2022 Fall Meeting Minutes
September 25th, 2022
Red Rossa Room, Pierre, SD

The 2022 Annual Meeting was called to order by Tyler Haugen.  Members present were Ladelle Brink, CJ Menzel, Colt Floyd, Cortney Haugen, and Corey Braskamp.

Old Business

Reading of last meeting minutes. A motion by Tyler and approved by CJ to approve

Recap from State & National

Tyler read that in 2022 there were 189 members….regionals rodeos and state went well….Perry, Georgia was a great venue for nationals, the distance was the only drawback.

Tyler reported $44,055 were raised on the member Ranger fundraiser.  All monies went to pay for stalls and travel expenses for the National Qualifiers.

Sponsorship totals/Thank you pictures

Tyler reported Sponsorships went well, $36,450 were raised. Which offset the contestant prizes which totaled $43,975 for saddles, shirts, jackets and buckles.

New Business

Election of New officers

Corey Braskamp was elected in Owen Fagerhaugs East River Director Spot (which Owen stepped down from) This term will end in 2023. Ladelle Brink was elected into Chad Pelster’s West River Director spot for the remainder of the term in 2023. Colt Floyd was elected into a Two Year at Large director position ending in 2024. Cortney Haugen was elected into a 1 Year at-Large director position ending in 2023. Brady Lammers was elected Vice President.  CJ Menzel was elected President.

Cinch team nominations

The Cinch team is being revamped at a national level, details will be out this fall

Regional rodeo & State host sites and State was voted and approved to be help May 19-21 in Rapid City.

Delegation of committees

Ladelle and Brady agreed to help with the Raffles, Cortney will help with the social media as well as possibly Leslie Merril, Tyler will help with the judges and stock contractors, Brady will help with the awards.

Discussion of fundraiser

It was decided to continue with the Side by Side fundraiser, it will be looked into to find a willing partner for the side by side.

Discussion of saddles/awards

It was decided that we will continue to raise fund to give saddles way again in 2023 for each event.

Discussion of HS cooperation/ potential By-law changes

There was a discussion on sitting down possibly in the winter meeting to discuss a cooperation scenario with the SDHSRA and possibly integrate into their association.

Approval of bull contractor

Thad Bothwell was voted to contract the bulls for 2023.

Scheduling of winter meeting

The winter meeting was voted to be held in Rapid City the first Saturday of the Stock show.

CJ made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Colt Seconded the motion.

2022 Mid-Winter Meeting Minutes
January 29th, 2022
Rapid City, SD

The 2022 Mid-Winter Meeting was called to order by President Leslie Merrill.  Members present were Vice President Riley Routier, Chad Pelster, Colby Crago, Owen Fagerhaug, CJ Menzel, National Director Tyler Haugen and Secretary Jordan Hanson.  Student President Morgan Maxwell and Vice President Laura Bortnem were also president.

Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasurer’s report was given by Jordan Hanson; we ended the 2020-2021 season with $28,000 and are currently sitting at $29,500.

The discussion was held on whether to go to a 2-loop team roping or stay with a 3-loop team roping. It was voted on to keep the team roping at a 3-loop team roping with a 45 second time-limit.

Rodeo start times were chosen and each regional rodeo will have a start time of 1pm on Fridays and 9am on Saturdays. State weekend will be as follows: Friday at 1 pm, Saturday at 9am, and Sunday Short-Go at 9am.

This year’s .22 light rifle shoot location and time has not yet been set. Tyler will work on this and hopes to plan it for the same time and location as last year.

Sponsors were discussed and the directors split up a list to contact and follow-up with for the coming season.

Stock Contractors were voted on as follows:

Goats- MJ Goats at $8/run. MJ Goats will also sponsor a buckle and put on a goat roping during the State Finals.

Timed Event Cattle/steers- Joe Waln at $25/run for TD roping, Ribbon Roping and Chute Dogging stock, $22/run for breakaway cattle and Team roping steers.

Roughstock Steers- Allen Good at $35 an out

Bulls- Bothwell Bulls were voted on last fall at $75 an out

A committee was formed to secure judges, timers and announcers. It was voted on to raise the pay $50 for these positions. This will put Judges and Announcers at $300/day and $150/day for timers.

Tyler and Leslie have started looking into prizes. A discussion was held on possibly having a 3rd and 2nd place prize for the raffle tickets drawn. Tyler will look into getting a product from Yeti.

A discussion was held on doing possible online entries for this coming season. Jordan Hanson presented the cost and process of doing this. The board voted on opening a PayPal account and having online entry possibility while also keeping the mail-in option. In this case, the mail-in option will have an earlier due date than the online to ensure entries are received in time to post a draw.

A motion was made by Tyler to amend the ground rules to allow 5th graders to compete in SDJH rodeo and CJ seconded the motion. The board voted in favor of amending the ground rules.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.