Mid-Winter Meeting
January 27, 2013
Rapid City, SD

The Mid-Winter meeting of the SD Junior High Rodeo Assn. was called to order on January 27, 2013 by President Mark Stevens.  Roll call included the following directors present:  Blane Nagel, Jody Hill, Shorty Engesser, Mark Stevens, Loretta Monnens & Jennifer Latham.  Secretary’s report was read aloud by Loretta Monnens; motion to approve the secretary’s report was made by Jen Latham, seconded by Jody Hill. Treasurer’s report was reviewed; motion to approve made by Shorty Engesser, seconded by Jody Hill. Introduction of board members, student officers and Cinch team was done.

Old business included discussing which motel to call the South Dakota Headquarters at Gallup; the options were the El Rancho motel or the Days Inn.  A hand vote was taken with the El Rancho winning the vote.

Rodeo sites for this seasons regional and state rodeos were announced:
May 4-5           Springfield, SD @ Nagel’s 7N Arena
May 11-12       Belle Fourche  @ Besler’s Cadillac Ranch
May 26-27       Belle Fourche @ Besler’s Cadillac Ranch

SDJHRA T-shirts were discussed and Blane Nagel suggested that the Dept of Corrections facility in Springfield could make them for a very reasonable rate. Jen Latham made a motion to go with the Blane’s proposal, Shorty Engesser seconded the motion.

New business included discussion of the raffle ticket fundraiser and ad sales.  It was proposed to include ad sales in the award for most dollars raised in the raffle ticket sales; Short Engesser made a motion and Jody Hill seconded it, to now award the new hat to the contestant who sells the most raffle tickets and/or obtains ad sales/sponsors.

Report cards were discussed; Loretta stated that the way it is set up now, report cards are asked for 3 times in the season and it is not necessary.  She suggested that report cards are turned in on state finals weekend and that the entry forms are revised to include the statement about the contestant is a member in good standing with the school official signature line.

Mark Stevens stated that he contacted Motel 6 in Belle Fourche for a block of rooms for the state finals weekend at a rate of $48.81 + tax.

Jacket samples were reviewed from vendors; the members voted on the same jacket style as last year from Black Hills Embroidery.

The meeting was adjourned by motion of Shorty Engesser and Jen Latham.

Respectfully submitted,
Loretta Monnens, SDJHRA Secretary