Rapid City at the Event Center.  Further details will be sent out by the secretary.

The winter meeting will be held at Rapid City at the Black Hills Stock Show on Jan. 26, 2013 at 9am.  The location will be announced on the website as the location needs to be reserved at this point.

There being no further business, Shorty Engesser and Allen Good moved to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Loretta Monnens
SDJHRA secretary

SDJHRA Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2012
7 Down Arenas, Spearfish, SD

Meeting was called to order by President Shorty Engesser.  The main business of the meeting was to nominate and elect new board member positions that were expiring in 2012, as well as to elect new student officers.

Nominations were called for and the following were nominated and voted on:
Cathy Pirrung nominated Barry Lammers for the east 2 yr. position
Cheri Hill nominated Blaine Nagel for the east 2 yr. position
Jen Latham nominated Noelle Harding for the east 1 yr. position
Loretta Monnens nominated Jody Hill for the east 1 yr.  position
Shorty Engesser nominated Mark Stevens for the west 1 yr. position

There being no further nominations, votes were taken for each position and
nominees were voted on as follows:
Jody Hill for east 1 year position
Blaine Nagel for east 2 year position
Mark Stevens for west 1 year position.

It was announced that the member that sold the most raffle tickets was TJ Schmidt!  He won a gift certificate for a new hat from Star of the West.

Student officer elections were held.  Nominations were accepted and voted on with the following voted as officers:

President:  Carson Good
Vice-President:  Jace Engesser
Secretary:  Scott Halversen

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by President Engesser and the
State finals rodeo resumed.

Mid-Winter Meeting
January 29, 2012
Rapid City, SD

Roll call of Board of Directors:  Shorty Engesser, Allen Good, JP Kirwan, Cathy Pirrung, Jen Latham and Loretta Monnens.

The mid-winter meeting of the SDJHRA was called to order by President Shorty Engesser.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance.

A representative from the Rodeo News magazine gave a presentation on their magazine and how they are promoting it to the SD rodeo contestants.   They will list our rodeo results and any organization news in their publication.   The cost would be $15 per member for 20 issues a year.

Secretary’s report and treasurer’s report was read by those in attendance.  There was a correction to the secretary’s report:  where it was stated regarding the fundraiser, the board would purchase four (4) $500 gift cards, rather $100 gift cards.   Approval for the reports were motioned to approve by 1) Allen Good and 2) JP Kirwan.


Wrap up on the SDJHRA involvement in the SDRA and NRCA finals rodeos in the fall of 2011.  Shorty commented that everything went very good.  A question was raised from the audience regarding the junior high contestant selection change to participate at the SDRA finals rodeo.  Originally the junior high participants chosen were outgoing 8th graders to compete with the high school contestants at the Fall Showcase Extravaganza.   Shorty stated that the selection change was not determined by SDJHRA but by the SDRA.

Review of the 2012 rodeo sites:    The sites for the SDJHRA rodeos are:  May 5-6 at Springfield – Nagel’s 7N Arena; May 12-13 at 7 Downs Arenas in Spearfish.  State Finals rodeo will be held Memorial weekend May 27-28 (Sunday – Monday) at 7 Downs Arenas in Spearfish.  Start times haven’t been named yet so watch for the entry forms on the website for that information.

National Junior High Rodeo in Gallup, New Mexico review 2011/preview 2012:  Jen Latham reported that she reserved rooms under South Dakota at the Sleep Inn in Gallup; it is closer to the rodeo grounds and it is an updated motel.  Cost is $74.95/nite and they have a continental breakfast.   Shorty reported that he will be visiting with the national office regarding the camping area SD will be parked in for 2012 so that a more choice location is granted to us.

A motion to approve old business was made by Jen Latham and seconded by JP Kirwan.


The 2012 Cinch Team list was announced and recognized.   Congratulations to those contestants chosen.

Frisbee toss at the 20X High School Rodeo was discussed and members were reminded to meet at the Civic Center at 12:15 to start selling Frisbees.

Several vendors were present to display jackets and buckles for the board of directors to review.

Discussion on prizes for state finals was held.  A vote was held to spend $225 per event on prizes; motioned by Jen Latham and seconded by Justin Tupper.  For National team coats, we would like to stay around $95 per coat, including embroidery.  Motioned by Justin Tupper and seconded by Siri Woodward.  There are 3 coat sponsors so far.

Members were reminded to submit Horse of the Year applications and Athlete of the Month applications to the National office.

There being no further business, Allen Good motioned to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by JP Kirwan.