SDHSRA Annual General Membership Meeting
Saturday September 26, 2020 – 9:00 am CST
Pierre Ramkota Pierre, SD

The Annual General Membership meeting was called to order by President Lance Lesmeister at 9:05 AM, Saturday, September 26, 2020.

The pledge of allegiance was led by the Student Officers.

Roll call was taken by Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann.  She reported that Paul Sundermann is here representing Todd Bach.  Dave McFarland is here for the host committee instead of Jeremy Stevens.  All other members and Directors present.

President Lance Lesmeister presented the agenda and asked for any additions or corrections, Ann Sundermann asked to add an item under Old Business – The Hard Luck Scholarship.  With that addition, a motion was entertained by Dale Christensen, second by Rusty Foster, to accept the agenda as presented.  Motion carried.  The minutes of the State Finals meeting were presented by Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann.  President Lance asked for any additions or corrections to the State Final Directors meeting minutes, none were presented.  Motion by Barry Knippling, second by Treg Cowan, to approve the State Finals meeting minutes and dispense with the reading of them.  Motion carried.

At this time, the financial report was asked for, Secretary Ann Sundermann presented a detailed financial report for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2020.  She presented the following information:
-We received a product share donation from Black Hills Embroidery for $1050 for merchandise sold with our logo at State Finals in 2020.
-Upcoming expenses include payment for calendar production and possibly a new computer, if need be.
-The year was an extremely good financial year for the SDHSRA, showing and increase of $40,491.00 at the fiscal year end.   Sponsorships carried through and there were no unexpected expenses.
-Membership was briefly addressed, and the frustration with the nhsra membership program was noted.                           Motion by Rusty, second by Justin Pihl to accept the financial Report.  Motion carried.

The next item of business was the State Finals Report from the 2020 State Finals host committee.  Scott Deal presented the 2020 financials, showing a gain of $22,960.57.  This does not include the large project in the amount of $150,000.00 in improvements made to the fairgrounds. The Host Committee introduced Dave McFarland as the Host Committee representative they are presenting to replace Jeremy Stevens.  Jeremy moved back to the Miller area and indicated he still will be willing to help with the State Finals Rodeo.  Other items discussed were the Preifert roping boxes, stalling, the end pole/goat stake in the girl’s arena, security and concessions.  Compliments were given on the cutting ground from the audience.  There was a motion to approve the State Finals financial report and accept the appointment of Dave McFarland to the 2020-2021 State Finals Host committee by Dale Christensen, second by Justin Robertson.  Motion carried.

Calendar Sales report was given by Donna Curr, Calendar Chairperson.  She reviewed in detail the expenses and income of the calendar sales financials for the fiscal year.  She also reviewed the details of the new calendar program policy put in place for last year, and compared the amounts given to years prior.  Discussion was held.  Barry brought up multiple event competitors.  The student officers indicated they like they current incentive.  They are willing to set up an Instagram account for Ann to get information out in another manner.  Motion by Rusty Foster, second by Shannon Olson to accept the Calendar Sales report as presented and to adopt the Calendar Policy as is for 1 year, to be re-evaluated at the 2021 annual meeting.  Motion Carried.

The next item on the agenda is the National Directors report, presented by National Director Dale Christensen.  Dale reported that it was a difficult year for National Finals, but the Lazy E stepped up and along with other people it was a success.  The NHSRA lost money this year at the NHSFR, and some athletes were not able to come due to COVID.  He praised Marty Phillips and the other SD volunteers from the state who stepped up to help.  NHSFR will be in Lincoln next year and the winter meeting will be held in Grand Rapids Michigan in January.  Camping will be an issue each year, as there is not enough, except for in Gillette.
Everyone was reminded the Dale is now on the NHSRA Executive Committee.
The DVD’s for every national qualifier that SD Public TV provides, of the short go at 2020 State Finals, may be at the SDRA High School Extravaganza.  They will be coming.
Motion by Barry, second by Perry Moody, to accept the National Directors’ report.  Motion carried.

The next item of business was the Public Relations report presented by Marty Phillips, PR director.    Sponsorship money was about the same this year, and he distributed a financial statement outlining the income and sponsorships.  Marty reported the short go shirts are coming or will come out soon and to make sure to thank your electric cooperatives for the opportunity to have them shirts.  The cost of those has rose immensely and will have to be re-evaluated with the sponsor, Touchstone Energy.
He presented a National Team Coat to Lance and Dale for their service to the Board.  He suggested providing a badge for sponsors, so they are recognized by others at the State Finals.

At this time, the SDHSRA Queen Tobi Hintz reported on her contests at nationals and the different sponsorship and visibility opportunity’s that she has been involved with since then.  Tobi also announced that the SD Peace Officers will sponsor the Queen saddle for the 2021 State Finals Rodeo, and their banquet was highly informative and welcoming.

-President Lance Lesmeister called for a 15 min. recess.

Old business:

The first item of Old Business was a report by Kaitlyn Sandland, who is willing to coordinate the shooting contest at State Finals.  Kaitlyn has taken this on as her Senior project, she indicated she has a plan for fundraising and grant applications that would pay for the prizes in each shooting division and the national team coats, shirts and travel money.  The time of the shooting will be Wednesday or Thursday of the State Finals Rodeo.  She has been in touch with Oren Lesmeister on the coordination of the contest.
She spoke about the needs of official scorers and asked about a student event director.  Dale directed her to contact Lyn at the NHSRA office for assistance.  The future of the contest at the national level is in question.  Kaitlyn said her family and upcoming brothers would keep the project going in years to come for the state.  Dan expressed his opinion that we should fund some or a portion for travel money, and Kaitlyn responded they had a plan for taking care of that.  Dale feels it should be self-funded.  Motion by Dale, second by Treg for the Shooting Contest to continue if Kaitlyn coordinates it and the funding of any expenses, to be re-evaluated yearly at the annual meeting.  Motion carried.

Ann reported the Hard Luck Scholarship was presented to Tucker Even, nominated by Shannon Olson.

New business:

The presented by law changes were read out loud by Secretary Ann Sundermann.  The proposed by-law changes were both presented in accordance with the rules and on time.
Discussion was held, and in accordance with the By-Laws, a ballot vote was taken of current adult members of the association present at the meeting.  A 2/3 majority vote is needed to pass.  Director Marty Phillips and Mary Kay Sell counted the ballots and by a vote of 27 to 0 the by law proposal’s both passed.

The next item on the agenda was regional rodeo financial statement review. The financial statements were submitted ahead of time and were presented to each of the Directors.  There was a great variance in income, expenses, sponsorships and prizes this year.  This was noted because of the COVID-19 situation.  Marty indicated people stepped up with stock and personnel and expected little or no payment, they appreciated the effort to host the rodeos for the kids.  Treg Cowan, representing Highmore said they intend to have a rodeo next year and that the city of Highmore did not want them to host the rodeo in 2020.  Rusty confirmed that an email could be sent to all the regional rodeos including all of the financial statements, so that they may look at them and see where they compare as far as prices and sponsorships.  Ann will send the e-mail.      Justin Pihl asked about the prizes at Dupree and Nate Grueb presented a statement on those prizes given.  They did not order buckles this year, because of the uncertainty of hosting rodeos, instead a cash payout was given. Dale spoke of the need for contracts for the Regional and state finals rodeo and referred to the situation this year regarding the NHSFR.  This was tabled until the winter meeting.
Teri Heninger made a statement as to why the Blunt Rodeo used the funds in their account to host the Highmore Rodeo.

2022-2023 State Finals Rodeo consideration/extension was the next item under new business of the agenda.  Scott Deal, on behalf of the Fort Pierre Host Committee, expressed that the committee would like a 2-year extension, in accordance with the by-laws.  There were no other site inquiries.
Motion by Perry, second by Rusty to extend Fort Pierre’s contract for the 2022-2023 State Finals Rodeo’s.  Motion carried.

Sam Stoddard, newly elected President of the Western SD Buckaroos, reported on the past gifts of $750,000.00 in scholarships and sponsorships to SD High School Rodeo.  Acknowledgement was given and applauded for those appreciated efforts. He talked about the scholarship awards not being filled last year for lack of applications.  Ann offered to provide them a mailing list of all Sr’s after Calendar Sales end in March.  Sam reported the group would like to sponsor the funds for ½ of the State Finals Average Buckles, which used to be awarded prior to the nhsra mandated scoring change.  Discussion was held and a decision will be made upon investigation into funding for the other ½ of the buckles, by the Directors.

Justin Robertson, SW Director, reported on the saddle bids for the 2021 State Finals rodeo next.  He secured bids from triple R tack and has communicated about a bid with Lacey at Tod Slone as well, although he had not received the bid at the time of the meeting.  Information was distributed to the Directors for the Triple R Tack bid.  Pam Tiltrum from Triple R Tack were present to present their bid.  Discussion from the general membership added Triple R tack’s sponsorship of the Girls Arena at State Finals and the 3rd and 4th place breast collars in each event.  There was a motion by Rusty Foster, second by Perry Moody to award Triple R Tack, providing Scott Thomas Saddles, the saddle bid for the 2021 State Finals rodeo.  The student officers asked about certificates and the Directors indicated our group’s sponsors want to display the saddles, so the certificates should not be used at this time.  Motion carried.

The next item of business on the agenda is a report from SD Junior High Rodeo, which was presented by Tyler Haugen.  Tyler reported:  They were not able to host their regional rodeos because of COVID19.
At the year beginning there was a balance of $30,530.00 in their accounts and at the year-end had a balance of $14,080.00.
They hosted a State Finals knowing they would dip into their funds to do so.
Thanks were given to the High School Board for showcasing their state winners, they do not plan on asking for that opportunity again.
After their meeting yesterday in Wall their Directors are – Jeremy Stevens, Leslie Merrill, Colby Crago, Tim Nutter, Matt Zancanella, and one other he could not remember.
This next year’s rodeo will be in Rapid City in conjunction with the New Underwood High School Rodeo, in Huron the first weekend in May, and the Finals will be in Rapid City.
Lance and Dale had previously discussed a restructure of the JH with Tyler, and he reported now that they want to stay with their current structure.

At this time, the membership regions split into their different locations for the purpose of electing the Regional Directors’ terms who were expiring.  The West River at large position was filled by Nate Grueb.  Rusty Foster will be leaving his position as West Director at Large, Thanks were given to Rusty for his service to the association!  The East Region Director was elected and will be represented by returning Director Perry Moody.  The Southwest Region Director was elected and will be represented by returning Director Dan Curr.  The Northwest Region Director was elected and will be represented by returning Director Justin Pihl.

The approval of out of state transfers was the next item on the agenda.  Ann Sundermann reported that all have submitted paperwork on time and have completed the appropriate action to approve, according to the out of state membership policy.  There are three transfers requested from Nebraska, one from North Dakota, one from Wyoming, and one from Iowa.  Motion by Justin Robertson, second by Justin Pihl to accept the out of state transfers that had been submitted according to the out of state membership policy.  Motion carried.

Ann reported the Rodeo News subscription is due in January and asked if it was to be continued.  Members reported on the multiple issues they receive and the rookie members not getting the magazine until ½ way through the year.  The NHSRA Times and the Wrangler will be researched for cost and distribution requirements, it was tabled until the winter meeting.

Lance Lesmeister declared that the time and place for the winter meeting will be in the Red room in the Rapid City Civic Center on January 30, 2021, beginning at 9:00 AM.

At this time Queen Tobi Hintz presented her speech from Nationals.

Seeing no other business to be addressed there was a motion by Dale, second by Justin Robertson to adjourn the annual SDHSRA General Membership meeting.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Sundermann
SDHSRA Executive Secretary

February 1, 2020

The winter Director’s meeting of the SDHSRA was called to order by President Lance Lesmeister at 9:00 AM MDT.  The Student Officer’s led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call was taken by Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann.  She reported all Directors, Host Committee members and Student Officers are present.

President Lance asked for approval of the agenda and Ann indicated the additions of Queen report by Tashina, Rex Lamphere’s resignation and the Queen Coordinator position.  Motion by Shannon, 2nd by Dale to approve the agenda as amended.  MC.

Lance called for the minutes of the last meeting.  Secretary Ann Sundermann reported the minutes of the previous meeting were presented to all Directors and indicated she would read them if the Board wished her to do so.  President Lance asked for additions or corrections to the minutes, non were offered.  Motion by Barry, 2nd by Treg to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to approve them as presented.  MC.

The Financial Report was presented by Executive Secretary Ann Sundermann.  Ann reported the following:   Saddles have been paid for, 4 yet to submit payment to SDHSRA.
On the Financial Statement presented, in AR, there are 2 performance sponsors, 2 chute gate sponsors, JH website share and 2 regional queen contest payments on the AR record. AR yet to be invoiced for Marty Phillips, for the sponsor account, will be invoiced in late February.
The website construction came in $1000.00 less than anticipated and the JH has been billed for their portion.
The difference in the ytd comparison in the scholarship and calendar accounts is due to the fact that the money is being kept in the interest-bearing scholarship account.
The CD renewed on 1/27/20 for one year.
Advertising expense of $3618.00 is for Rodeo News payment.
Sponsor Thank You’s are under Misc. expenses – Marty and Ann sent a nice Thank you to the sponsor’s this year.

Ann answered questions presented in regard to the Financial Report and a motion was made by Rusty, 2nd by Rex to approve the Financial Statement as presented.  MC.

Next on the agenda was the PR Report, as presented by Public Relations Director Marty Phillips.  Marty reported on sponsorships, which he was concerned about coming into this year.  Since then sponsors have stepped for High School Rodeo and he feels the sponsor account is in good shape at this time, he has secured some new sponsors and people continue to be graciously willing to sponsor High School Rodeo.                                           He asked opinions on the website and all indicated it is a great improvement.                                                                  Some exciting news for the High School Rodeo Athletes was presented by the Student Officers, Ann and Marty at this time.  Ann and Marty have been working on and are proud to announce that this year at State Finals there will be the Summit Contracting Big Screen!   Questions were asked and answered and Marty and Ann have to work out some of the details with Sideline Productions.  The opportunities for sponsorship clips on the big screen have opened up with this announcement.

Dale Christensen presented the National Director’s report at this time.  He reported on items from the NHSRA Winter Meeting as follows:                                                                                                                                                 Sponsor contracts are being negotiated and we are encouraged to use and are required to obtain bids from some National Sponsors. National sponsor loyalty was discussed.  Specific and lengthy conversation was addressed about the Patch Program and its new guidelines, to be implemented by next year.  The patches cannot be with a conflicted sponsor at Nationals, have to be a credit card size and must be embroidered.  This applies to all personnel in the arena as well. Many questions and concerns were debated.  Anticipations that it may be difficult to sponsor the shirts for the National Team in the future was brought forth.                                                                                                                          The tobacco usage proposal from Joyce Glynn through the SDHSRA was presented and vaping and illegal drugs were added to the rule change.                                                                                                                                                     A home school verification form will now be required for home-schooled students.  SD has to have a form on file with the state of SD, so there should be no change for us at this time.                                                                    The WCRA Rodeo Program was addressed and as Dale has heard – you go online before your rodeo and enter that rodeo for a $25.00 fee per event, you need 5 events with points to qualify and the Secretary has to send results in within a certain amount of time.  Discussion was held and Dale called the founder to ask more specific questions.                                                                                                                                                        Ram Weatherby Tickets are an 80-20 split, if we would choose to do those.                                                      The Cinch Team process is changing to a nomination process.                                                                                  Stall refunds at Nationals will only happen if you have a medical out AND a National Director signature.                                               The jerk down rule will change to a 5 second penalty.                                                                                           Point systems were talked about at the winter meeting and as it is currently written, Dale feels there is enough support for us to propose our original point system – with taking 10 back to the short go on points and 5 in the average – once again.  More discussion to be held at the annual meeting.   States are doing what fits them best.

Steve Sutton, regarding the New Business item 20X Extreme Rodeo tomorrow, was moved up on the agenda, as he was available at this time.  Steve reported: They will be tying the calves down, running the stock through and tying goats at 10:00 tomorrow, registration begins at 10:30, and the team picture will be during the contestant’s meeting at 11:30.  Steve mentioned that he had received a call from Rob Smets with the WCRA, indicating members could nominate that rodeo for points.  All Directors are asked to help and passes were provided by Ann for those willing to do so.

Donna Curr reported on the Calendar Sales.  Donna reported that we have been enticing Calendar Sales with drawings and giveaways from sponsors.  Ann has been doing much promotion through the Facebook page.  Sales are up slightly from last year.  It was noted that the membership reimbursements were paid since the report she provided was compiled.  Motion by Barry, 2nd by Rex to accept the Calendar Financial Report as presented.  MC unanimously.

The Queen report was the next item on the agenda, presented by SDHSRA Queen Tashina Red Hawk.   Tashina has been very active all across the region representing the SDHSRA, including the Stockman’s Ball.  She reported that Doug and Mary William’s family will once again be the Queen Saddle sponsor.  She thanked the Board for the opportunity to represent the SDHSRA.  Thanks for the superb job of representation were given to her.

At this time the resignation of SDHSRA Board member Rex Lamphere was read.  Motion to accept the resignation with regret made by Dale, 2nd by Rusty.  MC.   Rex’s recommendation to fill his term is Justin Pihl.  Justin was present at the meeting.  Motion by Rusty to appoint Justin Pihl for the NW Director’s position vacated by Rex Lamphere, 2nd by Justin Robertson.  MC.

Old Business:

State Finals Committee Reports:
Judges: A
t this time the Director’s covered the contracts that they had secured.  Barry stated the Judges that he had secured are Wade Vos, Marty Jandreau and Chuck Maher.  Girl’s Arena Judges will be Marty Jandreau and one yet to be secured.  Boys Arena Judges will be Wade Voss and Chuck Maher.  Dan Curr reported that TJ Vance will be a Cutting judge, with one to be secured yet. Todd Bach is working on the Reined Cow Horse judge at this time.

The Rough Stock selection committee of Lance, Treg and Perry reported that the Rough Stock Contractors will stay the same as in 2019.

The Timed Event Stock selection committee of Justin Robertson and Treg Cowan reported they received 3 bids; all bidding $25.00 per run.  Bids were received from Woodard, Belkham and Good.  The committee made a recommendation to accept the bid from Kody Woodward.  Motion by Jeremy Stevens, 2nd by Rusty Foster to accept the Timed Event Cattle bid of Kody Woodward, MC unanimously.

Goat selection committee: Shannon reported that she spoke to Jenny Belkham and she did not present a bid.  Todd Bach spoke to Cheryl Severson, who was in attendance at the meeting to answer any questions, if needed.  There was a Motion by Dale, 2nd by Perry to award the goat contract to Cheryl Severson/C&C Goats for $9.00 per run.  MC unanimously.

Cattle and RCH Cattle – Dale reported that Shane Cowan had bid the Cutting and RCH Cattle at 30.00 per head loaded on the truck, not per run.  There were questions on the per head or per run statement and the topic was tabled until Dale phoned Shane.

It was reiterated at this time that per Directors decision at the annual meeting all contracts will be sent out to be only ½ enough, with no injury clause.                                                                                                                                                The posting of the draw was discussed.  There was a motion by Dale, 2nd by Treg that the whole draw be posted at once for the performance at Regional and State Finals Rodeos.  MC.

The tabled item of the Cutting and RCH cattle was presented, and after further confirmation – the bid is per head, on the truck, delivered to the Stanley County Fairgrounds.  Motion by Barry, 2nd by Rusty to accept the bid presented by Shane Cowan for the Cutting and RCH Cattle.

Host Site Committee report included:                                                                                                                             There are 41 camping spots that will have a charge of $200.00 for the week for electricity, no refunds, no partial reservations.  They will be on a first to reserve and pay, first to receive basis.  Host will comprise a letter with the details and provide it to Ann to be posted.  Ann noted that one spot will be needed for the Calendar Sales winner and also the Bullfighter.

There will be no trailer parking on the Street, there is plenty of parking for day parking on the grounds.   All horses overnight must be stalled, no tying to the trailer overnight.

Vendors – there are 10 vendors to date, with 4 more to be determined.  Vending spaces, inside and out, were reviewed.

Special Rodeo – the following items are in place: 5 horses, wagon rides, petting zoo, helmets and name tags.  Toni has contacted several area agencies about the rodeo, inviting their clients to attend.  Ann will get Rhonda Fuhrer’s number to Toni, as she has prizes to share.

Programs – Host received a quote from Meriman Printing for $3050.00 for 1200, 72-page programs.  Further options will be looked in to and the Board granted permission to Toni, Scott and Ann to coordinate the program printing.

Activities: There will be a 3 on 3 BB tournament, laser tag in the Expo building, a youth enrichment workshop for girls.

The Dance was discussed, it had been brought up at previous meeting to have a Cowboy Prom.  Chas Crago stated that their group had tried to host a dance in the past and there was very little attendance.  The student officers voiced their opinion that they would like a Cowboy Prom, but not at State Finals, so they can concentrate on their Finals Events.  With this opinion, there will not be a dance offered this year, it will be re-evaluated as part of the Host Site guidelines for next year.

Registration bags have been secured from Runnings and will be Cinch Bags, Coupons from vendors are being obtained.  Host will be responsible for manning the registration personnel, coordination with the office.  Registration will be outside the office under the grandstands and contestants can pull through the parking lot to register and get stall tags, then proceed to the stalling area.

Scott Deal reported that he has side by sides coming for the Directors, Scott will get Ann the name of the donors of the side by sides, if it is to be in the Program.

Jeremy Stevens is helping with the ground and he indicated that all progress is on track and looks good.

Scott will call about the arena groomer suggested by Director Shannon Olson.                                                                   The lighting contractor is coming this Wednesday, the Wi-Fi is Celebrity Wi-Fi, the bleachers from the north end will be moved to the south, there will be a pen to hold 50 goats, and the timed event stock will be under cover.

Ann reported the Pierre and Fort Pierre Mayor’s offices and the Fort Pierre Chamber had been in contact with her on several occasions, and been helpful in any questions needed.

Arena Directors were the next item of business, and have been assigned as follows:                                                 Cutting – Dan; RCH – Todd; Boy’s Rough Stock – Lance; Boy’s Timed Event – Justin Robertson; Girl’s – Barry and Justin Pihl.

Saddles and Saddle Racks were reviewed.  All saddles have been secured with sponsorships.  Dan reported the saddle racks will be offered by Cow Creek Cedar again.  Assignments to obtain the saddle rack sponsorships of $200.00 are as follows:   Todd – Barrel, Bareback; Shannon – Goat Tying; Rusty – Pole Bending; Tashina or new Coordinator – Queen; Dan – Steer Wrestling; Justin Pihl – Team Roping Heeler; Lance – Breakaway.  We do need a RCH sponsor as of yet, as it was not assigned.  Please report back to Ann and she will invoice the sponsors.

Bullfighter selection was the next item on the agenda. Nominations were submitted for Phil Kafka, Dayton Spiel and Gus Kronberg.  Motion by Todd, 2nd by Rusty to offer the duties to Phil Kafka and Dayton Spiel.  MC.

Pick-up Man selection was reviewed and nominations for JJ Hunt and Kirk Schuelke were submitted.  Shannon asked if the pick up men could be considered on a rotational basis.  It was stated that some work better with certain people and that a list should be compiled for the Practice and Regional Rodeos of options for the position.  Motion by Treg, 2nd by Scott to offer pick-up man duties to JJ and Kirk, MC.

At 10:55 a 15-minute break was taken.

President Lance Lesmeister called the meeting back to order and the State Finals Schedule was discussed.  Ann presented option from 2017, 2018, and one like 2019.  There was much discussion on the different work with the office, registration personnel and the program printer.  Consideration was given to the event being an important, impressive and memorable event for those involved, not to take away from it, as asked for by Director Marty Phillips. Tyler Haugen, on behalf of the JH, was there and asked that consideration be given to the families of the JH athletes going to Des Moines.  Exception’s for these parents of National Qualifiers that need to get to JH are available to sign a notary in the office during the Finals Rodeo, the qualifier will need to be at the meeting/awards ceremony.  The time to enter and accurately present the script for the awards was discussed.  More discussion entailed.  Motion by Perry, 2nd by Todd to use last year’s schedule with a start time of 4:00 pm Tuesday and a 5:00 pm Short Go Saturday.  MC, Rusty opposed.

Other State Finals Discussion:

Concessions was the next item of business.  SDHSRA will receive 10% of the concessions and Treg and Barry reported that Todd Surdez with the Silver Spur was willing to do the concessions.  He has questions regarding hours to be open and amounts to prepare.  The Ft. Pierre Wrestling Club, Delane Hansen, was given as a suggestion for him to call, as they provide the 4H Finals concessions.  Ann will call him.

Shooting Contest was covered next and various people and organizations to provide the contest were discussed.  The item was tabled until further information is available and President Lance Lesmeister and Scott Deal will coordinate the effort.  Dale mentioned that there are some at the National level that feel it should be eliminated, Dan Curr stated that it is a hardship each year to find a coordinator and we need to revisit the issue of providing it at the annual meeting next fall.

Scott has been in contact with Patty Gilbert about the Sports Medicine and is aware of her needs.

Admission Prices were the next item of business, a review of the past year’s prices was presented by Ann.  Motion by Dan, 2nd by Perry to leave admission prices the same as 2019.  MC.

Queen Coordinator position remains vacant.  Tashina Red Hawk, SDHSRA Queen, nominated Lynn McKay to be the 2020 Queen Coordinator.  Lynn was present and was asked if she was willing to do so, indicating yes.  She feels it would be good to have a committee, and would be moving forward in that direction for the contest for next year.  Motion by Dale, 2nd by Perry to appoint Lynn McKay as the SDHSRA Queen Coordinator, MC.  Lynn reported there will be one contest this year, at State Finals.  She indicated that there will not be a workshop but if girls would like to set up one on one help, she would be happy to help them in this way.  Lynn will work on the schedule when Ann provides it to her and will also get an entry application to her.

Confidentiality and Social Media Policy’s from the Host Committee members needed to be signed and submitted, and they submitted those documents.

New Business:

There being no other old business President Lance moved on to New Business.  As the first item of new business Siri Stevens was moved up on the agenda.   We have been in a contract with Rodeo News since 2014.  She is proposing a 2-year contract at $9.00 per member.  Ann and Marty asked questions about the database and others in the meeting commented they are receiving multiple publications each month.  They stated they do not want them, Siri stated they should give them away.  Motion by Dale, 2nd by Rusty to have Marty sign the contract for 1 year.  MC.  Ann noted the year is paid through 1/2021.

At this time Donna Curr reported on the selections the Student Officers had made for Calendar and National Team awards and prizes.  She reported: Pheasantland Industries will do the National Team (color deep teal) and Calendar T-Shirts (color heather yellow gold) and the Calendar ¼ zips (color black).  The Calendar coat will be a carbon color “puffy” style cat from Black Hills Embroidery.  Marty reported they will also do the National Team Shirts and short go shirts.  Carroll Coat Company will do the National Team Coats.

President Lance Lesmeister declared a ½ hour lunch break at 12:30 pm.

The meeting was called back to order at 1:00 pm and the first item of business addressed Regional Rodeo Entry Form.  Ann asked the East and River Region for times for the schedule and they were reported.  Others need to be reported to Ann soon, please, to be posted.  The River Region representatives announced the new River Region Secretary will be Teri Heninger.  With that change a motion by Treg, 2nd by Dale to accept the Regional Qualifying Entry blank was made.  MC.  The regional rodeo entries will be able to be emailed this year, with the payment made by check or money order, in the mail.  If the rodeos would like to pay by pay pal they can set the option up as a committee.

The practice rodeo schedule was reviewed next.  There was concern that the JH State Finals date had changed, affecting some of the practice rodeos.  Thus, the approval of the practice rodeos was tabled pending new dates submitted to avoid JH Finals, if the committees so choose to do so.

Persons of the year were the next item of business and nominations were taken for Frank Kenzy, Francis Knippling and Royce Loesch.  Motion by Treg, 2nd by Dale to approve the 3 nominations.  MC.  Discussion was held on the name of the title and that it needs to be shorter and more notable.  Suggestions were given and there was no decision named.  Ann will keep the options open for a couple of weeks, for anyone to respond with ideas and then re name the honor.  Motion by Jeremy, 2nd by Todd to rename the name on the website.  MC.

Next on the agenda are the NHSRA scholarships.  A committee needs to be established to review those.  It is unknown at this time home many scholarships we will be given, but last year we were provided 10, $1000.00 scholarships.  Ann, Dale and Shannon volunteered to be on that scholarship committee.  Ann will update the information for the scholarships on the website when it is provided to her.

Region Transfers were reviewed and a motion by Treg, 2nd by Dale to accept them as presented was submitted.  MC.

The tabled rodeo schedule and the practice rodeos were approved, as may be edited, by Perry, 2nd by Todd, MC.

Shannon reported on the buckle selections of the student officers at this time.  They choose the Maynard buckles.  Shannon asked for an additional $500.00 to do some additions to one of the sets of buckles.  Motion by Perry, 2nd Todd to approve the additional buckle bid expense of $500.00.  MC.

Ann gave a sponsorship report at this time.  She reported having secured $18,000.00 in sponsorships who have committed for State Finals and she has written 5 grant applications which take approximately 90 days for approval to confirm.  Dale reported he is working on a presenting sponsorship with Corral Boots.

Student Officer Kaitlyn Sandland indicated that the Mitchel Rifle Club is interested in providing funds for the shooting at State Finals.  This will be addressed when the shooting contest details are firmed up.

Any other new or old business was asked for by President Lance Lesmeister and, seeing no other business to attend to, a motion was made by Dale, 2nd by Shannon to adjourn.  MC.  The meeting was adjourned by President Lance Lesmeister at 1:35 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ann Sundermann
SDHSRA Executive Secretary