The annual meeting of the SDHSRA was called to order by President Doug Doll at 10:15 am CST. Roll call was taken by Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann, with two Host Committee Representatives and the Queen Coordinator absent. There was a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes by Rod Kusser, 2nd by Kelly Shoemaker, MC.

The first item of business on the agenda was the calendar project report given by project chair Sara Grim. Sara presented a financial report. With no questions on the financial report, Sara suggested that there be a policy change for each member to sell five calendars, instead of three. She recommended a prize schedule of the following: 10 t-shirt 20 sweatshirt 30 coat

The funds for the increase would go to help fund the National Team, prizes and scholarships. A discussion was held on the amount of funds you can have and still be non profit. Tee Hale, student officer, indicated that he thought five would be a good number to sell. It was brought up that maybe the members selling should not get all of the prizes, but the largest prize, discussion followed. The calendar project has been our fund raiser since 1993. Last year 288 members sold three calendars.
Discussion was held on where the calendar monies are held, and they are in the SDHSRA general fund.
Motion by VeaBea, 2nd by Patrick to raise the minimum calendars sold as a SDHSRA membership requirement from three to five, effective immediately. MC
Motion by Rod, 2nd by Carol to adopt the following prize structure with the existing deadlines:
6 t-shirt 20 sweatshirt 30 coat 50 membership MC

The state finals report was the next item on the agenda. A report was given by Mark Thiel, committee representative. A thank you was given from the people of Belle Fourche for the opportunity to host the State Finals once again. Discussion followed with the following points brought up: Rod Kusser cautioned that we need to be careful to not let the west arena take over from the announcer, Bret Healy suggested a digital clock read out from the east arena where the grandstands could see it, there was only one conflict between the barrel racing and the team roping, and next year to split the poles and barrels by an event. It was stressed that Dale Christensen does an excellent job announcing the finals.

Kent Clarke, PR Director gave the PR Report. Kent gave everyone who helps with the banners a big thank you. It is a lot of work, and it needs to be done for our sponsors. 120 banners were hung at State Finals. The short go shirts are at your electric cooperatives. There were new vendors given the opportunity to get us prizes at the mid winter meeting. Kent handed out short go shirts and Ann handed out calendar sales caps from year’s past to the members present.

The SDHSRA Financial Report was presented by Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann. Joe Stoddard moved to approve the report and it was 2nd by Don Bergeson. Discussion was entertained by Carole Hollers that she would like more information. Ann passed some on to her and indicated that she could produce what ever she would like. MC

Carole Hollers, National Director, went over the National Director’s report. She covered how the team performed at National’s and suggested that the team come to the Queen functions in support. She said the Kourtney Hauge, SDHSRA Queen, did an excellent job for our state. Carole indicated that she felt that the Wrangler Division Director should be a part of the SDHSRA Board of Directors. Discussion was held on the Wrangler Division program and that they are under the High School Division. Digger Rutten is the new Wrangler Division National Director, Mark Stevens is the Secretary and Shorty Engesser is the President. It was reiterated that from the onset the Wrangler Division was supposed to be giving us a report every year at the annual meeting.

Other items Carole discussed is that there will be a membership fee increase again next year, The host site for 2013-2014 is Springfield, Ill. The Wrangler division site is in Kansas for 2013-2014. She told us of a fundraising opportunity with Silver Lining Herbs. Carole will resign as the National Director after the mid winter meeting in January. After that time, we will present our National Director nominee to the National Board and they will need to approve our nomination.

Other old business discussed was the regional rodeo confirmations. The confirmations may be emailed to the participants, or posted on the website for them to check if the region rodeo so chooses. It is up to the regional rodeo.


The first item discussed was the saddle bids. Patrick Auer presented his information on the saddle bids. He resented information from Tod Slone, who is also a national sponsor; Running P; and Triple R Tack. Triple R Tack’s bid is $1345.00 per saddle for the same quality, custom sized saddle that they provided last year. Motion by Kent, 2nd by Dan Curr to award Triple R Tack the saddle award bid for 2010. MC

Discussion was held on the tooling on the saddles with 3-4 sponsors on them. Patrick will work out the details on that tooling.

Koreen Anderson came to represent Jack Anderson of Midwest Entries, who was unable to be there. She explained the proposal of a centralized entry system for rodeo entries via the internet or phone for SDHSRA. Ann Sundermann had previously spoken with Jack and the following items were things that she had questions on: principal’s signature on entry forms, report card eligibility clarifications, money collections, compatibility with the ARTS software program currently being used and the medical releases needed. The membership brought forth questions and President Doug Doll asked for input from secretaries that were present at the meeting. Mary Kay Sell voiced her opinion that she would like it to stay as is, that the system is working and there have been no complaints to change it. The proposal will be discussed further in the Director’s meeting.

The next item of business was the Point System Proposal by NW Region Director Doug Young.
We count all points at regionals. We don’t throw out one rodeo. If a student has a director approved excuse, they may take their runs on the other day of regionals. This would be available to a student only once. The points would be 10pts for each go and 10pts for each average for a total of 60pts at regionals. State would have each long go count 20pts, the short 15pts, and the ave 15pts for a total of 70pts. So the maximum amount of points a contestant could earn would be 130. I believe this would allow our contestants the best chance to qualify for nationals and would not require anyone to drive a foot farther than we do now. Our state and national finals award points for the average and I think the regionals should also.

Doug stated that less than 1% of members do not enter all four regional rodeos. Discussion was entertained on the changes and their affects. Todd Cowan suggested that it be researched before a change is made. Jan Steffes suggested that we take a look at eliminating the 3 point rule to qualify for state before we make more changes. The average rule was discussed as it is printed on page 55 of the national rule book.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch at 12:20 pm.
The meeting was called back to order at 1:30 pm with cake served for the outgoing Director’s Kelly Shoemaker and Carole Hollers.

The point system proposal discussion continued at this time.

Taking in the average placers from regionals will increase the number of qualifiers at state finals. Kelly Shoemaker voiced his opinion that we need to limit the number of contestant’s at state finals, if for no other reason, because of the difficulty in getting even stock. Dan Curr felt that with all of the changes last year, we should leave the system alone. The point proposal will be further discussed in the Director’s meeting.

Don Bergeson presented the next item of business, which was the By Law Change Proposal. Don amended his proposal to include the clarification that if the difference between region membership numbers reaches 15% then a readjustment of the boundaries needs to be made. The intent was not to have to change it every year, regardless of the numbers.

The original proposal is as follows:
A. There shall be four (4) regions serving the state. (Change 9-27-08) The regional boundaries will be set, reviewed and adjusted every 2 years by the Board of Director’s, making each region near equal in number of contestants as possible. The location of the regional and state high school rodeos shall be set by the Board of Directors. The location shall be awarded for a two (2) year term and a location may be extended for an additional two (2) year term by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. (Change 9-27-03) The Board of Directors shall establish written criteria for the location of the State Finals Rodeo.

Discussion was entertained from members. Tom Costello voiced his opinion that the Board is credible and that the guideline does not need to be done. Carole Hollers explained that it would make it mandatory to be reviewed, as has been asked for and denied in the past. Don Bergeson explained the situation that arose that prompted the Region addition last year, after the regions continued to differ more each year in numbers of memberships. Dan Curr suggested that it be reviewed every four years.
Motion by Carole Hollers, 2nd by Kenda Nutter to accept the By Law change as presented and amended.
A ballot vote was collected with a 2/3 majority vote needed to pass. Motion Failed.

Regional Rodeo Bids were accepted as the next item of business. Those presenting bids from the East Region are Huron and Watertown. Those presenting bids from the River Region are Winner and Ft. Pierre. The Southwest regional rodeos presenting bids were Wall and Sturgis. Motion by Kent, 2nd by Lon to accept the regional rodeo bids for the East, River and Southwest region, and Buffalo in the NW region. MC

At this time Koreen Anderson of Lemmon presented a proposal for having the NW regional rodeo in Lemmon, instead of Dupree. The showed the audience her proposal and indicated that they have two arenas and a committee in place ready to put on a regional rodeo. Doug Young from Dupree reported on the Dupree regional rodeo. Kelly Shoemaker voiced his opinion that having good stock close is more important than the facility, in his opinion. The item was tabled until the Director’s meeting.

At 2:30 we broke for regional director nominations. The Director’s will remain the same with the exception of Lance Lesmeister taking the vacated spot of NW Region Director Kelly Shoemaker.

The East Region will be responsible for the Crisis Fund Foundation basket and getting it to National’s for the 2010 year. Everyone/each club in the state should donate to the basket.

The Refund Policy, and the history of the no refund policy was the next item of business on the agenda. It was pointed out that this is in the original by laws and cannot be changed without following the proper procedure for a by law change.

Ann Sundermann explained that according to communication with the National Office, there is not a need to have each rodeo entry form notarized. Motion by Joe, 2nd by Kenny Lensegrav to only have the initial HSR membership form notarized. MC

The Fall Showcase Extravaganza was next on the agenda and was reported on by Carole Hollers and Lance Lesmeister. It will be held in conjunction with the SDRA Finals and is on October 24th at the Rapid City Events Center. It is an invite rodeo for HS members based on their points after regions, before state finals.

The Buckaroos reported that they will be giving two more scholarships this year.

Motion by Mary Kay Sell, 2nd by Joe Stoddard to adjourn the SDHSRA annual meeting. MC


The state finals director’s meeting was called to order by President Doug Doll at 9:20 pm.

The minutes of the mid winter meeting were dispensed to the director’s previously and were approved as submitted.

The financial statement, balance sheet and year to date comparison were dispensed and Ann Sundermann, Executive Secretary, pointed out a comparison in finances from one year ago. The membership income was down, as were calendar sales. The adult membership income was up.
Motion by Brett, 2nd by Doug Young to accept the financial report as submitted. MC

Carole Hollers presented the National Director’s report and reported that we have 15 camp spots and 25 rooms for Nationals in Farmington. She asked for names of those who passed on this year to be read in Farmington.

Kent Clarke gave a detailed PR Report. All the banners and flags will go home with Kent. He is short banners and flags from our in-state sponsors. Some of the banners are in bad condition and the sponsors do not want them flown if they look bad. Take care of the banners, please. Kent feels that their needs to be consistency in what the sponsor’s get for a certain amount of money. Regional sponsors need to be recognized at the regional rodeo they are sponsoring. He suggested improved communication between himself, Ann, the sports medicine coverage, Patti Gilbert and the regional rodeos. It was suggested by the Director’s that the regions try to find their coverage, if possible, and if not, they can let Patti know that they need help in finding the coverage.

No Old Business was presented.


The Host Committee reported on the grounds and other issues. All ground work needs to be ran through them. They know the ground and will ok any work to be done. The space in the back pen for cattle is limited in the west arena. If needed, the steers and calves will be trailered around to the pens. The bulls will not be loaded until the tie down roping is done. There were seven stalls left for horses right before tonight’s meeting began.

The judges committee reported at this time. Dorvan Solberg became ill and unable to attend, so at the last minute Doug Doll secured Wayne Hildebrandt to cover the cutting instead, Thank you Doug. The boy’s judges are Ed Miller, Wade Berry and Mike Steiger. The girl’s judges are Bobbi Williams and Lonnie Harrowa, barrier judge.

The Livestock committee was reported on first by Doug Young. He indicated that the cattle are here and the TR and SW cattle look good. If there should be less than half enough, the contract rules will be followed. Belle Fourche Stockyards was not contacted for the contract of the timed event cattle and they need to be out of courtesy. Doug Doll spoke with them after finding this out, and next year both Doug Doll and the host committee will contact them.

Lon Dreyer reported that on the rough stock he would like to see Chauncey’s have an opportunity to bid next year and that Bud Longbrake would also like the opportunity to bid the horses.

Arena Directors will be Doug Young for the times events in the west arena, and Patrick for the rough stock in the west arena. Kelly shoemaker will be the arena director for the east arena.

PR Director, Kent Clarke, thanked Paul and VB for hanging banners for hours with him.

The Grand entry will be in the evening

Personnel working the arenas will be as follows:
East Arena – Paul, Rod, Bret, Vea Bea, Kelly, Carole
West Arena – Lon, Patrick, Doug Young, Dan, Phil,
Doug Doll will float between the two arenas.
The right hand goat will be run first and will be labeled as bleacher side and announcer side goat.

There was no report from the Queen Committee.

Other State Finals Discussion included working the ground in the east arena and the stake placement.


The Dress Code was clarified as to have western attire on one hour before the performance until the end of the rodeo, unless you are IN your trailer. This applies to anyone if you are in the chain link fence. Next year it will be enforced during the cutting events also.

Poles and Barrels will be raked on three in the short go. There was a vote taken on how to run the barrels and poles, and it was votes 9 to 4 to run them from slowest time to the fastest time on points.

Carole will cover the tobacco rule at the contestant’s meeting. No tobacco in the arena.

As per the ground rule for running the extras, we need to line people up to run them.

Carole will clarify the rule that once you call for cattle you may not be assisted with your horse. You, as a helper, may not touch ahead of the back cinch once cattle are called for. This includes the breast collar, bridle and reins.

There was a discussion on the awarding of average points. They will be awarded after the short go, as long as the contestant has one time or score at State Finals.

Ann reported on the National Qualifier money, and she was not comfortable, given our current financial condition, that we give the same amount as last year. Motion by Clay, 2nd by Patrick, to award the National Finals Team Members $1000.00. MC.

There was a brief discussion on increasing the amount of calendar sales to five, instead of three.

If there is an Arena Conflict in Team Roping and Barrels, the East Arena will take preference.

The Weather policy is in place and the host committee will be contact with the weather service should any weather be headed our way. Clay, Phil and Doug Doll will decide whether to call a performance. We can roll back one performance if needed.

The short go stock will be brought back on the best times that were ran/road on that animal.

Ann needs help with the Sunday Awards Ceremony after the crowning of the Queen. Rod and VB volunteered to hand out awards, as Rod will be there with the Past Champions.

A point of order was called for by National Director Carole Hollers to officially appoint VB Thomas to take over Steve Suttons Director position. Motion by Rod, 2nd by Brett, MC.

The patterns will be set in the west arena Saturday night after the rodeo for the Short Go.
Motion to adjourn by Clay, 2nd by Rod at 10:55 pm, MC

Respectfully Submitted,
Ann Sundermann
SDHSRA Executive Secretary

SDHSRA Mid Winter Director’s Meeting Minutes
Jan. 31, 2009
Rushmore Civic Center Redd Room, Rapid City, SD

The SDHSRA Mid Winter Director’s meeting was called to order at 10:00 MST by President Doug Doll. All directors were present or with representation. Sindi Jandreau filled in for Steve Sutton and Kelly Britton filled in for Kelly Shoemaker.

The minutes of the annual meeting were amended to read “discussion entertained by Teri Kissack to list the HPYE champions in the finals program starting this year, and co list the HPYE and the State Champion for year’s prior. There was concern to make sure that the finals champions from prior years remain listed as they have been. Teri is willing to do the footwork on this. Teri moved to accept her proposal as a motion, 2nd By Kent Clarke. MC.
Motion by Kent, 2nd by Bret to approve the minutes as amended. MC

A point of order was voiced by Doug Doll that per the SDHSRA attorney, the host committee has a total of three votes, and cannot vote on issues pertaining to State Finals.

The agenda was adopted with the following additions/corrections:
Adding – National Team Report, State Qualifying Criteria
Motion by Carole, 2nd by Kent to accept the agenda as amended. MC

The financial report was distributed to the Director’s and there was discussion by Carole as to if more information was needed. Ann will provide any information requested to the Director’s.
Motion by Clay, 2nd by Patrick to accept the current financial statement. MC

The 20X Extreme Showcase Rodeo was reported on by Steve Sutton. The college fair will be held from 8:30 – 10:00 in the upstairs of the arena with 18 colleges signed up to attend. The kids may get in the arena at 9:30 Sunday morning to ride. Applause was given to the Sutton’s for providing such an opportunity for the HSR athletes.

PR Director, Kent Clarke reported on sponsorships. He has been in touch with the sponsors, and voiced that there have been cut backs in sponsorships.

Next, Dianna Melvin, representing the Casey Tibbs Foundation (CTF), reported on the CTF requests. They would like to link to our website, receive funds for a SDHSRA banner and have us appoint an artifact coordinator.
Motion by Kent, 2nd by Rod to allow the CTF to link to our website. MC
Motion by Kent, 2nd by Lon to fund a banner for display at the cost of $475.00, upon approval of the banner design. The student officers will help in the design of the banner.
Discussion entailed that Patti Gilbert has the official logo on CD, and a one time use letter will be presented to the CTF for authorization to use the logo. MC
Motion by Rod, 2nd by Phil to reaffirm the previously appointed liaison between the CTF and SDHSRA as Bud Ireland. MC
A request was made by Bud Ireland for past State Finals Programs. He has received none.

The Queen committee report was then given by Susan Dewey, Queen Coordinator. Susan indicated that she thought a buckle should be given only for the winner, and other prizes would be given for 1-3 runner up. Susan also suggested that the crisis foundation basket be rotated somehow among the National Qualifiers, as far as putting the basket together and getting it to Nationals. Kourtney Hauge indicated that she would write an explanation about the basket for the upcoming newsletter and get it to Ann.
Motion by Kent, 2nd by Clay that the Crisis Foundation basket responsibility be rotated among the regions, to be the same as the region providing the “basket.” MC
For 2009 the River region is responsible for the “basket” and responsibilities.

Carole Hollers gave the National Director’s Report as the next item of business.
She reported the following:
– The Wrangler Finals are 6/28-7/4, which is the same time as our state HS finals. They are in Gallup for 2010, 2011.
– National High School Finals are in Farmington in 2009; 7/18-24, 2010 in Gillette; 7/17-23, 2011 in Gillette; 2012 and 2013 in Springfield. She briefly touched on the PETA concerns in Springfield.
-There will be no BB competition at Nationals this year.
-An animal welfare fund has been started with a $250.00 fee per state in 2008-2009. This will be reflected next year on the NHSRA membership form as a fee of $1.00 per member.
Motion by Paul, 2nd by Bret to pay the animal welfare fee of $250.00 to the NHSRA MC
– The finals debit card was explained and the association receives .15 for every transaction and .35/month for every card. There is no origination fee, but a $4.00 per month usage charge.
-The financial report is that the NHSRA is operating in the black.
-Heelomatic will donate $25.00 to the NHSRA for every blue bones sold. They are $295.00 shipped, $280.00 for 4 or more.
-NRA is donating $25.00 of its membership fee back to NHSRA members.
-A thank you was given to Kourtney for doing such a wonderful job on the crisis foundation basket.
-Rule books will be printed only every two years because of the cost.
-There can be no contact by the helper when cattle have been called for in SW, TR, TD, BK.
-A reminder was given to sign up for Horse and Athlete of the Month.
-The Dodge pickup raffle at National’s gives $5.00 per ticket to us.
-Sponsors – Carhartt and Corral West are out Walls and Boot Barn are in.
-The report card requirements were briefly discussed and will be brought up later on the agenda.
-Flags are needed for the regional rodeos, and the National team. Kent is working on this issue. Four SD flags are needed.

The Calendar Report was the next item of business. Sara Grim reported that 4,139 calendars had been sold, slightly down from last year. 250 members have not sold or turned in their 3 required calendars. The March 1st eligibility deadline will be enforced on the calendar sales. Sindi Jandreau suggested that everyone have to pay their calendar sales money at membership time, so then every member would be eligible to rodeo. Kelly Britton suggested that next year HSR members sell calendars at a booth at the stock show.

The Host Site Committee reported on the host site business.
-The financial statement was presented for the 2008 state finals. The question was brought up by Rod if the Carhartt money had been received. Ann received the money for the SDHSRA and will forward it on to the host committee.
Motion by Carole, 2nd by Kelly Britton to accept the 2008 host site financial statement. MC
-Wording on the buckles was discussed and it decided that the Go Round buckles will say Go Round Champion, SD State HS Finals, and the event. The short go buckles will say “final round,” not short go.
-It was decided by the Director’s that stalling by the host committee has been adequately provided, and is expected to remain the same.

At this time, the meeting adjourned for one hour, to reconvene at 1:00
The meeting was called back to order at 1:00 by President Doug Doll.

The Judges Committee consisting of Steve, Doug Doll and Lon gave their report at this time.
-Reported by Doug Doll, Cutting judges will be Ray Sitorious and Dorvan Solberg, both NCHS approved judges.
-Motion by Lon, 2nd by Paul that Mike Steiger and Wade Berry be RS judges. MC
-TE judges were voted on and they will be Lonny Harrowa and Ed Miller, Brenda White will be the Girl’s Flagger.

Committee assignments were given for the 2009 state finals and will be as follows:
Rough Stock Committee – Patrick, Lon
Timed Event Committee– Doug Doll, Doug Young, Kelly, Phil
Livestock Inspection Committee – Doug Doll, Phil, Kelly, Doug Young, Paul
Past Champions Director – Rod Kusser
RS Arena Director – Patrick; Motion by Lon, 2nd by Paul, MC
TE Arena Director – Doug Young; Motion by Carole, 2nd by Phil, MC
Cutting Arena Director – Doug Doll; Motion by Doug Young, 2nd by Rod, MC

At this time discussion was held on the payment of stock and the following amounts were designated:
RS – $55.00 per out
Cutting – $15.00/run
SW – $17.00/out
TR – $12.00/out
BK and TD – $15.00/out
Goat – $7.00/out
-Motion by Clay, 2nd by Phil to offer John Hight the goat contract for the 2009 State Finals. MC

Bullfighters and Pickup men were voted on and the following will be offered contracts:
Bullfighters – Motion by Sindi, 2nd by Dan to offer Cooper Waln and Joey Waln bullfighter contracts for the 2009 state finals. MC
Pick up Men – Motion by Sindi, 2nd by Dan to offer Kirk Schuelke and Shane Porch pick up men contracts for the 2009 state finals. MC.

Ann presented the saddle update and thanked Patrick for all of his help with the saddles. Three saddles were displayed, and with the two sponsorships by Bret Healy, the sponsorships are complete.

Other State Finals Discussion was entertained as the next item of business. Doug Doll presented a very intricate report of the estimated qualifiers, using the last four year’s of data. This estimate took into consideration the new 3 point rule to qualify. Lengthy discussion followed. Dana Sippel proposed that the Ass’n should add 25% and pro-rate the contestants. Sindi Jandreau voiced that she feels we are “bandaiding” the problem and not fixing it with an East and West system.

-A Point of Order was presented by Tom Costello, past SDHSRA President. He stated that in accordance of Article II, section G of our by laws we cannot limit the number of contestants at this time, because our regional qualifications had already been set. Ann was asked to read the by law out loud. Discussion followed.
Doug Doll voiced his opinion that we need to work with the criteria that has been set for this year, and reevaluate it after state finals, if needed.
Discussion was held as to if we were in compliance to our by laws, according to the point of order made by Tom Costello.
Dan Curr and Sindi Jandreau expressed concern that we would lose credibility if we would again change qualifying rules mid year.

-Other state finals discussion concerning the scheduling of performances was at this time discussed. Ideas presented were, because of the longer time frame of the performances, that we could start the morning performance at 8:00, add a performance, or run barrels all in one day. Phil expressed concerns about the time needed to get the ground work done as proficiently as it has been. Bret Healy made the suggestion that we start one hour earlier in the AM and 1/2 hour earlier in the PM. Doug Young voiced an option of having a slack performance.
Motion by Paul, 2nd by Doug Young to run the long go’s with 1 loop in breakaway and calf roping, 1 jump in steer wrestling and 2 loops in team roping, with the short go to remain as it was. This would be implemented as a SDHSRA State Finals Ground Rule beginning in 2009. MC
The final decision as to the schedule will be left up to the host committee. They will let Ann know within two weeks, so it can be published in the next newsletter.

Approval of the SDSHRA Membership Form was the next item on the agenda. Our state adopts the membership form before any increases in fees are added for insurance and by the NHSRA. Ann asked that we approve the form to make it a standard $23.00 per member that our state gets for the SD state dues.
Motion by Rod, 2nd by Phil to have the state fee be $23.00 per member. Opposed – Lon, MC

Motion by Carole, 2nd by Doug Young that the regional entry form deadline for 2009 be set for Wednesday, April 15th. MC
An additional electric eye will be needed with the addition of the new region. Sindi Jandreau, on behalf of the WPRA, offered a donation of an electric eye.

Practice Rodeo Applications were reviewed and there was a motion by Kent, 2nd by Clay to approve the applications. MC
Paul discussed the cutting at Huron Regional Rodeo. It will be held on Friday at the State Fairgrounds in conjunction with another cutting event.

At this time, the calendar and national team prize report was given by Kent Clarke. The coat and prize bids were awarded as follows:
Calendar Coats – DD Western and classic stitch embroidery
National Team coats – Roper, for the same price as last year
Caps – Monarch Sales of Sioux Falls
Short Go and National Team Shirts – From McDonnell’s at Classic Stitch of Martin, SD. They will be white and dark green
T- Shirts – from Springfield prison and will be Gray and Red
Buckles – Bob Berg Designs Sulphur Springs, Texas

Person’s of the year nominations were taken and this year’s person’s of the year will be Troy Brown, Lon Dreyer and Joe Stoddard. Congratulations were given.

Designation of the official form of correspondence for the SDHSRA was next on the agenda. Motion by Kent, 2nd by Bret to designate the SDHSRA website as the official form of correspondence for the SDHSRA. Opposed – Carole, MC

Glendon Shearer, of Cow Creek Cedar, presented a proposal to donate two cedar saddle racks for the all around saddle winners, and would also be willing to obtain six sponsorships for the event winner saddle racks. They would have a plate on them with the sponsor name and event. Motion by Bret, 2nd by Dan to have each region responsible for obtaining two sponsors for the remaining saddle racks. MC A thank you was given to Glendon for his generosity.

Motion by Kent, 2nd by Phil to accept the Region Transfers as presented. MC

The Report Card Eligibility Qualifications were discussed at this time. Discussion was entertained regarding following the rule as it is stated in the National Rule book, or the revised rule, which is not yet published. Carole stated that the rule will be changed, and Ann presented information that she had received from Kent Sturman at the National Office. Cally Thomas reported that there school scheduling system is a block system that is different from other block systems.

Motion by Kent, 2nd by Lon to Amend the National rulebook, upon Carole providing written clarification of the rule to follow from the National Office. MC

Having no other business to attend to, the SDHSRA Board of Director’s went into executive session at 3:50 pm.
The Board was declared out of executive session at 4:15 pm.

Motion by Bret, 2nd by Mark that the year end report cards turned in at the Regional Rodeos be kept and turned in with the Secretary handbooks. MC

Motion by Cally, 2nd by Dane to adjourn the meeting. MC