2021 Fall Meeting Minutes
September, 25, 2021
New Underwood, SD

The 2021 Annual Meeting was called to order by President Leslie Merrill.  Members present were Riley Routier, CJ Menzel, Colby Crago, Chad Pelster, National Director Tyler Haugen, along with Owen Fagerhaug and Secretary Jordan Hanson via conference call.

Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasurer report was given by Jordan Hanson; we started the 2020-2021 season with $19,000. The SDJHRA ended the season with $28,000.

New Directors were approved. During the Annual meeting officers were selected.  Tyler Haugen nominated Leslie to remain as President, Tyler Haugen nominated Riley Routier for Vice President. Owen Fagerhaug was elected as the East River Director, Chad Pelster was elected as the West River Director. Colby Crago and CJ Menzel will also serve on the board.  Tyler Haugen will remain as the National Director.  Jordan Hanson will remain as the Secretary.

2019-2020 Cinch Team; Arina Haugen, Taos Weborg, Morgan Maxwell, Tiersyn Grubb, Macey Wendt, Hayes Burress, Sern Weishaar

Bids were taken and voted upon; 2022 Rodeo dates will be as followed:

Rapid City Regionals 1&2: Friday April 22nd
                                       Saturday April 23rd

Rapid City Regionals 3&4:  Friday May 6th
Saturday May 7th

State will be in Rapid City: Friday May 20th
Saturday May 21st
                                       Sunday May 22nd

Tyler and Leslie are going to head the committee for prizes.

The ground rules were updated to allow for 3 competitors to tie a goat before switching goats out for regionals and state finals.

Raffle Tickets were discussed and it was voted on to switch over to a 4-wheeler raffle prize. Members will be required to sell $200 dollars worth of raffle tickets. Tickets are posted on the JH division of the SDHSRA website.

It was agreed upon to continue giving saddles away for the year end event winners as in the previous year.

A judging seminar is to be held in January in Rapid City. Further information about this will be posted.

Bothwell Bulls was voted to be the bull riding contractor for the 2022 season.

A discussion was held on possible issues that may arise with allowing 5th graders to enter this coming season. The possibility of dropping from a 3 loop team roping to a 2 loop team roping was discussed and tabled for the winter meeting. The possibility of holding some kind of slack to break up the length of performances was had and tabled until the winter meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

2021 Winter Meeting Minutes
January 30th, 2021
Rapid City, SD

Leslie called the meeting to order. In attendance: Tyler Haugen, Colby Crago, Leslie Merrill, Tim Nutter, Matt Zancanella, Jeremy Stevens, Chad Pelster, Jordan Hanson

Last meeting minutes were read by Jordan and approved. Secretary/Treasurers report was read and approved.

Times were set for all rodeos as follows:

April 23rd at 2pm and April 24th at 10am

May 14th at 2pm and May 15th at 10am

May 21st at 2pm and May 22nd at 10am and May 23rd at 9am

Sponsorships were discussed and directors picked sponsors to follow up with.

A discussion was held to have an alternate prize for raffle tickets for the 2022 season. A committee was formed to put options and a budget together to be discussed at state finals.

Tyler volunteered to get prizes this year.

Tyler and Leslie volunteered to find judges, timers, announcers, and pickup men for all 3 rodeos.

A discussion was held about having a silent auction at the state finals. The board voted in favor of holding a silent auction over the state finals.

A discussion was held on putting a process in place for voting in new board members. It was decided to have all nominations in by the end of the second regional rodeo and a ballot vote will be held at the state finals.

A discussion was held on possibly switching the order of events to provide a break for all rough stock kids so they don’t have to be rushed through all their rough stock events at the very beginning of each rodeo.

An option of possibly doing regional prizes was proposed. The option was tabled until we can see how our financials look after receiving all memberships and sponsors.

Stock Contractors were chosen by a vote:

Goats- MJ goats- $8 a run

Roughstock steers- Alan Good- $34 an out

Bulls- Bothwell Bulls- $75 an out

Timed Event Cattle- Joe Waln- $22 for chute dogging and tie down calves, $20 for TR, RR and BK    calves

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.