September 29, 2007—10:00 AM CDT
Pierre Ramkota River Center, Pierre, SD

The annual meeting was called to order by President Joe Stoddard. Roll call was taken with Troy Richter, Susan Dewey and Cally Thomas absent. Kristina Maddocks arrived later. The agenda was amended and there was a motion by Clay, 2nd by Troy to approve the agenda as amended. MC

The minutes of the state finals director’s meeting were read and amended to change Badlands Circuit, not Black Hills. Motion by Doug, 2nd by Carole to approve the minutes as amended. MC

Calendar Chairperson, Sara Grim gave the Calendar report. She showed the members a map of where the calendar contacts are this year, gave a financial report of last year’s calendar sales and reviewed the current calendar policy and award structure.

Carole Hollers discussed the sale of Bulls Sales ads as an additional way to fund the calendar. It has been done in Nebraska and generates extra revenue for the calendar sales. Discussion was held on the possibility of the Student Officers raising funds to fund the high point buckles. This year’s ads would be for next year, so this year’s officers would have to do double the fund raising for one year to get us started. Motion was made by Clay, 2nd by Patrick to pursue the sale of the Bull and Horse sale ads for next year’s calendar. MC The student officers, in coordination with Kent and Sara Grim will present a report at the mid winter meeting on the bull/horse sale ads.

Ann mentioned the problem in keeping with books and issuing refunds for memberships sold after the membership has already been paid. Discussion was held and this will not be changed.

The state Finals Report was given by the host committee. The dance is not well attended and the location of the dance needs to be discussed. The passes were an issue last year and it was suggested that next year we use a voucher system, where the sponsors and staff that need passes will have a voucher and turn it in to get their rodeo pass. There was an issue on the cutting contest schedule conflict with the queen contest. This will be addressed at the mid winter meeting. Tough Enough to wear pink day was brought up and it was suggested that it not be on the day of the short go, to help in identifying contestants on the calendar pictures and to make the calendar more colorful. Belle Fourche was commended on doing an outstanding job with the state finals and especially having the Short Go in one arena. Public TV and the general public have given many positive comments on the Short Go. Rod reported that it is the single most popular broadcast by Public TV.

Rod Kusser reported on the Public Relations report. The Public TV contract has been extended until 2010. The touchstone short go shirts are ahead of schedule to be distributed. They only go to the short go participants who did not get a national team shirt. Rod thanked everyone for helping with the banners and flags at regions and state finals. Rod was commended on the funding of the sponsor account. In 2003 there was $1000.00 in our checking with a $5000.00 CD. We now have $18000.00 in checking with the $5000.00 CD. Rod researched opportunities to use these funds, and encouraged the Board of Director’s to continue to do the same. Thanks were given to Rod for all of his hard work as the PR Director.

The Financial Report was presented by Secretary Ann Sundermann. Motion by Troy, 2nd by Lon to accept the financial statement as presented. MC Ann stated that the outstanding scholarship monies to be paid are currently in our General Fund and she would suggest those funds be moved to an interest bearing account. Clay suggested that the funds be moved into an interest bearing money market account. Ann will move the funds as directed.

The National Director, Carole Hollers, reported on the National Team. The results of the National Team were presented. The knowledge bowl team and Kristina Maddocks did superb in the knowledge bowl and queen contest. It was noted that Kristina has been seen throughout the state and recently at the Peace Officers Ass’n meeting promoting HS Rodeo. She has been doing an outstanding job. Carole stated that a change needs to be made for the picnic next year so more people may attend. She will be in charge of establishing a list of duties for the student officers. Parent conduct at Nationals was discussed and it was noted that the SD parents have been great, but as a reminder to everyone, if there is a problem your child will not be allowed to compete.


Dianna Melvin was present to give the JH Rodeo Report. Nationals will be in Gallup, NM from 6/29 – 7/5 2007. Their annual meeting is 6/30/07 in Ft. Pierre. Their membership is currently at 50 members.

They hope to have a grand opening at the Casey Tibbs Center on June, 2008 during the matched bronc ride. Diana has spoke with Bud Ireland on the SDHSRA archives. They are in need of an interim executive director. If anyone is interested – a resume and three references are needed.

The annual meeting broke for lunch until 1:00 at this time.

A drawing was held for the t-shirts. Winners were drawn by the student officers and were Steve Sutton, Kim Sutton and Troy Brown.

No one was available to give the scrapbook report, but its importance was discussed and

the position is open for the coming year. If you are interested please contact Ann Sundermann or Doug Doll. Thank you to Roberta Bruns for her efforts in maintaining the SDHSRA Scrapbook.

Patrick Auer presented the Saddle Bid and a lengthy discussion was held. A general member stated the fact that it would be nice to support our local vendors if the quality was the same as the other bids. The student officers present voiced their opinions. Motion by Doug, 2nd by Kelly to decide between Tod Slone Saddlery and the Cactus Saddles as presented by RRR Tack. Motion carried. A show of hands was asked for by the general membership to decide the vote. There were 7 members voting for Tod Slone with the majority of the votes for RRR Tack. The 2008 SDHSRA Finals Saddles will be purchased from RRR Tack, Rapid City.

Wording on the saddles/buckles/program and awards ceremony was the next item on the agenda. Discussion was held on who the saddle goes to. Motion by Lon, 2nd by Patrick to have the Saddles worded as Finals Champion and the National Qualifiers listed as State Champion on the saddles and buckles, and to have the calendar listed as State Finals Champion and National Qualifiers. MC Advisors are asked to ask their members if they would be willing to sell more calendars if it would provide a saddle for the National Team Winner as well as the Finals Winner.

Joe Stoddard, SDHSRA President resigned his position at this time, and Troy Brown, SDHSRA V. President decided not to renew his term. The eastern region broke into a group and voted Steve Sutton in as the new east region director, replacing Troy Brown. Joe and Troy’s expertise and advisement will truly be missed, and cake was served to commend their years of service to the SDHSRA.

Membership guidelines were discussed and Ann recommended that the membership deadline be changed to November 1, 2008 to accommodate any changes made at the annual meeting, and still allow a supply of membership items to be received from the national office. Discussion followed. Motion by Kent, 2nd by Doug to make the membership deadline November 1, effective next year. MC

A report on the 20X rodeo was given by Steve and Kim Sutton. The rodeo will begin at 1:00 January 27th, with the morning filled with clinics and a college fair.

Tom Richter will be providing the winners of the Badlands Circuit PRCA Permits with a certificate or such to submit when they are 18.

Mark Thiel led a discussion on Animal Use. His feeling is that all animals be treated equally and encouraged our association to make a statement as to our mission in this area. A committee chaired by Mark, with Carole and Lon will develop a mission statement as to how we, as a group, stand on his issue. They will report back at the mid winter meeting.

The cost of printing the program at state finals was presented by Clay Birkeland. Next year’s contract is in place, but the committee feels that the cost is prohibitive and would like to change it in some way. A suggestion was to provide a day sheet only. The question was entertained if the businesses are aware that they are buying ad space or supporting the kids. Discussion from the general membership indicates that it is that way in printing a program in most cases, and the hope is that the cost of ads cover the printing costs. It was asked by Ann and Rod in working with the printer, it needs it be in a contract with the printer that the information be transferable to the next printer.

The program will remain the same next year.

The facility fee was the next item on the agenda. Those requesting it be put on agenda were not in attendance. The wording of the facility fee was discussed and a breakdown of the fees was presented by the host committee. The fact was brought up by general membership and director’s that there were several stalls paddle locked and never used, only hurting the other contestants. It was stated that a difference in the wording created some confusion last year, which will ease with time. There was a suggestion that you receive a tag when you take your stall to place on it with your name and phone number in case of emergency.

The $10.00 entry fee per event was talked about and it was stated that the money goes into our general fund and to pay host site expenses. The money is divided in ½. It will be further discussed at the mid winter meeting.

The Draw, and the fact that the rule book states it has to be totally random, was the next item on the agenda. The Director’s said that they cannot place contestants and maintain the randomness of the draw. Contestants are urged to take their time when multiple event conflicts occur. Switching the Tie Down Roping and Breakaway Roping could alleviate some of this conflict.

National Director, Carole Hollers, discussed the current SD point system. It was questioned why the average at the region rodeos don’t get points. A sudden death short go was also discussed. Joe Stoddard, President, stated that the current point system fits our state very well and was given much thought by past directors of our organization. He would discourage any change in the system at this time. It was voted on by our organization, so it is legal according to the NHSRA and SDHSRA.

The awarding of saddles to the State Finals Champions was again addressed and Carole suggested giving the saddles after 2 rounds and having the short round for the National Team only. No change will be made.

Rod Kusser, PR Director, resigned the PR Director position at this time.

The By law Change, as presented by President Joe Stoddard was voted on by the general membership. Motion by Doug, 2nd by Rod/Lon that the State Board of Directors shall select the site of the state high school finals rodeo two years in advance of that rodeo. A show of hands membership vote was taken. MC

The region boundaries were discussed and the numbers of those actually entering the region rodeos vs. membership numbers were distributed. Rod Kusser stated that the numbers in the East region have been on a three year continual increase, compared to the other regions. After a lengthy discussion it was decided that it will be revisited at the 2008 annual meeting with an addition of this year’s numbers to be presented at that time. In the meantime, the members will compete in the schools listed for their appropriate regions. The only reason for switching regions is team roping with a partner from another region, and the team will be encouraged to go to the region of the team member with the least contestants. This requires director approval from both regions’ directors.

The Regional Rodeo bids were received from Sturgis, Wall, Buffalo, Dupree, Watertown and Winner. Motion by Carole, 2nd b Kelly to accept the region sites as received for the next two years. MC Discussion was held on the entry fee charge per event and the prizes given at the region rodeos. It states in the bylaws that the region rodeo awards must be of equal value, to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Student region and state event directors and their responsibilities were discussed. It is hard for some of those students in multiple events to fill these positions without interfering with their own events. The student officers were asked for their opinions and they felt like they could line up their alternates ahead of time. There really is no fix to the problem and the student event director’s will remain as they have been.

There was a motion by Kristina Maddocks, 2nd by Echo Johnston to adjourn the meeting at 4:45 pm. MC

Respectfully Submitted,
Ann Sundermann, SDHSRA Executive Secretary

June 21, 2007

The director’s meeting was called to order by President Joe Stoddard at 9:00 pm with all directors present.

Secretary Ann Sundermann presented the minutes of the mid winter meeting, which were read and approved. The financial report was presented and there was a motion by Doug, 2nd by Clay to approve. MC.

The Calendar Sales were discussed, along with the results of the Directors and Student Officers poll to accept or decline the coat bid as initially received for the 2007 calendar coats. It was unanimous to reject the bid.


Explanation and discussion was entertained by the host committee on the stalls at the rodeo grounds. The intent was to provide 300 stalls on a first come first serve basis. Discussion was held that at the NW and SW regional rodeos, the fees were announced incorrectly.

Carole Hollers presented a fund raiser on our calendar sales project. Nebraska’s Directors currently sell “bulls heads ads” to be placed on the calendar for the date of their bull sales. Carole would like to see us do the same.

Joe Stoddard reported that Tom Richter, of the Black Hills Rodeo Circuit, would like to buy PRCA Permits for the year end champions in rough stock. If they are under the age of 18 they will hold them until they turn 18. This would start with this year’s state finals. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Patrick to approve. MC

The next discussion entertained was on the cost of printing the State Finals Program. Clay Birkeland reported that it is very expensive to print and would welcome any suggestions at the annual meeting.

The Timed Event Arena Report was given by Mark Thiel. They will be running any extra cattle after the rodeo performances for all Timed Event Cattle. The entire arena will be worked before Steer Wrestling, Goat Tying, Barrels and Pole Bending. The barrel pattern has been marked. In the short go the goat will be center staked out from the alley. Discussion was held on raking, and it was decided to do a random raking pattern.

Lon Dreyer gave the Rough Stock Arena report and asked for the directors to help enforce the dress code and extra people in the arena behind the chutes.

The barrel and pole bending horses will be given a reasonable time, upon the judges discretion, to enter the arena before receiving a “no time.”

Ann Sundermann had office questions and clarifications.

Joe Stoddard commended Doug Doll and Lon Dreyer for taking on extra responsibility in the cutting and rough stock events at the last minute. Thank you for your extra time.

At 10:00 the Board entered into executive session. At 10:20 the Board entered back into regular session.

Motion to adjourn was made by Patrick, 2nd by Rod Kusser. MC
Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Ann Sundermann, SDHSRA Executive Secretary

SDHSRA Mid-Winter Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2007
Civic Center, Rapid City, SD

The mid winter meeting of the SDHSRA was called to order by President Joe Stoddard at 10:00 am, with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Student Vice President Cally Thomas. All directors with the exception of National Director Carole Hollers, were present.

There was a motion by Doug, 2nd by Mark to accept the amended agenda. Mc

Motion by Lon, 2nd by Troy Richter to dispense with the reading of the annual meeting minutes. Mc

Motion by Doug, 2nd by Kelly to accept the financial report as presented. Mc.

Motion by Troy Brown, 2nd by Patrick to close the calendar fund and student fund accounts. Mc

Steve Sutton gave a report on the 20X Rodeo, and explained the college fair that will be held in conjunction with the event this year.

A discussion was held on the draw at state finals and the proper way it should be done. Steve voiced his opinion on the stipulation that 10% extra TE cattle need to be brought for the finals from a contractor’s point of view.

A discussion was also held on the wording of our State Finals Champion and High Point Champion from our state for the year. It was decided that we would change the wording on our calendars, buckles and saddles for the upcoming year to clarify the awards. The wording will be as follows:
Buckles: State Finals Average Champion
Saddles: State Finals Champion
Calendar: Finals Champion and State Champion
It will also be brought to the National Director’s attention that the national form for National High School Finals should maybe be changed, to clarify the verbiage.

Dave Winterton, HS Rodeo sponsor representing Hubbard Feeds, thanked the association for what we do for the rodeo athletes of SD.

Joe Stoddard gave the National Director’s Report in the absence of Carole Hollers, who was attending the National Director’s Meeting in Nashville. Changes that were reported included:

1. Queen Rules change
A discussion was held on our state queen basket and it was decided that each rodeo club in SD would bring an item for the queen’s basket to state finals.
Harding County will give the “large” item this year.

2. Cutting – it will be legal for a SAM for 1 judge this year.

3. 18 year old consent rule: An 18 year old may sign for himself on the NHSR consent form, and then will be responsible for any responsibility it entails.

4. The first performance of Nationals will be moved to Sunday night, with the final performance to be held Saturday night. The draw will be posted two weeks prior to competition.

5. Dodge pickup tickets – the association gets $5.00 per ticket. It would benefit our association if a group would take this effort over and sell tickets at the regional and state finals rodeos.

Rod Kusser gave the Public Relations report and turned in his resignation as PR Director. Rod will finish out the year until the annual meeting.

Patti Gilbert spoke about the Sports Medicine program at state finals and a discussion was held on the possibility for a cool place to bring athletes with heat related issues. Patti and the host committee will work on this together.

Bud Ireland gave a report as Historian and presented 2 books, one to Joe and one to the association, that he has compiled of SDHSRA Archives. The Hall of Fame was discussed and the direction the association would like to go with moving the archives to the Casey Tibbs Center. Motion by Susan, 2nd by Troy Richter to reimburse Bud Ireland and his help for their expenses. Mc

Old Business

Doris Lauing entertained discussion on the cutting schedule at State Finals. She reported that on the survey that she sent out, 9 surveys involving 13 youth wanted changes made. 9 surveys involving 10 youth liked the schedule as it was. She also explained a possible conflict with the queen competition and the cutting as it is now. Seating to watch the competition was discussed and the host committee indicated that they were working on improving the seating. Doris, along with other members of the board, commended the cattle. Schedule changes were tabled until New Business under state finals schedule.

A 1 day PRCA seminar for the director’s was discussed and a vote was taken to see if they felt they should attend. The vote was to attend. Lon Dryer will look into a date and report back to Joe.

The Team Roping Hardship rule was addressed. Discussion was held that if in case of injury or a discipline issue, how to deal with the other contestant of the team. Motion by Doug, 2nd by Lon that If through no fault of your own, you are without a Team Roping partner, the contestant may select a partner from the contestants entered in the rodeo, provided proper signatures may be obtained. Mc. The contestant’s parents will have to sign before a notary before they can compete. It was discussed that the Team Roping Rule should be proposed at the National level.

Regional rodeos and graduation conflicts were discussed. SD has 4 rodeos, and you do not have to compete in all of them to qualify for state. You cannot trade out from one rodeo because there is not a go to draw out of, we have 4 separate rodeos to qualify for state.

Gina Strain reported on calendar sales. To date we have 3589 sold. The calendar policy will be evaluated at the annual meeting. As of now athletes who have calendars checked out – need to have them sold and turned in, or returned by March 1st to rodeo this year. The calendar bid from Leader Printing is the same cost as last year. The calendar coat situation and the fact that 27 of the coats needed repair was discussed. Motion by Lon, 2nd by Troy Brown to accept the calendar report and bid. Mc.

A one hour recess was held for lunch. During this time the student officers, host site committee, calendar committee and PR director met with vendors about awards and coats.

New Business

The Host Site Committee gave their report. They would like to charge a $40.00 facility fee for each contestant in lieu of paying per stall. Each athlete will be charged, regardless if they stall or not. The price will benefit some and not others. Stalls will be given on a first come, first serve basis. You will be allowed to set up your own pens or panels this year, with consideration of how much area you take. Motion by Doug, 2nd by Kelly to approve. MC

The short round will be held in one arena this year.

There is a possibility of having a “tough enough to wear pink” day sponsored by Wrangler. It is still in the planning stages with Wrangler.

Judges committee’s reported on the judges they had contacted and they will be as follows: Rough Stock – Chris Horton and Darrel King. Timed Events: Brenda White will be the girl’s event flagger. Kevin Ploszaj will be the boys TE flagger. Doug will be confirming a cutting judge. Mike Welker will be the barrier judge.

Lon reported on the Rough Stock committee and stated that the contractors will be Wilson, Sutton, Wildcard, Waln, Burch and Nixon. They will get $55.00 per out, which is the same as last year. A ballot vote was taken for Pick up men and bullfighters. This year’s pick up men will be Shayne Porch and Casey Humble. The Bullfighters will be Joe Waln and Cooper Waln.

The lengthy discussion was held on timed event cattle. Troy Brown presented the bids as received and they were reviewed by the directors. The livestock inspection committee was discussed and the fact was reiterated that the contractor must bring 10% extra to use as replacements if needed, or a fine will be imposed. Troy Brown indicated they all had been advised as such. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Phil to accept Terry Graff’s bid for TE Cattle. Mc

Motion by Troy Brown, 2nd by Rod to accept the bid from Marvin Maude as the goat contractor for this year’s finals. Mc

Arena Directors were nominated and elected. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Patrick to accept Lon Dryer as Rough Stock Arena Director. Mc. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Lon to accept Troy Brown as Timed Event Arena Director. Mc. Motion by Phil, 2nd by Clay to accept Doug Doll as Cutting Director.

The saddle update was given by Ann. We have several new sponsors, and the Peace Officers and Stockgrowers saddles have been shipped. The all around saddles will be fully tooled, not ¾ tooled.

Susan Dewey was there to report on the Queen contest. She reported that the crown, which is on loan from the New Underwood Roping Club, will be retired. It is of considerable historic and monetary value. Susan will be trying to find a donation for a new crown. Thank you to New Underwood for the use of the crown. Susan reported that Tara Trask and Vanessa will be helping with the contest. They will work with the schedule, should a conflict with the cutting arise. It was agreed to pay for the queen judges travel expense. We were recently complimented by people from Oregon in regard to our queen contest.

Others State Finals discussion included the schedule, which was determined to work well for the majority of contestants. Motion by Clay, 2nd by Patrick that the schedule remain the same, with the exception of moving the cutting up one hour. Mc. Arena stands will be looked in to for the cutting judges, and the cutting champions will be introduced before the short go.

A discussion was held on the draw completed in past years for steer wrestling.

The state finals and regional rodeo software were discussed. Discussion was entertained from attending regional secretaries and the past secretary. Ann was encouraged to check in to other software options. Wayne Hildebrandt from Nebraska is familiar with a program that works very well for their region and state rodeos.

The membership deadline was addressed and was tabled until the annual meeting.

Motion by Doug, 2nd by Lon to move the regional rodeo entry deadline to April 16th, the first Monday following the 15th, which is on a Sunday this year. Mc.

All region transfers were approved.

The Livestock Inspection committee was appointed and will be Doug, Kelly, Joe, Troy Brown and Lon.

A proposal for the SDHSR Crisis Fund criteria was presented by Joe. Up to this point we have only had the national standard as a guideline. Motion by Clay, 2nd by Lon to accept the guidelines as presented by Joe for the SDHSR Crisis Fund. Mc.

Motion by Patrick, 2nd by Lon to enact an Executive committee to include President Joe Stoddard, V. President Troy Brown, Host Committee chairman Clay Birkeland, and Secretary Ann Sundermann. Mc.

The student officers should be included in the decision whenever possible. The committee will deal with situations that arise in between meetings when the entire executive board cannot get together. The executive committee shall be made up of a member representing each region, if possible.

Motion by Lon, 2nd by Troy Brown to approve the practice rodeos for 2006. Mc.

Person of the year nominations were nominated and discussion was held on limiting the nominations to two per year, and to keep a “bank” of names for future years. Sara Grim and Bryce Sigman will be 2006 persons of the year.

The SDHSRA Board entered into executive session at 4:25 pm to discuss personnel and student matters. No action was taken. President Joe Stoddard declared the board out of executive session at 4:50.

Motion by Kody Woodward, 2nd by Cally Thomas to adjourn at 5:05 pm.