2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
September 28th, 2019
Pierre, SD

The 2019 Annual Meeting was called to order by President Nichols Caspers. Members present were Tim Nutter, Ken Hoffman, Leslie Merrill, Dennis Halverson,  Cole Reinert , Ken Hoffman, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Kristyn Haines.
Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasure report was given by Kristyn Haines;  we started the 2018-2019 season with $20,629, the national qualifiers were given $500 and stalls were paid for totaling $7,890.   $27,395.73 was given in awards and $16,000 was collected in sponsorship money. The SDJHRA ended the season with $26,170.
New Directors were elected at the state meeting. During the Annual meeting officers were selected.  Tim Nutter nominated Nichols Capsers for President, Tyler Haugen nominated Cole Reinert for Vice President. Dennis Halverson will remain the East River Director, Tim Nutter as the West River Director. Leslie Merrill and Jeremy Stevens will also serve on the board.  Tyler Haugen will remain as the National Director.  Jordan Hanson will be the 2020 Secretary.
2019-2020 Cinch Team; Taylon Carmody, Rope Roghair, Tyson Hill, Garret Phillips, Dalton Porch, John Halverson, Paden Belkham, Brylee Grubb, Piper Cordes, Jaelyn Wendt, Matatya Ward, Piper Cordes, Gabe Glines, Jet Jensen, Lainey Crago, Rance Bowden and Kayeleigh Bowden.

Bids were taken and voted upon; 2020 Rodeo dates will be as followed:
Rapid City Regionals: Friday April 24 @ 4pm
Saturday April 25 @ 9am
Huron Regionals:  Saturday May 2 @ 1pm
Sunday May 3 @ 9am
State will be in Rapid City: Friday May 22 @ 1pm
Saturday May 23 @10am
Sunday May 24 @9am

New drawing options for the short round at state were discussed and will be decided at the Winter meeting February 1st. Leslie will be working on delegating assignments for the upcoming rodeos to get help setting barrels, poles and opening gates. The association will be purchasing an electric eye for the barrel racing and poles.
There being no further discussion the meeting was adjourned.

2019 Mid Winter Meeting Minutes
Saturday, January 26, 2019
Rapid City, SD

The 2019 Mid Winter Meeting was called to order by President Nichols Caspers.
Members present were Dennis Halverson, Cole Reinert, Tim Nutter, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Kristyn Haines. Jeremy Stevenson attended for Ken Hoffman.
Minutes from the Fall Meeting were read a approved, Treasurers/Secretary report was also given by Kristyn Haines. Account balance is $26,240.86.

Sturgis Gun will be hosting the .22 light rifle for a regional and state shoot. The Regional shoot will be Saturday April 27th after the performance at approximately 3pm, the State shoot will be Friday May 17th at 9am.
Sponsorship’s were discussed and the Directors will continue to wok on them.

At this time we still do not have a Secretary for the 2020 season. We will be taking nominations at the State Rodeo for the 2019-2020 rodeo season for Directors there will be 2 positions open.

Bids were taken from Stock Contractors and voted upon by the board:
C&C Rodeo for goats @ $8 per run
Thad Bothwell for bulls @ $75 per out
Sam Stoddard for rough stock @ $30 for Rapid City Regions
$35 for Huron and State
Jeff Belkham for timed event cattle @ $22 per run

National Director Tyler Haugen gave a recap on the National meeting. The SDJHRA will be purchasing a Smarty Roping dummy for a fundraiser for the association.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.