SDHSRA Minutes of the Annual Meeting
Pierre Ramkota, Pierre South Dakota

The SDHSRA Annual meeting was called to order by President Doug Doll at 10:15 am. Doug advised everyone of the large amount of business to be discussed and reminded everyone to be to the point and to keep their comments positive. Brice Healy made a motion to accept the proposed agenda, 2nd by VB Thomas, MC. Bret Healy made a motion to move the By Law change up to item four on the agenda, 2nd by VB Thomas, MC. Joe Stoddard moved to dispense of the reading of the State Finals Meeting Minutes, 2nd by Tigh Cowan, MC.

Proposed By Law Change:

The proposal was presented by VB Thomas on the splitting of the Eastern Region.
*Discussion was entertained from the membership and Doug Doll clarified that we have to change our Short Go Qualifications, not our State Point System.
*Doug Young voiced his concern on the number of participants that would go to state finals with the new region.
*It was entertained that the stock numbers will be hard to fill in a even pen if they go up.
*It was expressed that the stock numbers in the eastern region are currently hard to fill with the large number of entries.
*Marty Jandreau asked if there was a number to limit the number of contestant’s that go to state finals. Doug Doll informed everyone that would be a Director’s decision.
*Sara Grim was concerned about the low number of contestant’s at the regional rodeos helping to finance those rodeos, and that finding stock for an additional rodeo on that same weekend may be hard to find.
*Bret Healy addressed the fuel issue and the large area some people have to cover to rodeo.
*Brenda Reis advised us that if the contestant numbers are lower, there will be less entries and the stock charge will be considerably less.
*Kim Sutton told the membership that the numbers vary greatly by event, and that she had it figured that the average numbers will be ¼ larger.
*Doug Doll clarified that the largest events are the Breakaway, Tie Down Roping, Pole Bending and Team Roping.
*Casey Cowan stated that the travel distance from Stanley County to Buffalo and Dupree is 240 miles, and encouraged the Director’s to adjust the boundary.
*The 20 X Rodeo was brought up by Joe Stoddard and Steve Sutton was asked if the additional contestants would be a problem. Steve indicated that there would be no time constrain this year.
* A point was made by Dawn Cable, asking the Director’s if they had been asked last year to adjust the boundaries, and they denied doing so. The answer was yes.
*Bret Healy moved to address the previous question – Motion died for lack of a 2nd.
*Lenny Starks wanted to know what the membership numbers vs. contestant numbers were. Ann reported the following:

2008 Regional Rodeo Contestant Entries:
Buffalo 330 Dupree 333
Wall 370 Sturgis 369
Winner 419 Watertown 419

2008 Regional Rodeo Contestant’s by Region:
Eastern 198
Northwest 154
Southwest 156

2008 Memberships by Region:
Eastern 181
Northwest 164
Southwest 170

Ann also has the last five year’s numbers on record, as distributed to the Board of Director’s.
*Todd Cowan stated that there are four rodeos that are interested in bidding the two additional regional rodeos needed, should the by law change pass.
*Digger Rutton asked for Watertown and Winner’s opinion on the rodeo. Lois Taylor from the Watertown committee said that more fund raising is needed, and the region secretary is something to consider. Watertown is still willing to put on the rodeo.
*A question by Casey Cowan was asked that if the contestant’s were to go to the region that they were supposed to (region transfers), would that make a difference?
* Renee Wolf stated that there are 25 kids in the Pierre/Ft. Pierre club this year, and that if the borders are not changed they should be able to compete in another region.
*Kelly Shoemaker reminded everyone that moving the boundaries affects the towns and families where the contestant’s live.
*Kristi Moran reminded the Director’s that they should have moved the boundary last year, preventing the need for a by law change.
*Sindi Jandreau suggested that they have to go off of last years membership/contestant count, like the PRCA does.
*Lon Dreyer reminded the membership that the numbers they had last year were contestants and membership, not contestant entries.
*Nila Woodard reiterated the fact that it is tough getting an even pen of stock, especially Steer Wrestling Steers, for a higher number than were at last year’s State Finals.
*Jimmy Nicholaus stated that the competition advantage is important to make your best National Team.
*Mark Fulton stated that it is hard to make an even pen of TE Cattle at the regional rodeo in the east region, because of the large number of entries.

Motion by Todd Cowan to Call the Previous Question.

2nd by Mark Fulton MC

Ballots were cast and collected. Counting the ballots were SW Director Patrick Auer, Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann, Marty Jandreau, and Host Site Member Clay Birkeland.

With 204 voting members present, the By Law change passes by a vote of 163 yes votes to 41 no votes.

The By Law is as follows:


A. There shall be a Board of Directors of the Association, which shall consist of not less than four (4) nor more than eleven (11) thirteen (13) adult directors. Each region shall elect one director from each Regional Rodeo. One director at large shall be elected from east of the Missouri River from the two (2) Eastern regions by association members of that region the regions and one director at large shall be elected from west of the Missouri River from the two (2) Western regions by association members of that region the regions. Contestant officers and the state queen shall be members of the Board of Directors and, collectively, shall have one vote. The National Director shall be a member of the Board of Directors. The host site of the State Final Rodeo shall appoint three directors. Directors for the host site may not vote on the selection of any regional or state rodeo host site.



There shall be four (4) regions serving the state. The region boundaries will be set by the Board of Directors making each region near equal in number of contestants as possible. The location of the regional and state high school rodeos shall be set by the Board of Directors. The location shall be awarded for a three (3) year term and a location may be extended for an additional three (3) year term by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall establish written criteria for the location of the State Finals Rodeo.


A point of Order was called by Joe Stoddard stating that the wording of Article VII, section A “are awarded for a two year term, for an additional two year term.” It was noted and will be corrected.

Doug Doll asked for a show of hands as to who would want the criteria to qualify for state changed. There was much discussion entertained.
*Clay Birkeland noted that time is more of an issue by adding the additional contestants to the State Finals with the current time frame.

The next item of business on the agenda was the Calendar Committee Report by Chairperson Sara Grim. Sara reiterated the fact that if you check out calendars, sell them or return them, do not hang on to them so no one else can sell them. She stated that she had gotten bids for a hooded sweatshirt as a possible prize.
*Dane Kissack, student director, stated that he thought the boys liked the caps more than the girls.
*Motion by Sara Etzkorn to add the hooded sweatshirt and eliminate the cap. Motion later withdrawn.
*Kent Clarke gave the figures that at $220.00 per person, each member sold 11 calendars when averaged out.
Motion by Donna Curr, 2nd by Todd Cowan to leave the prize structure as is this year. MC.

The State Finals Report was discussed by Clay Birkeland, Mark Thiel and Phil Kissack of the Host Committee.
*They did not have a financial statement to present because the buckle expense is still under negotiation. This is a significant amount and there are still buckles being corrected. All of the correct buckles are here today for members or parents to take. Those left will be mailed out.
*The timed event stock was of very good quality this year.
*Thank you and good job to Belle Fourche for an excellent finals!

Kent Clarke, Public Relations Director, handed out information on the PR Report. He covered the SD Public TV contract, which is through 2010. He also reported on the Short Go Shirts, which are soon to be shipped to the local cooperatives for distribution. The balance on the account is $24,015.10, with $3215.00 in unpaid expenses.

Ann Sundermann reviewed the Financial Report as submitted. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Patrick to transfer $3500.00 to the scholarship account to cover this year’s scholarships earned. MC. The taxes and audit are back from the accountant to be sent in. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Sara Grim to accept the Financial Report as presented. MC

The National Director’s Report was presented by Carole Hollers. She reviewed the high lights of National’s, including the fact that the VB team got 3rd and the BB team also got 3rd. She discussed the housing issue, which was very complicated and probably will be next year also. The stalls and the arenas were good.

Dane Kissack reported on a good effort by Farmington to host National’s and expressed thankfulness that he lived in Spearfish, SD!

The Crisis Fund basket was touched on by Queen Kourtney Hauge. She said that we need to be sure of the size of the “basket” so that all items can be properly displayed. Larger “gift certificate” type items do not take up much room. The River region is responsible for getting a donation for the “basket” this year.

The Team Roping ground rule was officially adopted to be placed in the SD ground rules. This was a clarification of the change made in 1/07. Motion by Lon, 2nd by Jerry Weber to adopt the ground rule. MC

At this time, the meeting was adjourned for one hour for lunch.

At 1:30 pm, the meeting was called back to order by President Doug Doll. Doug Doll explained the conflict of electing Director’s before the current Director’s had set the new regional boundaries. Discussion was entertained by Lon Dreyer, Todd Cowan, Mark Thiel, VB Thomas, Casey Cowan and Bret Healy.

Motion by Carole, 2nd by Shelly Cowan for the Board of Director’s to recess to set regional boundaries. A ballot vote was taken with 44 yes votes and 53 no votes. Motion Failed.

Discussion followed by Dawn Cable, asking how many votes the Host Committee had. The answer is 1 collectively.

Bret Healy moved to set the interim line for the new regional boundary along Hwy 14. Motion died for lack of a 2nd.

Motion by Don Bergeson, 2nd by Chad Chauncey to include Pierre, Ft. Pierre and Mobridge in an interim line in the East Region and to include two at large Directors for the purpose of setting interim regional boundaries. Discussion was held on contestant numbers vs. travel time issues.

By a show of hands MC.

The Regions split into groups at this time for the purpose of filling vacancies for Director’s in their regions. The Regional Director’s are as follows:
NW Doug Doll, Doug Young
SW Dan Curr
East (interim) Bret Healy, Paul Sundermann
The new Director’s took their places by the existing Board of Director’s at this time.

Patrick Auer presented the Saddle Bids for the 2009 State High School Finals as he had received them. He received bids from Tod Slone and Triple R Tack for Cactus saddles. Carole Hollers suggested that we need to use our National Sponsors or risk loosing them as a national sponsor. It was stated that the SD businesses sponsor SD year after year. The student officers were asked their opinion. Dane Kissack stated that while he likes his Tod Slone, he really likes his Cactus. Patrick Auer said that Allen likes his Cactus and that the other saddle he purchased at the silent auction is also a Cactus saddle and it sits real nice. Ann Sundermann stated that Triple R was very easy to work with and that they handled any problem that arose. She also said that the saddles were built custom form the stirrups up. Motion by Donna Curr, 2nd by Todd Cowan to accept Triple R Tack’s bid on cactus saddles for the 2009 State HS Finals. MC. The price will be $1293.00 per saddle, with a donation of one saddle from Triple R.

The next item on the agenda was addressed by George Till. He is concerned about the athletes getting hurt in the chute and would like to see BB and SB Horses tied in at the practice, regional and state level for the safety of the kids. Marty Jandreau and Steve Sutton both agreed that it could be an option as a request by the rider, but bit would be best if it were not optional.

Phil Kissack suggested that a safety seminar be provided at state before they get on the horses.
Carole Hollers reported that there are very qualified people in the Rapid City area to do this.
Jimmy Nicholaus said that he and Marvin Garrett have discussed this issue with contractor’s and that repetition is the key.
Terri Kissack thought that it might be a good idea to require that the riders have had to have taken a safety course somewhere and have a signed certificate to ride.
Casey Cowan cautioned the membership to think it through and when you start having one guideline you may need more.
George Till made everyone aware that he had no intention of mandating safety seminars or anything like that, he just wanted the horses tied in upon request.
Motion by Carole, 2nd by Joe Stoddard that a RS safety seminar be attempted at each regional rodeo. Motion Failed.
Joel Kammerer stated his thoughts that the RS should be prepared for the kids riding them so they do not have to ride young, green horses.

Ann will put on the website and in the next newsletter that the BB and SB riders have the option of tieing in their horse if they request it.

The Short Round Qualification was the next item of business. Doug Doll explained our current system, the history and why the changes are being mandated by the National Office. Doug also reported that if we went down 20 in points, it really did not pick up those kids that had gotten in on the average.
Jimmy Nicholaus asked what the SD intent was?
Chad Chauncey asked for the explanation of the difference of the State and National awards.
Mary Kay Sell asked about the short go shirt sponsorship if they go down 20 in the short go. Kent and Rod reported that they had a window of funds for this.
Susan Deichert asked for the state finals host committee’s opinion. They stated that whatever is fair is ok.
Joe Stoddard moved to take the top 20 high point year end point earners to the short go. 2nd by Lois Taylor.
Discussion followed by Steve Sutton, wondering if we should go down 20, but “cap” it so if there are ties we don’t go down more than 23.
Rod Kusser stated that SD Public TV is very accommodating and that they would be easy to work with.
High School member Kristen Lawrence asked if it would be possible to take all 4 rodeo’s points to the short go, instead of just 3.
The vote on the motion made by Joe Stoddard was taken by a show of hands. MC.

Marty Jandreau explained a proposal to change the current qualifying point system to include more rodeos to gain points before state finals. He would like to have SD have a season, not just two qualifying weekends. His thoughts are that consistency needs to be rewarded and that more rodeos would bring in your most consistent contestants with more points to state finals. There are many scholarships to be received by the kids going to National’s and they should have as much opportunity as possible to get there. He proposed three more rodeos to be added as qualifying rodeos.

Discussion followed:
*Joel Kammerer felt that the kids have enough chances and that there are other things going on that would interfere.
*George Till expressed his concern about starting a “trailer race”.
*Carole Hollers stated that she is here to support rodeo, not other sports, and it should be the priority. She said that rodeos can be co-approved between regions and that cutting can be offered twice on one weekend, and not the other. Her feelings that HS Rodeo is about Rodeo, and that contestants need to make choices.
*Dane Kissack explained the importance of getting to National’s to receive the scholarship offers.
*Kevin Wilson’s concern is that the State Finals will get too large if more rodeo’s are added.
*Teri Kissack suggested a fall rodeo, and pointed out the unfortunate happenings if either the contestant or the horse is injured that week.
*Dawn Cable stated that currently we are 5th in the nation in total memberships and that we should not lose those memberships by starting a trailer race.
*Cathy Weber explained that she feels the contestants don’t need more qualifying rodeos, they need more practice.
*Marty Jandreau pointed out that he feels that this should be discussed further, and he wanted to open up the discussion.
*Joe Stoddard lightened the mood by letting us know that the VB and BB team at Nationals are important also.

At the end of the discussion we moved on to the next item of business, Awards at State Finals.

Discussion was held on the awarding of the saddle and a motion was placed on the floor by Doug Young, 2nd by Clay Birkeland to award the saddle to the high point year end winners and have it be labeled as “State Champion.” MC.

A motion was made by Casey Cowan that the HPYE receive a saddle and buckle; the HPYE reserve receive a buckle: and each go round winner also receive a buckle. 2nd by Steve Sutton. MC.

Kari Cable expressed her opinion that the photo certificates be awarded to the 2-4th place in each go round, including the short go. She made that a motion, 2nd by Kent Clarke. MC.

Following this there was discussion entertained by Teri Kissack to list the HPYE champions in the state finals program starting this year, and co list the HPYE and the State Champion for year’s prior. There was concern to make sure that the state champions from prior years remain listed as they have been. Teri is willing to do the footwork on this. Teri moved to accept her proposal as a motion, 2nd By Kent Clarke. MC.

At this time the State Finals Bid Considerations were called upon, with Belle Fourche being the only committee to entertain a proposal. The current host committee expressed concern of the changes made today and the cost of putting on state finals. They expressed concern about the possibility of more contestants coming and the cost of stock for those contestant’s.

*Bret Healy asked for the amount of money that they were concerned about, and the reply was $5000.00 to $7000.00 dollars.
*Joel Kammerer suggested that we wait until February to decide.
*Joe Stoddard suggested that we entertain the bid for 2009, and wait until the annual meeting, after one year of finals under the new system was over, to get the bids for 2010-2011.
*With the statement by Joe, Clay Birkeland said the Host Committee is willing to submit the 2010-2011 proposal.
*A motion was made by Joe Stoddard to suspend the by-laws and table the decision until the annual meeting of 2009 for the State Finals bids for 2010-2011. The motion was 2nd by Mary Kay Sell.
-after discussion of the issue, Joe Stoddard withdrew his motion, and the 2nd was withdrawn by Mary Kay Sell.
*The Board of Director’s indicated that they would work with the host committee on the state finals for 2009.
*Motion by Joe Stoddard, 2nd by Kent Clarke to accept Belle Fourche as the Host Committee for the 2010-2011 State High School Finals. MC.
*With this, Mrs. Hupp cautioned those involved to not pass additional costs on to the contestants.

The Showcase Program as presented by Marty Jandreau was next on the agenda. He proposed a “jackpot” with matching funds to be held at any rodeo that wants to have high school contestant’s involved. The money would then be matched by the host rodeo, and put into a scholarship fund for those athletes upon entering college. The funds would be distributed by the SDHSRA Secretary. Marty will pursue this, compile some guidelines and report back at the mid winter meeting.

Doug Doll asked for any other old or new business. Seeing none, the Board of Director’s entered into executive session at 5:10 pm, for the purpose of adjusting regional boundaries.

The Board was declared out of executive session at 6:45 pm.

Doug Doll reported on the new regional boundaries. What was the East region had been split north to south, and the western boundary of the old eastern region was adjusted. There will now be a NW region, SW region, River region and East region. The number of contestant’s, using last year’s contestants, are as follows:
NW 129
SW 121
River 129
East 121

The meeting was recessed for the East region to elect East Region Director’s.
Bret Healy will be filling a two year term.
Paul Sundermann will be filling a three year term.

Joe Stoddard commended the Board of Director’s on all of the business covered today, and Doug Doll for leading the meeting. He moved to adjourn the annual meeting of the SDHSRA, 2nd by Marty Jandreau. MC. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

A short recess was taken before the Board of Director’s meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sundermann
SDHSRA Executive Secretary

SDSHRA Board of Director’s Meeting
SDHSRA Rodeo Finals, Americinn Meeting Room Belle Fourche, SD
June 26, 2008

The SDHSRA Board of Director’s meeting was called to order at 8:30 pm by President Doug Doll with all Directors present except Susan Dewey. Marty Jandreau filled in for Director Lon Dreyer.

Motion by Kelly, 2nd by Steve to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. MC.

The Financial Report was given by Secretary Ann Sundermann. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Doug Young to accept the financial report as presented. MC.

National Director Carole Hollers gave the National Report. She reported that the rooms and the camping at Farmington are a problem and that we have not been allocated enough. Carole and Ann have been working on it, and it will require some patience from our National Team members. Carole also reported that the National Team Coats ordered from Roper are not done. There will be 10 extra coats that can be purchased or auctioned off.

Public Relations Director, Kent Clarke reported that we have lost two major sponsors and have picked up additional ones. We have funds that are in our sponsor account that could be used to fund a certain project, and Kent asked the Directors for ideas. The Sports Medicine program was brought up as a possibility to use some of the funds. Possibly they could be used for the purchase of treatment tables to be used as the regional rodeos. It was expressed that Welmark and Farm Bureau have provided an extremely nice banner to display.


The Calendar coats were discussed. Kent Clarke received word yesterday from ZeeAnn at Roper that the coats could be at State Finals for distribution as previously promised, but they would not be embroidered with the kid’s names. Options were discussed and a motion was made by Clay, 2nd by Patrick that each individual be given $12.00 to get their name embroidered on the coat. Carole opposed, MC.


Host Site:
Clay, Mark and Phil reported that there was an error in the making of the buckles and that they will be sending them back to correct them. The host site committee reported no other issues and were commended on getting the grounds ready for the rodeo, with the recent flooding in Belle Fourche.

The draw will take place at 7:00 tomorrow. Steve Sutton suggested Bobbi Williams as a future judge.

The stock looks extremely good this year. Rod Kusser commended the Livestock committee on the work that they have put in to getting good, even stock to High School Finals. The leftovers were discussed and they will be run after the performance so they are all even.

Arena Directors:
Timed Event Arena – Doug Young
Rough Stock – Marty Jandreau
Cutting – Doug Doll
It was suggested to hang a banner of a different color than the barrel covers/poles behind the barrels and end pole. Rod Kusser volunteered to take care of that.

Susan Dewey has been taking care of the Queen contest and all is going well.

There was no other State Finals Discussion to be entertained.


The bids for State Finals beginning in 2010 will be taken at this fall’s annual meeting. Discussion was held by the host committee on their thoughts of keeping the finals in Belle Fourche.

The point system currently being used by SDHSRA was discussed and it was decided that the best place to meet with the Rules Committee to discuss our system would be at Nationals this year before our annual meeting. The wording of the rule in the National rule book has been changed from “may” to “must”. This issue will be further addressed at the annual meeting.

Steve Sutton brought to the Board of Director’s attention that the number of actual contestant’s in the Eastern Region has been discussed by a committee of members from that region, and they may be coming to the annual meeting to discuss the issue. A clarification was read by Ann that the Board of Director’s may adjust boundaries as needed, to maintain equal distribution in each region.

Dress code was clarified and it is that contestant’s must wear their numbers all of the time, western attire is to be worn inside the chain link fence one hour before the performance.

The Short Go Order in Poles and Barrels was clarified. Raking will be on three. Motion by Carole, 2nd by Marty to run poles and barrels from the slowest time to the fastest time. MC

The Tobacco Rule will be enforced. The warning will be at the contestant meeting and there will be no other warnings. If using tobacco in the arena, the contestant will be disqualified from that event, as stated in the National Rule.

National Qualifier funding was next on the agenda. People need to be made aware ahead of time that they will be asked to write out a substantial amount of checks at the National Meeting. Calendar Sales were up this year, and this is a direct affect on how much money we can provide our National Team Members. The calendars are to be distributed at the annual meeting. Motion by Rod, 2nd by Kelly to give each contestant $1250.00 to help them fund their trip to Nationals. MC.

The Timed Event Arena will take preference if there is an arena conflict. The contestant’s need to let the arena director, or any director know of the conflict and they will be accommodated so that they can perform to the best of their ability. As the rule is enforced at National’s, the contestant’s will be informed at the contestant’s meeting in the morning that there will be no touching the tales of the calves when pushing them out of the chute.

Saturday evening’s performance has been designated as “Tough Enough To Wear Pink” night.

Rod reported that there are a large number of the Past Champions coming to the Sunday performance. Rod was commended on doing a superb job of communicating with these people.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Sundermann SDHSRA Executive Secretary


The mid winter meeting of the SDHSRA Board of Director’s was called to order by President Doug Doll at 10:00 am. Roll call was called with all Director’s present or having a replacement for. Kim Sutton sitting in for Steve Sutton as E Director.

The minutes of the fall meeting were corrected with a motion by Patrick, 2nd by Kelly make the change with the word “only” in the section regarding membership transfers being replaced with “primarily” MC. Motion by Rod, 2nd by Clay to approve minutes of the annual meeting as corrected. MC.

The Financial Report was given and there was a motion by Lon, 2nd by Clay, to move funds to cover scholarships to yet be awarded into a CD. MC. Motion by Lon, 2nd by Clay to approve the Financial Report.

Agenda additions were added at this time.

A point of order was called by Doug Doll. Troy Richter, SW Director, has resigned from the SW Director position and Dan Curr is in attendance at this meeting to replace him until his term is up. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Lon to approve the resignation of Troy Richter and honor his replacement, Dan Curr, until the term expires. MC.

The 20X Extreme Rodeo was reported on by Kim Sutton. They will be running the calves and steers at 10:30 tonight and contestants can ride at that time, and at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Clinic being put on are from the Regional Collegiate Director on collegiate level competition; PRCA; and Patti Gilbert on Sports Medicine. They will be held in the lower VIP Seating. The college fair will begin at 10:00 and contestant check in will be from 10:30 to 12:30, with the team picture at 12:30. Thank you to Sutton Rodeos for this wonderful opportunity. The kids are appreciative and excited!

Patti Gilbert spoke about being available to do a preventative/taping clinic for groups through out the state. She reported on the sports medicine sponsorships, staffing at regional rodeos and motel rooms for the personnel.

The Public Relations report was given by PR Director Kent Clarke. Sponsorships are current and all is going well. Pioneer Garage will not be a sponsor this year. Flags and banners at the regional rodeos were discussed.


There was discussion of the queen contest and conflicting competition. Susan Dewey, Queen Coordinator, reported that she was very flexible and would accommodate any conflicts if they arise. According to reining queen Kristina Maddocks, the schedule as it was last year, worked well.

Arena conflicts and the random draw were discussed. Ann reported that the National office has filters to prevent multiple events per performance, but that they have 10 performances to work with. It would be very expensive to have a filter built on the software the SDHSRA currently has, then is the filter providing a random draw? A lengthy discussion followed and rather than change an order of events to move the conflict somewhere else, the Director’s will be very patient with multiple event conflicts. Contestants need to tell a Director of the situation when they see a conflict with their participation in separate arenas, and they will accommodate them.

Mark Thiel reported on the Position Statement on Animal Use and the importance of it in our organization. A proposed statement was presented. The Director’s feel strongly that what we are doing is correct and is important to our heritage and rodeo. It was asked that it be brought up at the regional rodeo contestant meetings. The statement will possibly be presented to be voted on for adoption into the By Laws of the SDSHRA at the Annual Meeting. Statement of Animal use committee is Mark, Lon and Carole.

The storage unit at the Central States Fairgrounds was reported on by Secretary Ann Sundermann. The unit is a donated unit from Levi Eaton and is full of fairgrounds supplies. Ann is concerned about the records stored in there, and the new records that need to be put into storage. Clay stated that 7 years of financial records need to be kept. Ann will contact the Casey Tibbs Foundation and Doug will contact Bud Ireland to see if a solution can be found.

The Calendar Report was given by Ann Sundermann in the absence of Calendar Chairperson Sara Grim. To date, 4252 have been sold. Sara is in need of calendars for members that do not yet have them. People are sitting on the calendars and there are no more to get to the members that still need them. The Director’s will be getting a list from Sara and making calls to try and get the calendars into the hands of the members who will sell them. Two calendar printing bids were presented and the Director’s would like Sara to open up the calendar bids and increase the number to be printed to 7000. They would also require a sample product so the quality of the calendar can be looked at. Motion by Lon, 2nd by Clay to have Sara open up bids for the printing of the 2009 calendar. MC. Sara was instructed to work with Ann and report their recommendation to the financial committee, who will make the final decision. Payment for the calendar position will be made to Sara after the final calendar count sold on March 1, 2008 is reported to the financial committee.

The 2009 Calendar and the addition of the Bull Sale Ads was the next item on the agenda. It was clarified that the funds would be used to fund the High Point Buckles. Currently the student officers sell ads for the state finals program to fund the buckles. The concerns presented were multiple date conflicts, proofing the calendar and cluttering the calendar. Doug Curr stated that he feels the calendar is about the kids, not about advertising. Rod and Doug Doll stated that the calendar is a great project as it is, and questioned whether it needs to be changed. The student officer’s were asked for their opinion and they, as a group, would rather sell the state finals program ads than the bull sale ads. Their recommendation was taken and we will not be adding bull sale ads to the calendar this year.

At 11:45 the meeting was adjourned for lunch.
President Doug Doll called the meeting back to order at 12:45.

Kent Clarke reported that the student officers had made a selection for the National Team and Calendar Coats, and he showed us the coats they had chosen. The student officer’s also made a selection of t-shirts and caps for calendar sales awards and buckles. They promise to be color coordinated this year.

A Host Site Committee Report was given at this time.
-The dance, and the lack of attendance, was discussed. Motion by Doug Young, 2nd by Patrick to release the Host Site from their obligation to host a dance for a period of one year. MC.
-The Host Site Committee has secured sponsorships from Pete’s Custom Conversions and Pioneer Bank and Trust to provide all around trailers for the high point year end boy and girl.
-Passes for the weekend were discussed and an idea for a voucher system was presented by Ann. The host committee will check into it, and get back to Ann for clarification.
-The order of events will remain the same as last year.
-Stall tags will be provided at check in so people can be reached in case of emergency.
-Motel rooms for the contract personnel will be booked by the personnel for reimbursement by the host site committee.

Judges committee of Lon, Doug Doll and Steve was reported on at this time.
– Lon reported that the surrounding states are paying a significant more for their judges and that we may need to consider a judge pay increase. He also reported that Wade Berry from Miles City, MT and Don Tesher from Sheridan, WY have made a verbal commitment to judge the rough stock at this year’s state finals.
– Brenda White has made a verbal commitment to be the girl’s times event flagger.
– Doug will be working on commitments from the cutting judges, and Steve will work on the Timed Event Judges.

The Rough Stock contractor’s were reported on by Lon. They will be the same as last year, with the exception of Wildcard, who have a conflict. This year’s state finals RS contractors will be Wilson, Waln, Sutton, Garret and Nixon.

There was much discussion held on timed event cattle. The possibility of getting smaller bunches of cattle from several contractors, rather than one large bunch was entertained. Bids were presented by Jeff Miller and J. Johnson for all timed event cattle. Delbert Woodward has indicated an interest in providing breakaway and tie down calves. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Rod to try and get smaller bunches of cattle to present the best timed event cattle. MC. The following individuals will secure the timed event cattle and goats.
Doug Doll – Steer Wrestling Steers
Kelly Shoemaker/ Doug Young – Tie Down and Breakaway Calves
Doug Doll/ Phil Kissack – Team Roping Steers
Goats – Doug Young

The arena director’s were designated for state finals and will be:
Timed Event – Doug Young, Cutting – Doug Doll, Rough Stock – Lon

Nominations were taken for pick up men and bullfighters. The director’s conducted a ballet vote and contracts will be offered to Joe Waln and Cooper Waln as bull fighters.
Casey Humble and Kirk Shuelke will be offered contracts for pick up men.

Susan Dewey gave the queen committee report. There will be few changes from last years contest. The SW region will be responsible for the “basket” portion of the queen’s basket to be presented at the National High School Finals Rodeo. Last year the NW region donated a chest. The rodeo clubs throughout the state are asked to bring an item to your regional rodeo or state finals to add to the “basket.” The size limitations are 3x3x3 this year.

The saddle sponsor report was given by Ann. There is enough money to have 2/3 of a saddle as an extra saddle. VeaBee Thomas offered to donate the other 1/3 of the sponsorship from the Taylor Thomas Memorial to provide a saddle that will be auctioned off at the 2008 state finals. The money raised will be used to pay for awards and the student officers, along with the PR Director, will be in charge of the specifics of the silent auction. There were three of this year’s saddles on display and all present indicated that they are very happy with the quality of the saddles.

Rod Kusser volunteered to be in charge of honoring the Past Champions from 1958 and 1968 at this years state finals rodeo.

An invoice received from the photographer from last year was discussed. After lengthy discussion, a motion to not pay the photographer for the invoice because there was no signed contract that he would receive payment for it was entertained by Rod, 2nd by Patrick. A roll call vote was taken with 11 ay’s, 0 nays. MC.

The 2008-09 membership form was presented. Motion by Lon, 2nd by Mark to approve the membership form as presented. MC. As approved at the annual meeting, memberships will be due November 1, 2008 this year.

There was a motion by Phil, 2nd by Clay to approve the regional deadline postmarked entry date of April 15, 2008. MC.

The increase of regional rodeo entry fees was discussed. There was clarification by Joe Stoddard that the increase in fees and value of prizes at the regional rodeos is a Director’s decision, and they have to be uniform for all regions. The SW region would like to increase their fees this year. The regional rodeo financial statements were reviewed and none of the regional rodeo’s lost money last year. The increase in the price of timed event cattle was noted. The regional fees were last increased in 2001. After lengthy discussion, motion by Patrick, 2nd by Mark to increase regional rodeo entry fees from the current 10.00 per event per day to 15.00 per event per day for timed events and 20.00 per event per day for rough stock. A roll call vote was taken with 7 ay’s and Lon, Doug Doll, Rod and the student officers voting nay. MC.

A motion was made by Clay, 2nd by Mark to approve the regional rodeo entry form as changed by the increase in regional entry fees. MC.

Nominations for person of the year were taken and a motion was made by Lon, 2nd by Kelly to have nominations cease and Sean Deal and Bill Sutton as the 2008 SDHSRA Persons of the Year. MC.

Student membership issues were discussed at this time. Two situations were brought before the Board of Director’s. There were no members present to speak on behalf of these situations. A motion was made by Doug Young to accept the memberships from the two situations until 2/15, if the forms were signed and notarized by 12/1/07. Motion died for lack of a 2nd.

A motion was made by Cally, 2nd by Echo to adjourn the meeting. The mid winter meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.