2023 SDJHRA Annual Meeting Minutes
October 1st, 2023
Rapid City, SD

The 2023 SDJHRA Annual Meeting was called to order by President CJ Menzel.  Members present were Colt Floyd, Brady Lammers, LaDelle Brink,  National Director Tyler Haugen, Secretary Jordan Stevens, along with Cortney Haugen and Corey Braskamp via Zoom.

Minutes from the winter meeting were read and approved, secretary/treasurer report was given by Jordan Stevens and approved.

Ty Fish and Clint Cobb were approved as new directors as CJ Menzel and Cortney Haugen’s terms ended.  Ty Fish nominated Colt Floyd as the 2023-2024 President. Colt Floyd nominated Brady Lammers to remain as Vice President. Corey Braskamp  was elected to remain the East River Director and LaDelle Brink was elected to remain the West River Director. Ty Fish and Clint Cobb will serve as Directors at Large, each serving two year terms. Tyler Haugen will remain as the National Director.  Jordan Stevens will remain as the Secretary.

A discussion was held on how to advertise to fill the secretary position as this will be Jordan’s last year. The discussion was tabled until the winter meeting in February.

Rodeo sites and dates were voted on and approved as such:

Rapid City Regionals 1&2: Friday April 19th

Saturday April 20th

Motion to approve made by Tyler, seconded by LaDelle

Huron  Regionals 3&4:       Friday May 3rd

Saturday May 4th

Motion to approve made by Brady, seconded by LaDelle

State will be in Rapid City: Friday May 17th

Saturday May 18th

Sunday May 19th

Motion to approve made by Ty, seconded by Clint

The option to create an index for entry fees to change each year based on the cost of stock was introduced by Ty Fish and tabled for the winter meeting. It was also approved for both regionals to be due at the same time in order to prepare stock contractors for numbers earlier.

Tyler and Colt are going to head the committee for prizes. It was approved to give saddles again this year and Tyler will reach out to Tod Slone Saddles to check on saddle prices this year.

A discussion was held on Sponsorships/donations/fundraising. It was agreed upon to continue to have a side-by-side raffle prize and Colt will contact Butte County Equipment. Raffle ticket prices were voted to remain the same. Sponsorship forms will now be available to members so they can bring in sponsors rather than sell raffle tickets if they are able.

A discussion on shirts/coats was held and it was agreed upon to open this up for bids and anyone interested can reach out to a director for more information.

LaDelle inquired about the student officers and what their jobs are. As there are no requirements for them to fulfill currently, LaDelle and Brady agreed to find a way to involve the student officers more.

A motion to approve Thad Bothwell as the bull riding stock contractor was made by Colt and seconded by Brady. A motion to also approve Perry Moody as the rough stock contractor was made by Colt and seconded by Brady.

There being no further business, Colt motioned to adjourn the meeting and LaDelle seconded that motion. Meeting was adjourned.

2023 Winter Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2023
Rapid City, SD

The meeting was called to order by CJ Menzel. Members present were Tyler Haugen, CJ Menzel, Cortney Haugen, Brady Lammers, LaDelle Brink, Corey Braskamp and Jordan Hanson.

Minutes from the last meeting were read by Jordan Hanson. A motion to approve the minutes was made by CJ, seconded by LaDelle.

Secretary report was given by Jordan Hanson. There has not been any change to the finances from the last meeting. A motion to approve the report was made by CJ and seconded by Brady.

Old Business- A discussion was held on how to approach sponsorships this year and it was agreed upon to continue to have directors reach out to sponsors. Start times for each rodeo were voted on and agreed to keep the same start times as last year (all Friday rodeos will start at 1pm and Saturday/Sunday rodeos will start at 9 am). A discussion was held on the raffle ticket fundraising prize. An option of a Kubota side by side was presented as well as an Arctic Cat, four wheeler, and dirt bike all from Sturgis motors. It was voted on by all board members to pursue the Kubota from Butte County Equipment. Brady made a motion to approve and Tyler seconded the motion. The option to also offer raffle tickets for the national raffle of a Bloomer horse trailer. Tyler will look into this and see if we can get these tickets out to our members as well.

New Business- A discussion on entry fees was held and decided to increase the fee for each event by 5$. Corey made a motion to approve and Brady seconded the motion. Tyler has spoken with Holly Main and she has agreed to take lead on the Rifle shoot again this year and a schedule will be decided on at a later date and posted. Stock contractors were discussed and as there were no competing bids all were accepted.

MJ Goats– $9 a run and will also sponsor a buckle.

Joe Waln- $25 a run for timed event cattle, will sponsor a buckle.

Perry Moody- $6,000 for the season for roughstock steers, Thad Bothwell has agreed to pen the cattle if needed and Dale offered to truck them out to the hills if needed.

The board will reach out to past judges, timers, announcers for this season. Brady and Cortney will take lead on prizes for the year and will have the student officers help. Cortney has agreed to help manage the social media page.

Dale presented some things that were discussed at the high school meeting. Stalls at nationals have gone by $20 this year and the AQHA horse of the year will happen this year. The discussion about integrating into the SDHSRA was had and was tabled for further discussion.

Brady made a motion to adjourn the meeting and LaDelle seconded the motion.