2016 Annual Meeting Minutes
September 25th, 2016
Pierre, SD

Our annual meeting was called to order by President Lloyd Gilbert. Directors present Nichols Caspers, Sam Stoddard, Toby Moody, Matt Moser, Alan Good, President Lloyd Gilbert, High School National Director Dale Christensen and secretary Kristyn Fuller.
Minutes from past meeting were read and approved. Secretary’s Report was given and approved by bored. Recap of State and Nationals was discussed.

New By-Laws were discussed and a motion was made by Sam Stoddard to accept new by-laws and motion was seconded by Nicholas Caspers, vote was taken by board members and approved to implement the new by-laws.

Alan Good was appointed by Dale Christensen and approved by the JR High board to be the National Director for the next 2 years. Sam Stoddard nominated Lloyd Gilbert for President and nomination was approved by Nichols Caspers. Lloyd Gilbert will remain the President. Matt Moser nominated Nichols Caspers for Vice President and nomination was seconded by Sam Stoddard. 2016-2017 Directors are Alan Good, Matt Moser, Toby Moody and Sam Stoddard. Secretary will continue to be Kristyn Fuller.

Regional and State rodeos were discussed and voted upon. The 2016-2017 Regional Rodeos are as followed:

April 7th & 8 in Rapid City Event Center, Friday April 7th performance will be at 4pm and Saturday April 8th will start at 9am.

April 28th & 29th in Huron.  Friday night perf will start at 4pm and Saturday perf 9am.

State will be held at Rapid City in the Event Center May 12th-14th. Friday perf Beginning at 4pm, Saturday 1pm and Sunday at 9am.

Ground rules and point systems were discussed and will be posted on the website.
Alan Good made a motion to count all 4 regional rodeos towards state and motion was seconded by Nichols Caspers. Nichols Caspers made a motion to have 3rd round of state a short round and motion was seconded by Alan Good.

There being no further business meeting was adjourned.

Kristyn Fuller – SDJHRA Secretary